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Press Pause: True-Crime, Egg Recipes, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Press Pause with theSkimm
Starbucks, Marie Claire, Food52
September 8, 2020

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1...

  1. 12 products that’ll actually keep your plants alive. Congrats on the (green) baby. Now help it grow with watering globes, nutrient-packed food, and bug sticky traps. We’re rooting for you. 

  2. September horoscope predictions. Find out what’s in store for your love life, friendships, and emotional state. May the zodiac be ever in your favor. 

  3. 20 cauliflower recipes you need in your life. There’s soups and spreads. Cakes and casseroles. What can we say, we’re c-c-c-c-ccrazy for cauliflower. 

  4. Black-owned bookstores you should know about. Here’s a state by state breakdown of the best indie bookshops in America. Shop them now, support them always. PS: need a book rec? We’ve got some here.

  5. 16 little things that’ll clean and organize your home. Because we’re still spending most of our time inside. This list has something to collect pet hair, a magnetic spice rack, and a bra holder. Another one fights the dust. 

  6. How to take your skincare routine from summer to fall. Your closet's not the only thing that need a transition each season. It’s now time to fall into some new beauty habits.  

  7. Egg recipes for every meal. There are two types of people in this world. Those who only eat breakfast in the morning. And those who actually know what’s up. No matter who you are, these egg-cellent ideas have you covered.

  8. A transitional jumpsuit. Aka the perfect one piece to live in from now until Thanksgiving. Get one from this clothing company. Their mission is to make long-lasting clothes, minus harm to the environment. And Skimm’rs get 20% off. Jump on it.*

  9. Cardio playlists for your next workout. For when you made one three years ago, and you never want to hear “Boom Boom Pow” ever again. It’s time for some new bops

  10. 7 simple ways to feng shui your home. In case your space could use some positive energy right now. Good vibes roll throughhhhhh. 

  11. 50 true-crime pods to download. It's time for murder mysteries, cliffhangers, and twists you didn't see coming. Just don’t listen before bed.

  12. 8 types of self-care and how to practice them. Turns out, learning how to bake sourdough is actually good for you. It’s called intellectual self-care, sweetie. Look it up. 

  13. The sexiest movies on Hulu right now. Sex is great...but have you ever cried watching a film featuring Mr. Darcy? Count us in.

  14. 35 questions you never thought to ask your sibling, but should. Crack open a bottle of wine and have some good old-fashioned family fun. Tears, laughs, and walks down memory lane, coming right up. 

  15. The most compatible astrological signs. For when you’ve just gone on a first date with a Leo...and you’re already planning your honeymoon. Maybe consult your zodiac first.

  16. Our fave internet read of the week: on pumpkin spice lattes. Here’s your deep dive on how the drink became a cultural phenomenon and why there’s so much backlash.

  17. And finally, three totally random things that make us happy: a mini zen garden, Scrabble fridge magnets, and jelly hair ties.

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