11 Products for Anyone Who Hates Being Hot

3 min read|Jul 1, 2021|fbtwitteremail

Let us guess. Right now you’re avoiding the heat. Maybe you haven’t even stepped outside all day. Ninety degrees and climbing…no, thank you. 

If you’re currently wiping sweat from your brow, we’ve got some products to cool you down. Keep reading for some sweet relief.

For when you want a constant breeze the minute you step outside…

Create it. This portable fan rests around your neck. So you can stay cool. And keep your hands free for a book. Or an afternoon cocktail. Cheers. ($15.99, Amazon)

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For when walking in shorts causes that infamous thigh irritation…

Keep your skin smooth. With an anti-chafe stick, body wipes, and body powder. That’ll manage friction and minimize burning. Aka your skin stays dry and feels silky no matter how much you move. Flawless. ($35/set of 3, Hiki)

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For when you’ve got excess oil hanging out on your face…

Soak it up. With oil-blotting sheets. So you can reduce that midday shine. And lessen the chance of breakouts forming. Plus, the pack is slim enough to fit in your pocket. Get ready to carry it everywhere. ($10/pack of 100, Ulta Beauty)

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For when you spent an hour expertly applying your makeup…

Make it last. And set your concealer and foundation for all-day wear. Think blurred pores and a soft complexion. Oh, and a matte finish. Goodbye caking. ($24, Beauty Bakerie)

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For when you wanna start your morning on the right foot…

Chill it. And have a cold brew waiting for you. It’s small enough to fit inside your fridge. And can brew up to a week’s worth of coffee in 12-24 hours. Happy sipping. ($29.99, OXO)

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For when you wanna get some sun without completely overheating…

Set up a mister. Who says you can’t tan comfortably? This mister attaches to a standard hose and can be bent to the perfect angle. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you head outside. ($31.98, Amazon)

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For when summer humidity leaves your hair feeling dry…

Beat the frizz. This leave-in conditioning spray can help tame baby hairs while increasing moisture and fighting breakage. It’s got rosehip, argan, and coconut oil. Out with dry hair. In with soft locks. ($20, Briogeo)

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For when you want a blanket that feels like a cloud, but won’t make you sweaty...

Choose Cumulus. This one regulates moisture, fights humidity, and is made from breathable 300 thread count damask cotton. So it keeps you comfortable, not clammy. Blanket burrito, here you come. ($149+, Slumber Cloud)

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For when your morning run is entirely in the sun...

Use a towel. One that instantly cools down when soaked with water. All you’ve gotta do is wring it out. You can drape it around your neck or wear it like a headband. Phew. ($17.99/set of 4, Amazon)

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For when you want a face mask that you won’t even notice…

Make it breathable. These non-medical masks are soft and comfortable. They’ve got adjustable ear straps and nose pieces. You = covered. ($3.99/pack of 5, Athleta)

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For when you wanna take a quick dip, but don't have a ton of space...

Turn to the mini pool. It's 65 inches across, so it's got enough room for two adults or a few kiddos. You can bring it to a rooftop if you're a city dweller who's looking for some splash time. It's heavyweight, durable, and the perfect solution to a sweltering day. ($100, Food52)

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