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What Our Editors Were Obsessed With in March

Design: theSkimm | Photos: Bearaby, Adidas, Urban Skin Rx
April 1, 2024

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We’ll admit it: One major perk of our job as editors is that we get to try out tons of products to let you know if they’re truly worth your hard-earned money. We’re also just avid shoppers, so in the spirit of tossing gatekeeping to the curb, we’re sharing a few standout favorites from the past month that we usually reserve for the group chat. Welcome to the inside scoop.


Earplugs that save us from sleep envy...

I've been having trouble falling asleep recently, and my partner, of course, falls asleep in under five minutes. Which means I have to listen to him sleep soundly as I struggle to fight off my impending sleep anxiety. I've tested a lot of earbuds so far, and when it comes to comfortably laying my head on my pillow *and* blocking out the sound of him peacefully breathing, these moldable silicone buds are the best out there. I can break them apart to a size that sits flush to my ear, which means no painful pressure as I shift around. And since I can mold them, I find I get pretty great noise blockage. If I don't have these by my bedside, I honestly get a little panicked. They're crucial in helping me get back to my normal sleep schedule. –Alexandra Napoli ($9.79, Amazon)

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A rug we don't worry about getting messy...

I got this rug a few months ago, mostly because I needed a really durable option that fit into my apartment decor scheme. Cozey makes washable rugs, which is perfect for me because I can track dirt in when I pass through my living room with my sneakers on. I love the quality so far. The pile isn’t high, which is what I prefer for vacuuming, plus the pad underneath adds a good amount of cushion. It’s comfortable to walk on when barefoot. I’d highly rec the brand for anyone who owns pets, has kids, or is susceptible to spills (guilty because sometimes I eat dinner on my couch). –Alexandra Napoli ($140+, Cozey)

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The stress-relieving pillow that looks design-y...

Bearaby sent me the large version of this knot pillow as part of some testing we’re doing (stay tuned). Right out of the box, I was intrigued. My interior designer mom happened to be visiting that weekend, and when she walked in, saw it on my sofa and said, “You should leave that out all the time,” I was floored. Do I even need to go on? The next weekend my best friend was visiting, and after spending one night with it, she was asking for the link and adding to cart. But besides being a major conversation starter, this thing has benefits beyond how it looks. It’s slightly weighted — my friend made the astute observation that it would startle an intruder if you threw it at them — and is so nice to squeeze, hug, and hold on to when you’re watching TV or napping. The fabric is soft and feels like your favorite worn-in T-shirt. Trust me, there’s life before and after buying the Hugget. –Martha Upton ($29+, Bearaby)

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A toiletry bag we actually want to talk about...

I've never found a toiletry bag that I've been in love with. Which seems like a minor problem, but when you travel a lot, it can be frustrating. I was recently gifted this toiletry bag from State and on first look, it was pretty unassuming. But when I started to pack for a week-long trip, I was surprised by all of its spacious compartments and how much it could hold — all while compactly fitting in my suitcase. I have nothing to scream from the rooftops other than upgrade your old one with this. Its four compartments have kept me so organized, the nylon material wipes easily, and the latte color is pleasing to the eye. It's safe to say that I am deeply obsessed. –Margo Ghertner ($78, State)

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Sambas not everyone is wearing (except our editors)...

I saw Martha Upton wearing these special-edition Manchester United Adidas Sambas, so I had to wear these special-edition Manchester United Adidas Sambas. They were just too good for my Anglophile heart to pass up. I will admit that Sambas really do look cool with everything, from wide-leg trousers to leggings with gym socks. The black color (with a pop of red) is a little more subtle than your typical white version. Arsenal fans, don’t come for me. –Caroline Goldstein ($117+, Farfetch)

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Urban Skin Rx

A serum that works wonders on dark spots...

My close friends and family know I'm *very* serious about my skincare routine, but one issue that I always seem to combat (with no solution) is the patches of discoloration on my skin. I saw that Urban Skin Rx came out with a serum that works in the morning and night to target hyperpigmentation, and of course, I ran to try it out for myself. Honestly, my skin looks amazing and my dark spots are fading away. I love that this product works overtime for me, and I don't know if my skincare routine will be the same without it. –Sarai Thompson ($29, Urban Skin Rx)

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A sports bra that made us actually like wearing a bra???

When I tell you I *live* in this sports bra...I know, I know. No one should live in any kind of bra, let alone those of an athletic variety. But this bra is truly one of a kind, especially for anyone with a larger chest. It's wired for extra support, but unlined so you don't feel caged in. It's designed for a snug fit so you don't feel all over the place when you're doing cardio or kickboxing (or going extra hard at Zumba). I loved my first one so much, I bought five others in different colors. I never thought I'd recommend a bra of all things but truly, this one has been such a godsend. –Alessandra Rey ($32.20+, Amazon)

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