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Here’s How to Wind Down for Bed With a Hot Shower

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Design: theSkimm | Photos: Uncommon Goods, Sephora, Ulta
February 29, 2024

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It’s almost alarming how quickly I feel better after a basic shower. There’s something about feeling the rain on your skin and taking the time to unplug that’s such a simple, attainable pleasure…which makes it all the more satisfying. You also don’t need fancy products to treat your skin and hair right. You can achieve that silky smooth feeling with things that are budget-friendly. To help you achieve the pre-bed, post-work day shower of your dreams, I’m sharing what I love that helps my evening routine feel even more relaxing.


A lavender-eucalyptus shower spray…

Not only does my mom swear by this, but it’s one of the best shower products I’ve ever tried. The smell is super strong and actually lasts throughout the duration of my entire shower. If you like potent aromatherapy, this spray is a must. It has notes of lavender, eucalyptus, and a hint of mint. It’s great for stressful days and because it’s so fragrant, it works wonders for colds. If there’s one thing to buy, it’s this. ($29.95, Amazon)

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Uncommon Goods

Shower steamers for a temporary scent…

I like shower steamers for instances where I want a touch of fragrance, but don’t want something too intense. Just drop one of these into the shower (I like to place them near the drain) and the water helps them to release the scent. They’re similar to a bath bomb, without having to sit in tie-dye-esque water (IYKYK). This set comes with five tablets made of all-natural essential oils in fragrances like lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and mint. ($28, Uncommon Goods)

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GreeneryBackdrop via Etsy

Actual eucalyptus you can hang in your shower…

Skimm’rs have loved this budget-friendly bestseller for years. It’s a handmade bundle with real lavender and eucalyptus. It comes with a stainless steel shower hook and is available in five sizes. Just hang it from your shower head so it’s close to the water — the steam will activate it. But the price? Too good. ($3.50+, GreeneryBackdrop via Etsy)

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Almond shower oil that’ll make your skin feel heavenly…

When it mixes with water, this almond oil transforms into a milky foam that’ll gently cleanse your body, leaving it velvety-soft. I also like to use it as a shave oil — it keeps my legs hydrated and knick-free. ($29, Ulta)

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A pumpkin mask that’s ideal for sensitive skin…

I’ve gone through countless containers of this mask at this point. My pores tend to get congested and I need a dosage of exfoliation every week. As far as exfoliants go, this Naturopathica one is pretty gentle. It's a chemical exfoliant (meaning it doesn’t have particles or beads that feel rough against your skin). It’s made of pumpkin puree and lactic acid to help with any build up. Plus, it has cinnamon bark, oregano, and rosemary extract to keep your skin barrier healthy. I like to apply it in the shower because it’s a mask that you don’t have to keep on for very long. I see and feel the results in about three minutes. ($64, Naturopathica)

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A hair mask that does it all…

In my opinion, Amika does not get enough love as a hair care brand. This mask is a tried-and-true favorite for me. The brand’s hero fragrance is the best balance of sweet, floral, and musky. Plus, I love that this one works on all hair types and textures. Their Soulfood mask increases shine, moisturizes, and smooths. At times, I like to use it instead of my conditioner. ($34, Sephora)

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A body and butt mask that’ll leave your skin glowing…

If you don’t have time to do a full “everything shower,” this singular product from Megababe will do the trick. I tested this one for our Skimm Tested series and raved about it for its exfoliating properties that are safe enough to use all over your body (including your face). My favorite part? Its cooling sensation and calming minty scent. PS: Read my full review on the brand here. ($22, Megababe)

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A microfiber hair towel…

I love this one from Pattern because it’s gentle, defrizzing, and quickly removes excess water from my hair. I have fine hair, and if I keep it on for about five minutes, my entire head of hair is dry before bed within an hour. ($19, Sephora)

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Roz Hair

A milky hair serum that keeps my hair protected…

This does-it-all product from Roz is my everything. I can’t stop raving about it to my coworkers. Not only is the fragrance that classic clean scent, it also makes my hair look and feel amazing. It adds shine, moisture, and allows my hair to air dry in a way that defines my natural waves. It also doubles as a detangler and heat protectant. Use it on wet hair as an air-dry cream, as a pre-blow-dry styling product, or to add texture on dry hair throughout the week. I always apply it after I’ve washed my hair. ($52, Roz Hair)

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A robe made of a cult-favorite fabric…

When it comes to robes, I’m the type of person that wants something soft but not too thick. This robe from Skims is just that thanks to its drapey jersey fabric. I wear it while brushing my teeth and doing my skincare and hair care routine right out of the shower. ($90, Skims)

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Barefoot Dreams

The best fuzzy socks of all time…

If there’s one Barefoot Dreams product you should treat yourself to, it’s definitely the socks. They’re made of the brand’s CozyChic fabric and they hit right at the calf. Perfect for lazy days, a nighttime couch session, or if you sleep with cold feet (like me). ($58/3-pack, Barefoot Dreams)

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