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10 Things Moms Deserve for the Best Summer Yet

Summertime essentials for moms
Design: theSkimm | Image: Quince, Megababe, Rag and Bone
June 7, 2023

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You’ve stocked up on bathing suits, water bottles, camp clothes, and everything else your kids need for a fun summer (including about 768 bribes for that road trip you have planned next month). Now it’s your turn. Make sure you have what you need for a comfy, cute, fun season full of adventures with and without your littlest dependents.

Cooling shorts
Thigh Society

The see-through undershorts you never knew you needed…

We’re not exaggerating when we say these will transform your summer life (and wardrobe). If you used to avoid wearing dresses on sweaty days because of the dreaded thigh rub, these will solve your problem immediately. They’re stretchy, comfy, and extremely breathable. We really can’t recommend them enough. ($39, Thigh Society)

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Thigh chafing

Another tool to fend off thigh chafe…

Simply apply this stuff to the tops of your thighs when you’re wearing dresses, shorts, swimsuits, or anything else that might put you in a less-than-comfortable situation. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t start using it years ago. ($14, Megababe)

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A chemical sunscreen that goes on totally clear…

If you don’t necessarily want everyone to know you just slathered yourself in sunscreen, but you’re serious about protecting your face, this is the stuff for you. Put it on under your makeup for all the protection of SPF 40, but none of the greasy white streaks. ($22+, Supergoop)

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Jean shorts
Abercrombie and Fitch

Some new jean shorts…

These days, the cool-kid brand from high school actually makes some of the comfiest and most size-inclusive jeans around. Their “curve love” jeans and shorts have two extra inches in the hip area, and go from sizes 23-37 (aka 000-24). So start updating your short collection stat. ($60, Abercrombie & Fitch)

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Cotton shorts
Rag & Bone

And some “jean” shorts that aren’t jeans at all…

If you’re never letting hard pants back into your life, but don’t need everybody else to know that, these are for you. They look like denim, but they’re actually made from a loungey, soft cotton that couldn’t be comfier. You may need the pants version, too. ($95, Rag & Bone)

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Flip flops

Beach shoes that won’t kill your feet…

You need something waterproof for the beach or pool, but those old flip flops you got at the end of your cousin’s wedding three years ago finally bit the dust. Enter Fit Flops: normal-looking sandals that actually have pretty good support, so you can wear them all day if necessary. Easy. ($32, FitFlop)

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Hill House Home

A new dress from a fan-favorite brand…

Hill House’s 2023 summer collection has tons of new stuff to try. This sweet dress has the signature “nap dress” smocking, but also a high neckline perfect for those who can’t go braless. Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic Ellie, either. ($175+, Hill House Home)

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A one-piece with a pop of color...

One-pieces don’t have to be boring. This flattering off-the-shoulder suit comes in 11 colors and prints, so you can get as colorful (or not) as you’d like. It’s supportive without any annoying pads or cups, and comes in sizes 0 to 24. Score. ($95, Summersalt)

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Oversized sweater

An oversized sweater for peak coastal grandmother vibes…

You might be all set on shorts, tees, swimsuits, and cover-ups — but what about those nights when there’s a hint of a breeze? Ditch the ratty old sweatshirt and pretend you’re a character in a Nancy Meyers movie with this big, cozy cardigan. ($49.90, Quince)

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Straw hat
J. Crew

A packable straw hat for long, sunny days…

Sun protection, but make it cute. We know you’re already using tons of SPF, but add a sun-shielding hat like this wide-brimmed raffia one (or this baseball cap, or this bucket hat) to keep both your skin and your outfit looking good. Plus, this one won’t lose shape or get ruined when you cram it in your beach bag. ($34.50+, J. Crew)

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