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What Our Editors Were Obsessed With in January

Design: theSkimm | Photos: Great Jones, Monos, Agolde
February 6, 2024

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We’ll admit it: One major perk of our job as editors is that we get to try out tons of products to let you know if they’re truly worth your hard-earned money. We’re also just avid shoppers, so in the spirit of tossing gatekeeping to the curb, we’re sharing a few standout favorites from the past month that we usually reserve for the group chat. Welcome to the inside scoop.


Our new favorite work bag...

I recently got this bag and although it's a bit hefty, I'm obsessed with it. It's taken the place of my backpack, so it’s great for the office. It zippers, which makes me feel more secure while I'm commuting on the subway. Some key features: It has an inside water bottle pocket, a slot for my laptop, an exterior easy-access pocket for my work ID, and a pocket that opens to become a suitcase sleeve. I got it in black, so it's sleek and professional-looking. If you want to upgrade your work bag, choose this. –Alexandra Napoli ($230, Monos)

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A cleanser that's safe for sensitive and eczema-prone skin...

A few months ago, my favorite cleanser went on backorder, so naturally, I panicked. I’m not someone who can just pick up any old bottle without my skin reacting to the change. As I contemplated my options, I remembered Gladskin sent me a few products to try years ago. This cleanser is my new holy grail. It’s like a double cleanse in one; when you apply it on dry skin, it’s a gel, then as you add water, it turns into a milky formula. I’ve been trying to find an oil cleanser my skin could tolerate, and somehow this is better. The best part? It only has four ingredients and no added fragrances. Gladskin, please never stop making this one. –Martha Upton ($17, Gladskin)

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Great Jones

A Dutch oven that's almost too pretty to use...

I've been eyeing this mini Dutch oven from Great Jones for months, but I wasn't sure what color to get. When I saw they were coming out with a pink one covered in painted florals and ribbons from NY-based illustrator Laura Chautin, I knew I had to grab it. The small size is perfect for my apartment kitchen, and it looks so design-forward on my stovetop. I've been using it for everything from making pasta and browning butter to popping popcorn. It's 3.5 quarts, so it's ideal for cooking for one. –Margo Ghertner ($175, Great Jones)

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A neutral nail polish that strengthens your nails...

What YSL Touche Eclat does for your under eyes, this does for your nails. It's a sheer wash of color that makes your nails look fresh and healthy — it's not shimmery at all, but dewy. It's pretty buildable, too, so sometimes I'll do two or three coats for a shade that’s close to Ballet Slippers but is even more natural-looking. It's made with good-for-nails ingredients so it also works as a treatment. But here's my favorite part: You don't need a base coat or a top coat, and it literally dries in two minutes. I'm going to the nail salon way less now. –Caroline Goldstein ($20, Amazon)

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Low-rise jeans we actually like...

I tried these jeans in my monthly Nuuly and haven't taken them off since. I’ve been looking for a pair of baggy, lower-waist jeans and these are it. I'm curvier so I really never thought I would be able to find a low-rise pair that worked on my body, but these are perfect. They are so comfortable, too; I just throw them on when I’m running errands instead of my usual sweatpants. –Celia Skvaril ($228, Agolde)

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A multiuse baby shade...

If you've ever traveled with a baby, you know the panic that sets in if you arrive somewhere with no shade. These suction to the window and are compact enough to pack with you. Also great for adults who need darkness to sleep in. –Jessica Kelly ($26.39, Amazon)

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