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16 Gifts Under $35 for the Co-workers Who Get You Through the Day

cheap and fun gifts for coworkers
Design: theSkimm | Image: Etsy, Grounds & Hounds, Amazon
Mar 10, 2022

Your co-workers are pretty much your lifelines when it comes to everyday work-related frustrations. You support each other, put out fires together, and, of course, vent to each other when ya need to. Whether it’s for their birthday, work anniversary, or a “just because” gift, if you’re looking for something small to show your appreciation, we’re here to help. We rounded up lots of options that won’t break the bank (they’re all under $35). Get ready to put a smile on their faces — and maybe get a few quality laughs too. Score.

Glitter and metallic gel pens that’ll spark their nostalgia and help them take notes…

Being in charge of the meeting minutes? Kinda annoying. Writing everything in glitter gel? Instantly less annoying. Consider these pens a small way to brighten their day and transport them back to middle school. If they’re someone who can’t exist without a physical notebook, pair ’em with one of these. Doodling has reentered the chat. ($12,

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A humorous award ribbon so she knows how badass she is…

Maybe it’s not an official award, but it still counts. She’ll be able to keep this on her desk and in tough moments, it’ll be like a lil’ ray of sunshine to remind her that she can handle whatever your boss throws at her. Even last-minute requests on a Friday afternoon. ($5.75, Yellow Owl Workshop)

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A ramen-inspired notepad for the co-worker who is always snacking…

Crumbs all over their laptop? Sure, but sometimes the only way to get through the week is to pack some A+ snacks. This notepad is a cute homage to their fave late-night meal. Plus if it helps them stay on top of their to-do list…well, that’s a win-win. ($8.99, The Container Store)

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And a mini desktop vacuum cleaner to help them clean up those crumbs…

Wiping them onto the floor doesn’t count. Now with just a quick pass or two, they’ll have a clean kitchen table or office desk. ($13.98+, Amazon)

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A headphone stand so they stop misplacing theirs…

Now they won’t be late to Zoom meetings. Their headphones will stay within arm’s reach and when the end of the day rolls around, they can set them down until tomorrow's slew of meetings. Easy peasy. ($24.99, Amazon)

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A candle that accurately summarizes how you feel about them…

Sure, they’re your work wife, but they’re also your real-life friend. And when a co-worker crosses that threshold, we all know that’s pretty important. Let ’em know with a candle that simplifies it. ($17+, JNCandleCo on Etsy)

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Fuzzy socks that’ll make WFH a lot better…

Once 5 pm rolls around, they can put these on and kick their feet up. They may not immediately get that wine delivery, but it’s worth a shot. Plus taking meetings from their kitchen table is so much cozier with a soft pair of socks. ($9.99, Amazon)

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Under-eye gel patches to depuff their skin…

Maybe they struggle with sleep or maybe they’re just a lover of all things skincare. Either way, these patches will come in handy on mornings when they feel a bit tired and puffy. The cooling effect soothes, while the mix of ingredients work to moisturize, reduce fine lines, and brighten. One fresh face, coming right up. ($18/4 pack, Amazon)

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A little tablet that’ll help them clean their water bottle…

Because no one wants gross stains or odors when they’re just trying to stay hydrated. Enter: these all-natural, biodegradable, chlorine-free cleaning tablets. They’ll give your co-worker’s drinking vessel of choice a fresh new look and smell. They work on stainless steel bottles, hard-to-clean mugs, and even dishes. ($24/36 pack, Amazon)

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A bag of coffee that also gives back…

Get ready to melt their heart. Grounds & Hounds is all about helping dogs, so through sales of their organic and eco-friendly specialty blends, they support rescue initiatives and orgs providing second chances for pups in need. This coffee has tasting notes of milk chocolate, toasted pecans, honeycomb, and caramel. It’s a medium-roast blend and can be served via French press, drip, or pour-over. ($15.99, Grounds & Hounds)

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A matching keypad and mouse rest for their desk…

Finding a comfortable position can be trickier than you think. Support their wrists with these pillows filled with flax seeds. If you’re looking to get them the full set, select the matching mousepad too. Or get extra sweet and request lavender buds be added to the filling. (Just note this in the personalization section before buying.) ($12.75+, Laa766 on Etsy)

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Brass cable clips that’ll organize their charging cables and look chic…

Consider these clips a small style win. Say goodbye to cheap-looking plastic ones and hello to brass clips that marry function with sophistication. They can use them for their WFH setup to wrangle the wire jungle that currently exists. Sometimes it really is the little things in life. ($12.98+, Brighttia on Etsy)

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A felt letter board to upgrade their desk decor…

If you’re working from the office together, you’ll be able to leave cute messages to each other. Or maybe they’ll wanna use the blank space for an inspirational message come Monday morning. This one is available in four colors with different frame options. ($22.95+, Amazon)

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A sherpa blanket they can keep on their desk chair…

Because sometimes the office feels comfortable and sometimes it’s a literal icebox. Having a throw ready is an easy solution for those who run cold. Plus this one has adorable pom-poms and comes in 10 colors. ($19.99+, Amazon)

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A faux mini succulent set for the co-worker with a very brown thumb…

She wants her desk to look warm and inviting, but doesn’t wanna be bothered with watering plants. We get it. These mini succulents are adorable — and thankfully don’t require any attention. If she decides to work from home for a week or so at a time, she won’t need to worry about leaves wilting on her desk. ($16.99/5 pack, Amazon)

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A mug warmer so their cup of java is always hot…

Getting up to use the microwave is more annoying than not. This mug warmer will do a simple job that’s actually pretty crucial to their morning workflow. They can stay seated and focused, with a hot cup of coffee in tow. Music to their ears. ($26.99+, Amazon)

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