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5 Free Google Sheets Templates to Help You Manage Your Budget

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August 22, 2022

Spreadsheets may not be our fave things, but we need them. Because clarity makes budgeting a whole lot easier. But when it comes to budgeting spreadsheets, the options are endless…and overwhelming. Which is why we searched to find the best free Google Sheets budget templates for all kinds of different financial goals. Keep scrolling to find the right one for you.

1. If you’re trying to stop overspending…

If you’re struggling to keep your spending in check, it might be time to 50/30/20 your budget. If you’re already a 50/30/20 fan, here’s a Google Sheets budget template to make it even easier. Use it to create a quick snapshot of how much you have left to splurge after your bills are covered. Hi, retail therapy

2. If you’re planning a wedding…

This wedding costs spreadsheet has you covered. And it includes all the details, like space for estimated and actual costs. In case things *cough* change. Psst…Here are a few tips to help you save on wedding costs.

3. If your goal is to retire ASAP…

Use the FIRE spreadsheet to keep track of your progress. ICYMI: FIRE stands for financial independence, retire early. And it’s picking up steam among those willing to invest up to 75% of what they earn. If that’s you, this Google Sheets budget template makes it easy to stay on top of your net worth and the return on your investments. Psst…this spreadsheet doesn’t give you the option to edit, so you’ll need to make a copy of the original file to customize it. 

4. If your income includes a side hustle…

You’ll need to add important business stuff to your budget. Read: Taxes. The good news is there’s a Google Sheets budget template to help you do that, too. This Quarterly Estimated Tax Sheet helps you estimate your business’ quarterly tax bill in real time. PS: Like the FIRE spreadsheet above, you’ll have to make a copy to customize it. This one also offers a subscription for automatic updates.

5. If you’re a budget beginner…

Start with this Google Sheets Monthly Budget template (you’ll need to make a copy of this one, too). It’s designed to make budgeting a little easier. And to help you figure out where the fun stuff fits into your budget. Because remember: Balance is the key to creating (and sticking to) a good budget.


No matter what your financial goals are, a budget is a great starting point to reach them. And the right Google Sheets budget template can make that process easier than ever. Happy budgeting.

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