14 Products for Any Woman in Your Life Who Deserves a Gift Right Now

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gifts for all the women in your lifeLindsay Lange

On our list this Women’s History Month: celebrating the fabulous women in our lives. And what better way to show some appreciation and gratitude than with a thoughtful gift? Because everyone gets a tiny jolt of excitement when something arrives in the mail. 

So we rounded up some items that are sweet (literally). Some that are especially useful. And some that are oh-so comforting. 

And if you want more of our Women’s History Month coverage, check out women-owned brands that give back and our list of products that celebrate famous women in history.

small studded hoop earring
A mini pavé huggie to up her ear game…

With all those hours spent on Zoom, she needs the perfect eye-catching earscape. Otherwise known as a stacked collection of piercings that perfectly rep her style. And thanks to this hypoallergenic, gold-plated huggie, she’ll have just the right amount of sparkle to wear every day. It’ll last through showers and sweaty workouts (without that annoying green residue left behind). Plus she can wear it alone, or as a pair. It’s the essential earring she’ll rock all the time.* ($22/single, Studs)

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tie-dye sweatpants
Tie-dye joggers she’ll never wanna change out of…

Working from home? Sweats. Running errands? Sweats. Lounging around? Also sweats. Made from buttery-soft fabric, these pants are hand-dyed. They’re also tailored, so size up if she prefers a looser fit (uh, who doesn’t). All materials are sustainably sourced and produced by a family-run mill in the US. And a huge bonus...they’re pill-resistant. So no annoying little fabric balls lining the waistband. We dig it. ($88, Softwear)

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milk bar sweets box with truffles, pie, and cookies
A Milk Bar sampler box because why choose one dessert when she can have it all…

We’re talking birthday truffles, chocolate truffles, a pie slice, and assorted cookies. And we all know that the quickest route to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Add to cart so she can munch away. ($52, Milk Bar)

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individual coffee bags
A coffee variety pack to make early morning meetings semi-bearable…

Whoever sets a meeting before 9am is...seriously deranged. But with this box, she’ll get to try organic Vietnamese coffee infused with flavors like lavender, ginger, churro, and salted caramel. And the best part? She won’t need any fancy equipment. The bags fold out to fit over a mug. All she has to do is boil and pour water. Now she can add ‘barista’ to her resume. ($49/25 pack, Copper Cow Coffee)

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t-shirt bra
A comfy, everyday T-shirt bra because you hear your BFF complain all the time…

No more bras that pinch or dig. Time to show her the way. Maidenform’s no-show bra features lightly lined cups, convertible straps, and neoknit fabric so it won’t cause bulging. It’s also designed by women for women. So she feels supported all hours of the day. Psst...Skimm’rs also get an exclusive 15% off.* ($18.99, Target)

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light pink nail polish
A one-step nail color that won’t call for a top or base coat…

And it won’t immediately chip or peel. The secret is in the formula. It’s got argan oil, vitamin B5 and vitamin C. So once her two coats are dry, she’ll be able to get back to work without a fear of smudging. Bonus...this polish is cruelty-free and vegan. ($9.99, Orly)

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eyebrow pencil
A two-in-one brow pencil if she’s obsessed with keeping her brows in line…

Raise your hand if your brows have been personally victimized by quarantine. Us too. But now she can groom and shape hers with just one tool. The angled pencil tip means the color can be applied easily for a more natural, hair-like look. And the setting gel will keep everything in place. No matter what she’s got going on in her day. Cheers to her showing up to the family video chat looking her best. ($14, The Lip Bar)

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pet-friendly plants
A plant bundle that’s also pet-friendly for her fur babies…

So she can be a plant and pet parent at the same time. This duo requires bright direct or indirect light, and can be watered every one to two weeks. They both come in grow pots. Fun fact: The palm is known for its air-purifying qualities. While the Peperomia obtusifolia is resistant to disease. So it’s not very temperamental. Aka brown thumbs welcome. ($54, The Sill)

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empowering book about finding your inner strength as a woman
A book about channeling her inner strength and supporting other women...

Because empowerment doesn’t come from comparison or jealousy. This book includes a collection of stories from diverse women and highlights how to achieve her goals without working to tear someone else down. Author Molly Galbraith shares her mental and physical struggles, along with actionable strategies to help fellow women strengthen their relationships with themselves and their community. Change starts within.* (Amazon, Bookshop)

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box of wine
A box of wine that’s portioned by the glass…

And contains brut, red, and rosé. So she can pick and choose depending on what’s for dinner that night. Each is made in California. Without added sugars. Or added sulfites (known to give that awful headache or hangover). Which means she’ll just get a great-tasting glass each time. Drink up. ($96/12 pack, Usual)

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leak proof black leggings
Maternity and postpartum leak-proof leggings that have got serious stretch…

So as she’s cooking a tiny human (that’s how it works, right?), she can have all-around protection from leaks and odor. As her belly grows, the waistband will grow with it. And because of the absorbent layers, she’ll be safe from bladder leaks, amniotic fluid, and lochia. They’ve also been tested to withstand 300+ washes, so she can toss ‘em in the laundry every day. Oh, did we mention they have pockets? Totally mom-approved. ($88, Motherfigure)

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caramel marshmallows covered in chocolate with nuts on top
Caramel marshmallows for a midday pick-me-up…

Everyone knows the dreaded afternoon slump. But it’s nothing a ridiculously sweet snack can’t fix. Paired with caramel, coated in chocolate, and topped with crunchy walnuts and pecans, these marshmallows are an all-time favorite. So the next time she’s feeling sleepy at 3pm, she can enjoy one of these. Or two or three. ($32, Vosges)

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you are magic card
A card that’ll remind her just how magical she is…

Wanna brighten her day in just a few minutes? A thoughtfully written card will do the trick. And as an added bonus, this one comes with a magnetic lapel pin. The inside of the card is blank, too. Time to put pen to paper. ($11.50, Yellow Owl Workshop)

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shea butter body products
A collection of shea butter body products that’ll fight dry skin…

Self-care is the name of the game. And with a shower cream, body butter, scrub, hand cream, body mist, and bath loofah (made with recycled plastic), she’ll be able to indulge in a little much-needed me-time. This particular shea butter comes from the Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association in Ghana. Passed down through generations, local women handcraft the moisturizing butter to absolute perfection. So the quality is high and, in return, the local Ghanaian artisans are paid fairly. Do good, feel good. ($40, The Body Shop)

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

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