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Our Guide to Comfy Summer Shoes Your Feet Will Thank You For

the comfiest shoes to wear during the summer
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June 27, 2023

This post was originally published in August 2021 and has been updated.

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Wearing breathable clothes in the summer? Very important (thanks, sweat). Wearing shoes that don’t rub, cause blisters, or make your feet feel like tiny ovens? Even more important. Which is why we’re here to bring you the best of the best.

We rounded up our fave shoes (we've got sneakers, sandals, and more) that’ll let you enjoy the weather, minus aching arches and squished toes. Toe-tally awesome. PS: Want to shop more of our comfy footwear faves? Check out these picks.

Our go-to sneakers


A sneaker that’ll give you stability on the tennis court…

Summertime = tennis season. These Gel-Resolution 9 shoes from Asics are ultra-comfy thanks to their padded cushioning and added traction. Plus, the footbed is removable — perfect for any custom inserts. ($129.95, Zappos)

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A cushioned option you can run and walk in…

These are soft, light, and have a breathable mesh upper perfect for even the hottest summer days. They come in 13 colors and three sizing options, including one for wide feet. Customers say these are perfect for all-day wear and active lifestyles. These shoes? Definitely made for walking. ($145, Nordstrom)

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A knitted sneaker you can dress up or down…

These soft, water-resistant ones have a sock-like fit and are great with any outfit where you want to be a little casual. They’re breathable, eco-friendly, and can be thrown in the wash. What can’t they do? ($105+, Nisolo)

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allbirds sneakers

A pair from Allbirds that's made from renewable materials…

They also happen to be machine washable and ultra lightweight. The knit is breathable, so steamy temperatures on a summer day won’t be a bother. Did we mention the midsole is made from Brazilian sugarcane? It’s bouncy, contoured, and yet another feature that makes this sneaker carbon-neutral. ($105, Allbirds)

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atoms gray sneakers

Flexible sneakers that come in quarter sizes…

Talk about the perfect fit. All you’ve got to do is go through a quick quiz with the virtual size assistant. These have antimicrobial copper insoles, so your feet stay odor- and germ-free. They've also got one-of-a-kind elastic laces that shouldn't come undone over and over again. From there, they’ll slip on and off smoothly. With cloud-like cushioning, you can stand, walk, and run for hours. Plus, the monochromatic look adds a stylish touch to any outfit. ($145, Atoms)

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cariuma navy high top sneaker

A canvas high-top shoe that’ll give you old-school vibes…

Say hello to a vegan insole made from organic mamona oil and cork. They’re better for planet Earth and provide arch support. Also, they come in recyclable packaging with carbon-neutral shipping. Throw them on with a pair of jeans or go for a cool streetwear look. Either way, you won’t want to take them off. ($98, Cariuma)

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Sandals, slides, and clogs


A cushioned slide for pool days and outdoor strolls…

Accidental platforms? Yes, please. These monochromatic sandals have an ultra-thick sole (that’s almost 2 inches). Plus, they have a subtle texture for some grip. Pick between a neutral pair or a pop of color. Or both. They’ll be the best way to show off your latest pedicure. ($16.99+, Amazon)

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birkenstock sandals

Birkenstock sandals with lots of toe room…

The contoured footbed helps distribute weight and promotes proper posture, while the deep heel cup acts as a cushion. Psst...Birks have been around for over 240 years for a reason. Each shoe is expertly made and will feel molded to your feet. Who can say no to that kind of comfort? ($110, Zappos)

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A sporty option you can walk miles in…

If sandals and sneakers had a baby, it would be this shoe. It has a simple hook-and-loop closure that’ll make slipping them on a breeze. They have a foam sole so you can wear them all day sans any aches or discomfort. Not to mention the scalloped sole and colorblock design are super chic. Fashionable and pain-free = winning. ($135, Sorel)

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black leather sandals

A stylish slide with flexible leather to take you from day to night…

From casual walks in the AM to drinks with friends at sunset, these are perfect. Customers absolutely love the look and feel of these, noting how comfy and versatile they are. They’re also pretty thin, so they’ll slide into any suitcase easily. Time to pack your bags. ($85, Soludos)

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rothy's camo loafers

A loafer-like flat that’ll come in handy for those commuting days…

Made from Rothy’s signature thread (crafted from plastic bottles), these loafers marry support with style. Note: They don’t stretch much after wearing, so take that into consideration when choosing your size. According to Rothy’s these have no-break-in throw them on right out of the box and get moving. When they’re dirty, they can go straight into the washing machine. PS: We wore these for a full six weeks. ($179, Rothy’s)

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toms slip-on shoes

Toms that can easily be slipped on and off…

Ah, Toms — a summer classic. They’ve got a removable molded footbed and a durable rubber outsole that’ll grip the ground. They go with every outfit and come in a variety of colors. We’ve worn them for years and can confirm how comfy they are. ($38.99+, Nordstrom)

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fitflop colored sandals

A flip-flop with micro-bubble foam cushioning…

Plus, a slip-resistant sole. No wonder Skimm'rs are obsessed with these. A pair that’s actually comfortable and not totally flat like cardboard? Yes, please. ($22.40+, Nordstrom)

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teva sandals

Teva sandals that you can wear literally everywhere...

On a hike, to the beach, or out for a day of running errands. They’re made from recycled plastic and feature quick-dry webbing, a rubber sole for traction, a treatment that’ll minimize odors, and a molded midsole that’ll provide arch support. The hook-and-loop closure makes them easy to take on and off. (And means you can make them as tight or loose as you want.) Your feet? They’re as happy as can be. ($55, Nordstrom)

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light blue croc clogs

A classic pair of Crocs because yes, they really do live up to the hype…

With little holes, they provide the perfect amount of ventilation during summer months. They’re also incredibly lightweight and can easily be worn in water. Psst...if you haven’t heard, decorating yours with charms is a fun way to show off your style. Get going. ($29.99+, Amazon)

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Some added accessories

fulton shoe inserts

A cork insole to give you extra comfort…

If you feel like you need a bit more support in your shoes, turn to these. The insoles can help with hip and spinal alignment. Because better support may relieve back and neck pain. Instead of unsustainable gels, foams, and plastics, these use plant-based materials like cork and cactus leather. Plus, the machines run on renewable energy and the cork itself is hand-grown. Win for your feet, win for the environment. ($48, Fulton)

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gel toe separators

A gel toe separator that can prevent painful rubbing and relieve pressure…

If your toes tend to crowd together or overlap in shoes, this is for you. The gel support will keep them apart. You’ll get 12 within the pack, so you can place one on your pinky and one on your big toe or wherever you need some relief. ($9.99/12 pack, Amazon)

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copper arch support bands

Arch support bands that may help those with flat feet…

Walking around with low arches or plantar fasciitis? Ouch. These copper-infused bands allow for full range of motion while staying odor-free. They can be worn under socks and provide compression to reduce muscle strain and redistribute pressure. Customers love how the bands seem to lift their arches, lessening pain immediately. ($19.95/2 pack, Amazon)

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foot blister balm

An anti-blister balm to use where needed…

Before you slip on newly purchased shoes, apply this balm to places that typically form a blister (back of the heel). It’s got vitamins A and C to soften skin and restore moisture. It’s also vegan and made with plant-based ingredients. No more layering up on Band-Aids. ($9, Amazon)

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