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Travel-Sized Dental Products for Clean Teeth on the Go

Travel sized dental products
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September 19, 2022

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There’s nothing worse than glancing in the mirror after lunch and realizing your salad’s had a front-row seat to every convo you’ve had since. Whether you’re looking for dental-hygiene products that are easy to stash in your bag and take to the office or to toss in your carry-on for your next trip, we’ve gotchu. We rounded up some of our fave travel-sized products that’ll keep your smile shining all day long. From toothpaste tablets you can keep in your work bag to a travel toothbrush with serious power to TSA-friendly mouthwash packets. Get your fresh on. 

Toothpaste tablets

Travel-friendly toothpaste tablets…

If you’ve never used a toothpaste tablet before, it’s easy, promise. Basically, all you’ve gotta do is pop one in, give it a little chew until it’s soft and smooth, then use a soft-bristled brush for the best results. The fluoride in them will strengthen enamel and prevent cavities while tackling plaque and tartar like a champ. With enough tabs to last you two months, compostable packaging, and a vegan and sugar-free formula, there’s nothing not to smile about here. ($8.09+, Hive)

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Toothpaste tablets

And toothpaste tablets if you prefer ’em without the fluoride…

You’ll get 62 peppermint tablets that naturally whiten, scrub surface stains away, freshen breath, remineralize enamel, and reduce sensitivity. They’re vegan, gluten-free, and made with ingredients like tea tree oil, coconut oil, N-HA, and aloe vera. Plus, the packaging is plastic-free, biodegradable, and recyclable. BTW, opt for the brand’s monthly subscription and save 33% on each order. Sounds like a win-win. ($12, Huppy)

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mouthwash tablets

Mouthwash tablets for when you need to freshen up…

That’s right, mouthwash tablets. All you have to do is drop ’em into a cup of water and swish. These are alcohol-free and come with 60 tablets and a portable container. Choose between the peppermint and ginger flavors, and say hello to fresh breath. ($15, Goodee)

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Mouthwash packets

And mouthwash packets for the traditionalist…

These individual packets are available in packages with anywhere from five to 800 mouthwash sleeves. They’ve got no artificial dyes, colors, or harsh ingredients and are gluten-free. Psst…they’re also TSA-approved, so you can take them on your flight with zero worries. ($14.99/20 pack, Amazon)

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floss sticks

A refillable floss pick you can keep in your pocket…

It’ll replace up to 180 disposable picks per refill and it comes with its own carrying case with a mirrored back so you can see what you’re workin’ with. Choose your custom pick color — either white or metal — and subscribe to the refill plan for new floss every three months. ($11, Quip)

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Colgate toothbrush

Disposable toothbrushes that don’t even need water…

You’ll get 24 portable toothbrushes with bristles in the front and a pick in the back. These are sugar-free and designed to remove surface stains for natural whitening. Keep ‘em in your bag, desk, or car for a quick clean wherever you are. ($5.99, Target)

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Travel toothbrush

A portable electronic toothbrush for minty-fresh breath…

The Philips One has a battery-operated version and a rechargeable version, but both use micro-vibrations and include a two-minute timer feature for an efficient clean. The brush is housed in a sleek, convenient travel case that’s easy to pop in a small bag, and it comes in a bunch of fun colors. Pro tip: Dentists recommend replacing your brush head every three months. ($24.96, Philips)

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Floss picks

And floss sticks for a sparkling smile wherever you are…

Because maybe you wanna be photo op–ready at all times. These come in tiny carrying cases with 12 sticks each. They’ve been designed not to shred, break, or stretch, and there’s an extra tartar pick in the handle to take care of any plaque buildup or food debris. Say cheese. ($0.99/pack+, Amazon)

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