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Press Pause: RBG, Fall Movies, and Veggie Snack Ideas

Press Pause with theSkimm
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Sep 21, 2020

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1......

1. How to (majorly) simplify your beauty routine. 

Because nobody has time for 17 steps. This list has a lip balm that’s also a skin salve, a concealer that doubles as sunscreen, and a eyeliner stamp to help your shaky hand. Easy, breezy, beautiful. 

2. 20 veggie snack ideas.

Avocado dips, avo lots of other things that don’t have ‘cado in them. 3 PM just got a whole lot better. 

3. The most anticipated new movies dropping this fall. 

Last week we gave you TV let’s hear it for the big screen (er, that you’re probably watching on the small screen). 

4. 16 products that’ll save you some time and energy. 

For when you just can’t. Enter: things to make cooking easier, something that’ll stop your sheets from riding up, and a hair tool that’ll change your life (seriously). Small victories, coming right up.

5. Cult-favorite items you need from Whole Foods.

We spy: the peanut butter of all peanut butters. Plus so much more (hi, sea salt plantain chips). Clear eyes, full carts, can’t lose.

6. 20 things to declutter in your living room. 

For when you've binged “Get Organized with The Home Edit” and now you can't sleep until all your belongings are in labeled bins. These tips will take 20 minutes or less. May the cleaning forces be with you.  

7. A chance to win sustainable goodies. 

ICYMI, it’s Coastal Cleanup month. And this sustainable bottled water company is teaming up with other planet-focused brands to support nationwide cleanup efforts. Join them by entering to win things like sunglasses, skincare, and graphic tees. Do good.*

8. 14 products that'll make you feel better about your WFH space. 

Like a foot hammock, a chair pillow, and a lamp that's easy on the eyes. (Oh, and if you want more ideas on how to live well, check out Skimm Well, powered by our friends at WW, formerly Weight Watchers.)*

9. New running kicks. 

Colder days = better runs, so it’s time for shoes to match. The Cloud X from Swiss brand On is lightweight, comfy, and super agile. With cushioning that adapts to your stride. Psst...Skimm’rs can try them out for 30 days with no obligation to buy. Feet, meet pavement.* 

10. The best face masks for people with glasses. 

Because fogging up your lenses with every breath you take wasn’t the 2020 struggle you saw coming. Problem = solved. Alexa, play “I Can See Clearly Now…”

11. Home decor trends for the rest of 2020.

“U up?” - us to our Pinterest boards

12. 7 signs your metabolism is lagging. 

An article from this wellness brand breaks down the signs of a slowing metabolism. One thing that could help? Their Metabolism Super Powder. Don’t stop get it get it.*

13. Relationship advice couples therapists are giving a lot right now.

Because love in the time of coronavirus is... weird and strange and hard. Enter: some tips from the experts. Till quar do us part.

14. 8 low-light plants that are perfect for fall and winter. 

No better way to get cozy for the season than with some new houseplants. Cuffing season starts now, didn't you hear?

15. Beginner workouts you can do in 30 minutes or less. 

Step 1: Put on sneakers. Step 2: Deep breath in, and wish yourself good luck. You’ve got this.

16. A guide to state travel restrictions during COVID-19.  

Maybe you have the travel bug or maybe you just wanna visit some fam, safely. Either way: you should probably find out what’s going on with your state before you plan your next road trip. Buckle up. 

17. A can't-miss internet read:

This tribute to RBG. About who she was as a person, and a justice. May she rest in peace.

18. And finally, three totally random things that make us happy: 

A Trader Joe’s T-shirt, a birthday kit for your dog, and a Chris Evans candle

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