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Halloween Party Decorations, Games, and More Under $35

Halloween Party Decorations
Design: theSkimm | Image: Meri Meri, QVC
Sep 30, 2022

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For many, getting into the Halloween spirit requires a lot more than just nailing an epic costume. It also means finding decor to prep for the holiday and perhaps even throwing a Halloween party that pulls out all the stops. Whether you’re preparing for a small get-together or a spooktacular blowout with all your friends and fam, we’ve rounded up must-have Halloween party food, decorations, games, and more. It’s time to live on the fright side. 

Indoor Halloween Party Decorations 

Plastic champagne flutes for a skele-fun time…

They’re also available as stemless cups or plastic goblets with the same design — choose your fighter. These come in a pack of three with an orange, black, and purple skeleton hand holding each cup. So whether you’re making Halloween brunch mimosas, Bloody Marys, or other cocktails, you can serve ’em all with a spooky twist. ($13.23+/3 pack, Amazon)

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A set of vintage Halloween party decorations…

It doesn’t get cuter than these happy Halloween friends. You’ll get a pumpkin man, skeleton, and witchy black cat in each pack. They’ve got dangling accordion arms and legs, and come with shiny copper cords for hanging. Let’s get this party startled. ($28, Meri Meri)

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A pack of Halloween banners, balloons, signs, and more…

This set comes with both indoor and outdoor decor — everything you need to create two photo op-ready backgrounds. The outdoor porch sign is covered in string lights, and the indoor backsplash has a shiny black fringe curtain and two different ways to say Happy Halloween. ($20.99, Amazon

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A Halloween party pack with all the decor essentials…

You’ll get enough supplies to host 16 partygoers. This one comes with two sets of paper plates — one for food and one for dessert — jack-o’-lantern-designed paper cups, bat- and pumpkin-themed paper straws, and ghost-shaped napkins. Finish off your setup with a spiderweb tablecloth for one fright-tastic feast. ($16.99, Amazon)

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Cute Halloween-themed noise makers…

Add these to your holiday party and keep your guests on their toes. The adorable noise crackers come in four smiling designs — a black cat, pumpkin man, scraggly witch, and happy skeleton. But don’t be fooled: They make a loud popping noise when twisted or pulled. Stuff ’em with treats like bubble gum eyeballs and gummy teeth for a scary surprise. ($29, Meri Meri)

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A spooky way to serve your witches’ brew…

You’ll get 10 reusable IV bags made from food-grade PVC to fill with themed drinks. This pack comes with a syringe, 10 labels, and 10 clip stoppers for on-theme, no-spill enjoyment. It’s also available in packs of 20 or 50. ($10.99+, Amazon)

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Pumpkin string lights for a festive glow…

You’ll get 30 LED-lit pumpkins on a 16.4-foot string that you can set up over your front door, indoor mantel, or along the wall. The lights also come with a timer remote that has eight light sequences. Psst…make sure you’ve got AA batteries on hand, as they’re not included. Want a more traditional look? Snag these basic orange fairy lights instead. ($19.99, Amazon)

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Outdoor Halloween Party Decorations

The creepiest patio decoration…

It’s a 5-foot-long skeleton covered in a super-realistic bloody sheet. You can see its feet and the top of its head poking out, just waiting to be fully uncovered. Put it on your front lawn or lay it out in your living room for a chilling Halloween party surprise. ($29.99, Amazon)

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A pack of realistic crows to set the scene…

These small feathered crows are a perfect homage to the father of horror — Edgar Allen Poe. Place ’em around your house and play a spooky soundtrack in the background or buy a couple packs to create a murder of crows in your front lawn. ($14.99, Amazon)

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A spooky zombie crawling out of his grave…

You’ll get a green zombie head and a pair of arms with 6-inch plastic stakes attached to each limb so you can set ’em up in the yard and make sure they stay put. We rec getting a couple of these and setting them up at intervals around the house so it looks like a zombie invasion. ($22.99, Amazon)

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Large signs splattered with blood…

Fake blood, of course. These are 16 inches tall and sport creepy phrases like “Beware,” “Keep Out,” and “Enter at Your Own Risk.” Since they’re water resistant and easy to reassemble, you can reuse these holiday after holiday. ($12.49, Amazon)

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Halloween Party Food 

A batch of fresh chocolate and caramel apples…

Serve up some of the holiday’s most irresistible treats without doing any work in the kitchen. You’ll get an assortment of 10 crisp apples dipped in caramel and chocolate and topped with sprinkles. We rec slicing them up and displaying ’em on this coffin-shaped platter so everyone can have a bite. ($34.98, QVC

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A sweet treat that looks like a pack of raw meat…

It’s actually made from Rice Krispies — but your partygoers don’t have to know that. Customer reviews confirm the convincing look of this fake ground meat, available as a traditional recipe or one without gelatin. Set a couple out on the table and see which guest has the courage to try it first. ($13.95+, CandyWithATwist via Etsy)

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Halloween Party Games 

A Halloween-themed scavenger hunt…

If you’ve got little ones, this is a great way to keep the kids busy while trick-or-treating. Hand out these scavenger hunt cards at the beginning of the night so they can keep their eyes peeled for things like a leaky cauldron, stringy spider webs, lurking ghosts, and more. ($5.49, Oriental Trading)

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A friendly game of Halloween bingo…

Whether you’re hosting a kids’ party or a boozy Halloween brunch for adults, this game will provide a festive dose of entertainment. The pack comes with 24 bingo cards, 600 bingo chips, 24 withdraw cards, and an instruction sheet. ($5, Target)

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