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The TikTok-Famous Color Personality Test, Explained

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September 30, 2022

We’ll just say it: Personality tests have a hold on us. See: The Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, or the Erotic Blueprint. And if you’re not sick of them yet, you're in luck. Because the Color Personality Test is everywhere (read: taking over TikTok) right now. And we needed to know more. 

To find out how accurate the color personality test really is, we chatted with these color therapists about the relationship between color and our personalities:

What is the color personality test? 

The KTestOne Color Personality test — the one filling up your FYP — is based on the True Colors Personality test, which was created by Don Lowry in 1978, according to PopSugar. Both tests are short, free, online quizzes that ask a series of questions that claim to determine what “color” your personality is. (As much as any viral internet quiz can.) 

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What can the color personality test tell me about myself?

Once you take the test, you’ll get a description of your color (aka your personality traits). One test even includes colors associated with personalities you’re most likely to get along with, and the ones you probably won’t. 

Colorways said that instead of giving meaning to the color itself, the quiz uses color as more of a personality ‘profile’. As for whether it lives up to the TikTok hype, Hart says that it's worth taking — but don't take your results too seriously.

“Personality quizzes are perhaps a jumping-off point for someone to gain more self-insight,” she said. “Quizzes and tests sometimes offer a quick fix to know oneself better, but at times can reduce the whole person to a quick definition of the self.”

What are the four personality colors?

Most color personality tests give you a primary color result, according to Truity.com, which develops and publishes personality tests. The KTestOne test offers specific shades of those colors (think: cactus, periglacial blue, alice blue, ocean bay, and sprout, according to PopSugar). The primary color results are: 

A circle chart with the color personality test colors blue, orange, yellow/gold, and green.
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  • Blue: Compassionate and people-oriented. You’re probably first to respond in the group chat. 

  • Orange: Energetic, charming, and action-oriented. All of your hobbies are likely to also be side-hustles. 

  • Yellow/Gold: Detail-oriented and responsible planners. You probably set cal reminders for all three meals.

  • Green: Analytical independent thinkers. “Unpopular opinion” may be your favorite way to start a conversation. 

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How do I take the color personality test?

There are many versions of the test online. But the one that’s all over TikTok is the  KTestOne color personality test. Click through the questions to get the color ‘aesthetic' that supposedly represents your personality. 


The color personality test, like many online quizzes, is a non-scientific way of finding out more about yourself. But like with most things on the internet, take it with a grain of salt. And while knowing if you’re a “sweet pink” or “ocean blue” may not be as important as automating your finances, it sure is fun. 

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