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What Our Editors Are Obsessed With: Favorite Products of the Year

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December 18, 2023

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We’ll admit it: One major perk of our job as editors is that we get to try out tons of products to let you know if they’re truly worth your hard-earned money. So in the spirit of tossing gatekeeping to the curb, we’re sharing our all-time favorite products we couldn’t live without this year. Because they really are that good (and we’ll be super sad if they sell out and we can’t get them anymore). Without further ado…


The running shoes that never let us down...

My #1 obsession of the year has been my Hoka Solimar sneakers. I ended up getting a pair to test for this very job, and I've been in love since. I wear them all the time — for training in the gym, on travel days, and when out on long walks in New York City. They're supportive, never rub and cause blisters, and have enough cushion for high-impact days (they're easy on my knees). The original color I selected is no longer available, but I do recommend getting a darker color. Mine are an ice blue and they do show dirt pretty easily. If I could choose again, I'd go with the black option. PS: I find them stable enough to lift weights in; I don't feel off-balance or too high off the ground. –Alexandra Napoli ($125, Hoka)

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The best face mask we've ever used...

My #2 obsession of the year is this Dr. Jart+ moisturizing face mask. I particularly love the cryo rubber effect. It's immediately cool on my skin when I apply it, and since it's a two-part mask, the rubber stays put on my face and doesn't slide around. I usually leave it on for a full 30 minutes while I'm watching TV. The most impressive part is the aftereffect. My skin appears brighter, feels hydrated, and any redness I'm experiencing is significantly diminished. I've never really felt like my skin could glow, but these face masks genuinely make me believe differently. –Alexandra Napoli ($15, Sephora)

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A vintage Gucci bag that holds more than you think...

I snagged this vintage Gucci bag over the summer when I was abroad and feeling spendy, but once I was back home, I worried it was a ridiculous splurge. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s quickly become my go-to bag, since it easily slides over my shoulder, transitions from day to night with ease, and actually fits a whole gaggle of stuff. Seriously, I can fit my phone, several lip products, and even my sunglasses in here. Lucky you, you don’t have to go to Europe to get your own; the style has been popping up on Shopbop Archive. Mine is dark brown, but I’m obsessed with this one with red trim or this classic version. The only problem with vintage shopping is there’s only one, so grab it while you still can. –Martha Upton ($570, Shopbop)

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Free People

The claw clip we use daily...

I’m a half-up-half-down girl. I have to have my hair pulled back when I’m working, eating, concentrating, etc., and I’ve been that way forever. So when the trend cycle brought back the claw clip, I was elated. I can’t think of an easier and cuter way to toss up your hair every day for work. Emi Jay makes the best ones; this claw clip is big enough to handle my long wavy hair, doesn’t hurt my head, and comes in the cutest styles. Psst…they’re sold out at Free People, but you can also get them at Emi Jay and Revolve. –Martha Upton ($34, Free People)

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Our emotional-support planner...

Dear reader, this calendar from Rifle Paper Co. is my everything. And it made my #1 spot because it’s such an emotional support item. I prefer putting pen to paper when keeping up with all my social engagements, doctors appointments, workout classes, post-work events (aka anything that isn't work/meeting related), etc. I love this calendar because it's simple, the boxes are large enough to fit everything I want to, and the spreads are beautifully illustrated. I come back to it year after year — and it's fun to look back and see everything I did in a single year. If you're wondering what pen I always use, I can't live without these from Muji. –Margo Ghertner ($18, Anthropologie)

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Sneakers so nice, we included them twice...

Just like Ali, one of my obsessions of the year is my trusty Hoka sneakers. I've been wearing the Cliftons for about seven years now and they are the most comfortable sneakers out there. I also wear them for everything from long walks in New York City to busy travel days, and they're simply that pair of shoes in your closet you know you can always depend on. I have the white pair and when they get dirty, I throw them in the wash. They hold up super well and look brand new every time. –Margo Ghertner ($145, Hoka)

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An actually versatile pair of low-rise jeans...

I'm in my low-cut jeans era, and these fit the bill. They have an easy fit through the legs but they're not sloppy-looking (I've worn them to the office and out to dinner plenty of times), and of course they're so comfortable. The subtle bootcut silhouette is a great '90s throwback. My favorite way to wear them is with a shrunken cardi and pointed-toe booties. Feels very Meg Ryan. –Caroline Goldstein ($138, Everlane)

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The hair mask that saves our strands...

My bleached blonde hair literally could not survive without K18. It's a leave-in treatment that uses a special molecular bond to actively rebuild damaged hair. Aka, it reverses all the damage I inflict upon it every eight weeks. Once I started using this, my hair started to grow faster than it ever has since I went platinum — my hair stylist and I actually can't believe how long it's getting — and it feels super-strong. It also defines my waves really nicely when it air dries. Bonus points: You use it on damp hair in lieu of conditioner, so it speeds up my shower routine. ($29, Walmart)

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Our new favorite white sneaker...

I needed a new white sneaker once my beat-up Nike Air Forces finally bit the dust. After doing a lot of research, I decided to take a leap of faith on the trending Salomons. They are so comfortable while also being stylish and chic. I love that you can wear them to the gym, then with a cute skirt or dress. Obsessed is an understatement. –Celia Skvaril ($180, Bloomingdale’s)

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And our Nice Top of the year...

This is my favorite shirt I bought all year. The cut is so flattering and the colors are incredible. I love the silhouette of the scrunch on the sides with the high neck. I have the Capri color (which is unfortunately almost sold out), which, after I put it on, made me feel like I finally found my color. I got it on sale but would pay full price for how amazing this top is. ($68, Reformation)

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