15 Products That Honor Game-Changing Women in History

Published on: Feb 24, 2021fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
products that celebrate famous women in historyLindsay Lange

It’s officially Women’s History Month. Which means we’re putting a big spotlight on those who have made significant contributions in years past and present. Because unless you’ve forgotten (how could you??), women play a vital role in history. 

So we rounded up products that celebrate those that have paved the way. From some names you’ve heard, to some you maybe haven’t. 

Psst...we’re also shedding a light on women-owned brands that are giving back. Check ‘em out.

wine glasses
A set of wine glasses so you can toast to the women who forever altered history…

This set includes four glasses, each dedicated to a different icon. You can choose from Sojourner Truth, Marie Curie, Susan B. Anthony, or Clara Barton. Honestly we can’t pick, so we’ll take a sip from each. Cheers. ($16+, Uncommon Goods)

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A puzzle that’ll keep your hands busy…

And features a ton of heroic women. Because why do puzzles of scenic landscapes when you can do puzzles that showcase trailblazers like Junko Tabei, the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Case closed. ($18, Uncommon Goods)

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RBG-themed mug
A mug all about Ruth Bader Ginsburg…

She dedicated her life to fighting for justice. And served on the Supreme Court for 27 years. Her list of accomplishments is almost too long to type. We can’t think of a better person to start your day with. ($14.99+, Petty Betty Co. on Etsy)

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art print
A print showcasing change-makers in history you should definitely know…

You’ve heard their names and know their stories. So continue to honor them with an art piece you’ll see everyday. From Frida Kahlo to Harriet Beecher Stowe. ($24, Lane Paper Works on Etsy)

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amanda gorman inspirational quote print
An Amanda Gorman print with a quote from her famous inaugural poem…

She was appointed the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate by Urban Word. And is the recipient of the Poets & Writers Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award. So she’s kicking butt and isn’t even 25 yet. We can’t keep up. ($15+, Purrfect Feminist on Etsy)

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women in science tote bag
A tote bag dedicated to women in science…

Rarely talked about, these women made huge contributions to science. So we’re proud to shine a spotlight on Mary Somerville, Marie Curie, and Caroline Herschel (among others). Molecool. ($29.95, Cognitive Surplus on Etsy)

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kid's book all about famous women in history who accomplished great things
A kid’s book all about women who dared to break the mold…

And dared to live dangerously. Each biography is about a woman who risked their life in some way for the betterment of others. Like Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman who flew in space. And Helen Gibson, the first woman who became an American professional stunt person. All we can say is 'wow.' ($11.49, Amazon)

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shirley chisholm pin
A Shirley Chisholm pin because if they don’t offer you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair…

She was the first Black woman elected to the United States Congress. Oh, and she was the first Black woman to seek the nomination for president of the United States from one of the two major political parties. ($13.95, The Card Bureau on Etsy)

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famous women athletes that have altered the sports world
A book that celebrates women athletes who have gone above and beyond…

But we’re not just talking gold medals and big titles. This book covers athletes that have fought for equal pay and the right to play in all-male leagues. These athletes (like Simone Biles and Billie Jean King) have proved their strength, ability, and skill. And we’re in total awe. ($17, Uncommon Goods)

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maya angelou inspirational quote print
A Maya Angelou print with one of her most famous quotes…

A prolific writer and a civil rights activist, Maya Angelou achieved it all. She wrote cookbooks, children's books, autobiographies, and poetry. So as a little motivation, frame this quote and put it on your desk. ($5, Full Circle Press on Etsy)

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pencils with laverne cox quotes on them
A pencil set inspired by the one and only Laverne Cox…

Because there is no single type of woman. As an LGBTQ+ advocate, Laverne Cox has traveled across the country to speak about moving beyond gender expectations. She encourages those to live authentically. And we second that. ($15, Feminist Pencils on Etsy)

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coloring and activity book
A coloring and activity book you definitely won’t get sick of…

Pick a strong woman and get to it. You can choose from Beyoncé, Meryl Streep, Serena Williams, and Malala Yousafzai. But it doesn’t stop there. You can bounce to crosswords, mazes, and word searches. Each page will introduce you to a new icon. ($9.79, Target)

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sweatshirt featuring images of famous women in history
A sweatshirt featuring some of history’s greatest…

Like Harriet Tubman, Dolores Huerta, Amelia Earhart, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Wear it with pride. ($58, Joseph and Sue on Etsy)

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book about famous inventions by women
A book about ingenious inventions by women of all backgrounds…

Alissa Chavez is a Latinx teen who invented the Hot Seat to prevent infant deaths in warm cars. Ruth Wakefield invented the first chocolate chip cookie. How did they do it? This book dives into their struggles, biggest questions, and accomplishments. Girls really do solve everything. ($12.52, Amazon)

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print with inspirational dolly parton quote
A Dolly Parton print that’s all about being your true self…

What hasn’t Dolly Parton accomplished? She’s a singer, actress, writer, and humanitarian (among other things). Psst...this print is a digital download so you’ll have it instantly. Just choose your size and you’ll get the file sent to you. ($7, Morning House Prints on Etsy)

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