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10 Must-Have Products for Sweaty Boobs Season

Must-Have products for Sweaty Boobs Season
Design: theSkimm | Image: Revolve, Urban Outfitters
June 27, 2023

This post was originally published in July 2022 and has been updated.

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There are so many reasons to love summer: like outdoor get-togethers, days spent reading at the pool, and an excuse to buy a new swimsuit. But with rising temps come some not-so-pleasant effects too. Namely, dreaded boob sweat and everything that comes with it (think: chafing, acne, and blemishes). So we’ve rounded up smart products that’ll tackle sweaty boobs and keep you comfy all season long. From moisture-wicking lotion to a bra that keeps the sweat at bay, we’ve got you.

Alo Yoga bra for sweaty boobs
Alo Yoga

A basic white bra with light support… 

This one’s a HQ’r fave thanks to its super-comfy fabric and lightweight design. It’s your basic triangle bra with a wider, more supportive band. The crisscross straps in the back are adjustable, and it’s an ideal choice for smaller-sized breasts. Wear it on its own during a light workout or underneath your fave T-shirt while running errands, and say “see ya” to a sweaty chest. ($68, Alo Yoga)

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Anese boob scrub for sweaty boobs

A boob mask that reduces sweat acne… 

It’s infused with matcha and honey and has collagen and green tea that works to firm and clarify. Plus, it helps protect your skin from sun damage. After a sweaty walk through the park or intense workout, this scrub will have you feeling squeaky-clean. Bonus: It’s also vegan and cruelty-free. ($34, Revolve)

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Cooling pads

Cooling pads that’ll stick right where you need them…

Use these over and over again…just stick them in the fridge or freezer between uses. They slip into your bra and help keep your temperature regulated — so they’re perfect for everything from summer runs to hot flashes. They even come in three different shades to blend in with whatever you’re wearing. ($24, Amazon)

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Boob powder

A tried-and-true anti-sweat powder…

It’s free of parabens, dyes, preservatives, talc, and all things ick, so you can feel safe and secure while you keep the sweats at bay. In fact, this formula actually works for the whole family — from diaper rash to heat rash — too. ($5.22, Amazon)

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Proof sweaty boobs moisture wicking bra

A moisture-wicking bra that’ll keep your boob sweat at bay…  

And fight odor at the same time, thanks to its antimicrobial fibers. Moisture-wicking stretch fabric and a wireless band deliver serious comfort, while a full-coverage design and adjustable straps provide support for sizes S–XL. Plus, if you’re prone to night sweats, you can leave this one on while you snooze and wake up feeling dry. Oh, and it comes in three different colors. ($49, Proof)

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sweaty boobs spray
Urban Outfitters

An anti–boob sweat spray that’ll take you comfortably through the day… 

Consider this baby powder with an upgrade. Not only does Megababe’s Bust Dust work to absorb excess moisture, but it also protects against any further buildup. It’s made with skin-soothing aloe, chamomile, and lavender for a light and natural scent. Our fave part? The aerosol container that sprays the dust right where you want it to go with no mess. You are now entering a boob-sweat-free zone. (Psst…snag this body spray to combat any potential acne in that area, too.) ($16, Urban Outfitters)

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Carpe sweat cream for sweaty boobs

Sweat-absorbing lotion you can slather all over… 

Including your armpits, legs, or anywhere else you need a bit of it to combat sweat. This cream absorbs the moisture before your bra or shirt does, and it goes on clear so there’ll be no residue left behind. Plus, witch hazel, vitamin B3, and silica microspheres help to keep you smelling fresh and feeling clean. ($19.85+, Amazon)

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Bra liners for boob sweat

Liners that’ll have you kicking sweat rash to the curb… 

They sit underneath the bra band and curve upwards in between your breasts and come in four different sizes. Kiss shirt stains and skin chafing goodbye thanks to a breathable cotton padding that’ll keep you dry and comfy all day long. The best part? They’ll alleviate any pain from even your most uncomfy underwire bras. Yes, please. ($14.99+, Amazon)

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Hiki boob sweat

A bundle for when summer sweats cause inevitable boob irritation…

Swipe this over your skin so you don’t deal with painful rubbing in strapless bras. There’s no residue left behind, so you won’t dirty any of your clothes. We also recommend using it on the area of the skin where your bra band sits. Flawless. ($14.99, Hiki)

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Boob sweat blocking wipes

Sweat-blocking wipes you can use anywhere...

The scoop: They're quick and painless to use. Before you head out, make sure your boobs are clean before giving them a good wipe. Over time, you'll find yourself getting way less sweaty when out and about. Don't believe us? Try them out. ($19.99+/10 pack, Amazon)

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