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Press Pause: Buzzy Books, Beach Products, Bra Hacks, and Biking 101

Press Pause with theSkimm
Universal Pictures, Food52, Oprah Magazine
Jun 29, 2020

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1...

  1. Everything you’ll need to drink outside this summer. Happy hour has arrived. This list has something to shield your drink from bugs, a beer caddy, and products to keep your bevs cold. Sip responsibly. 

  2. 17 sweet and simple desserts. Like pies, puddings, ice pops and more. Sign us up for seconds, thirds, and (July) fourths.

  3. This season’s buzziest books. A good book and a long weekend go together like you and cherry pie (yes, we’re still thinking about pie).

  4. Things to make your beach trip a little easier. So you can kick back and relax. This list has a portable table, an underwater camera, a blanket that won’t trap sand, and more. Shades on.  

  5. Everything you need to know about bike riding. If you see a helmet in your future, here’s where to start. Basket and bell not included.  

  6. The best movies to watch this Independence Day. Like… “Independence Day.” Or “National Treasure,” which.... is a national treasure.

  7. A cute AF bathing suit. This company’s signature suit is made from recycled materials. Plus, it has four times the compression of the average suit. So you can just keep swimming, just keep swimming.*

  8. Mariah Carey’s No. 1 singles ranked. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge “Always Be My Baby.” It deserves better

  9. Puzzles for people who like to travel. Take your dream trip...on the floor of your living room. Bon voyage.

  10. Plant-based meals and snacks made just for you. Take a short quiz about your health goals and your fave flavors, and this company will customize what they send you. So you can say ‘hii, ILU” to great food that makes you feel good. Here for it.*

  11. Red, white, and blue manicure ideas. So your nails can be star-spangled awesome. Just like you. Baby, you’re a firework. 

  12. How to correctly wash your bras. Because they really are like your best friends: supportive, close to your heart, and should never be put in the dryer. 

  13. The best lower back stretches. TBT to when you could get up from the couch without groaning. Those were the days.  

  14. Grilling for beginners. Veggie lovers, hot dog stans, and burger enthusiasts…this guide will prepare you for a job well done. 

  15. The best stand-up specials from women. If you’re in the mood to LOL, it’s a good thing these comedians are really good at their jobs. 10/10, would recommend.

  16. What to know about maskne (yes, mask acne). Aka how to take care of your skin when your new accessory is being rude. Summer kind of (not so) wonderful. 

  17. A new internet read we loved: on why friendship is actually the best love language. Alexa, play 'I'll be there for you.”

  18. ...and an old one: on how K-pop became a global phenomenon. Mic drop.

  19. And finally, three totally random Insta accounts we’re following this week: one that makes pies that look like books, oddly mesmerizing videos, and a 12-year-old crochet genius.

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