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17 Self-Care Products You Can Enjoy With a Partner or Friend

self-care products to enjoy with a partner
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Urban Outfitters, Free Period Press
Mar 24, 2022

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Taking time out of your busy schedule to focus on yourself can be hard. If you’re not the type to carve out some dedicated relaxation time, we suggest including a friend or partner to make self-care less of a looming, high-pressure practice — and more of an exciting way to unwind. We rounded up products you can gift to someone in your life who you wanna spend more quality time with. Or snag a few of these self-care gifts for yourself and watch as your stress level drops a few notches. Phew.

Sheet face masks so you can indulge in some skincare…

Watching a movie with your partner while you both have sheet masks on? Sounds like a dream. This set includes 17 total, ranging from rose water to avocado to charcoal. Each one comes with their own benefits, like a boost in hydration, even skin tone, or improved appearance of dark spots. Consider them the perfect accessory as you both lounge around on a Sunday. ($16.49/17 pack, Amazon)

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A jade roller and gua sha set for facial massages…

IOHO (in our humble opinions), these tools are best used when cold. But if you prefer ’em at room temp, store them in your bathroom medicine cabinet. One of you can use the jade roller across your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, rolling outward and upward, while the other can follow along with the gua sha tool. The stimulation is said to decrease puffiness, help blood flow, and reduce sinus pressure. Not to mention the pressure and movements just feel really darn good. Hello, relaxation. ($11.90+, Amazon)

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A mani and pedi kit so you can have a spa day at home…

Invite your best friend to your place, light some candles, pour two glasses of wine (if you please), and take care of those unruly cuticles you always pick at while working. Thanks to this set, you’ll have every stainless steel tool imaginable to whip your nails into shape at a fraction of the salon cost. From clippers to scissors, the finished product will be two sets of hands looking their absolute best. J’adore. ($11.96+, Amazon)

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And a polish set so all your bases will be covered…

One color for you, one for them. Or mix and match. Huge bonus points if you’re able to draw some designs on each other’s nails. Just apply two coats and let ’em dry. ($40/set of 2, QVC)

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A vision board book to get you into the manifestation game together… 

This book is filled with non-cheesy images that you both can cut out to build your ultimate inspiration board. It has more than 700 words and images to choose from, across alllll types of categories. Maybe your partner is dealing with a career rut, while you’re hoping to visualize your next getaway. Whatever it is — get boarding and open your minds to the possibilities. ($24.99, Free Period Press)

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A recipe book for two…

You + them + one pot = an evening spent enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal. And remember, self-care doesn’t always have to be filed under the beauty category. A simple meal cooked with lots of fresh ingredients and packed with nutrients is a surefire way to help your mind and body feel better. This recipe book includes over 70 options that’ll perfectly fill two plates, with a big focus on reducing prep and cleanup time. Bon appetit. ($13.83, Amazon)

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Running sneakers so you can get outside and clock those steps…

If solo walks or runs just don't do it for you, moving your body with your partner or BFF is a great way to bond and get some exercise. These sneaks are perfect for mixed distance, and are incredibly lightweight. Plus they’re made from about 20% recycled materials. If you’re looking for a different type of shoe, check out all their options here. And if the guy in your life needs a new pair, get him one too. ($139.99, On)

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Two tennis rackets if running ain’t your thang…

Not everyone is racing to hit the pavement — we get it. Instead, taking up a new hobby with your S.O. can be the perfect way to unwind on a weekend. This set of two rackets includes vibration dampers. Even if neither of you are skilled players (hey, no shame), you’ll still be able to use these out on the court as you work through basic drills to learn the sport. And a shared skill = your own love language. ($54.77/set of 2, Amazon)

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A ClassPass membership so you can take fitness classes together…

Yep, we’re still on that exercise kick. But did you know that ClassPass now extends to salons and spas? Instead of booking a workout class, you can book a couple’s massage. So whether you wanna try Pilates for the first time or instead opt for something a bit more soothing, having a membership means you can benefit solo or while spending quality time together. There are multiple plans available, ranging in credits, but the more credits you have monthly, the more you can do. Simple as that. (Plans start at $19/month, ClassPass)

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A sex game for anyone and everyone…

Move over, checkers. Enter: a gender-neutral board game that’ll take foreplay to the next level. The winner gets to choose the starting sex position of the night. Where things go from there stay between you and them. We’re not blushing, you’re blushing. ($15, Urban Outfitters)

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And a vibrator that’ll help you and your S.O. step up your game…

One end of the vibrator can be inserted into you, while the other rests outside to massage the clitoris. As you go, all that power will be transferred to your partner during penetration. And to make sure you’re not distracted whatsoever, the vibrator is remote-controlled. You’ll both be hands-free and focused on each other. Time spent under the sheets = self-care. Psst…if you’re looking for more sex toys to be used with a partner, we’ve got ya covered. ($126.75, Lelo)

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A plush robe that’ll make cuddle time even cozier…

As robe enthusiasts ourselves, we believe there’s really nothing better than putting one on at the end of a long day and snuggling into the couch. This one is made from fleece and won’t shed or pill. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya if you both end up loving it so much that it becomes your WFH uniform. At least you’ll be matching. Pro tip: It makes a great anniversary gift, and there’s one for him too. ($99, L.L.Bean)

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A date-night painting kit to get the creative juices flowing…

We don’t just mean date night with a partner. This set for two is also perfect for a friend. You can choose between the Amalfi Coast and Paris, so really you can’t go wrong. Before you think, ‘I have zero artistic ability,’ there’s no standard here. You paint by shade and use whatever colors you both fancy. Aka if you wanna make the sky purple, then why not? Roll up your sleeves and paint it out. ($50/set of 2, Uncommon Goods)

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A couple’s journal so you both can dig a bit deeper…

The goal is to write in it once a week, but each prompt (52 total) is meant to help you grow and foster your connection. You’ll both be tasked with answering three questions, so you can pass the journal back and forth. While you write, you’ll be able to discuss your answers, learn more about each other, and strengthen the bond that already exists. ($37.99, Promptly Journals)

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Or an activity journal for those couples who love to stay in…

When you both only have enough energy left to order in and stream something, this journal will be a bonus accessory to a low-key night. It’s filled with quizzes, prompts, and more that’ll get you both laughing and reminiscing on the past. Looking to do some future planning? This book also allows you to draw out what you foresee unfolding for your relationship. D’aww. ($18, Uncommon Goods)

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A DIY pottery kit because working with your hands can be incredibly soothing… 

We’ve all got that one friend who just loves a good art project. This at-home art therapy kit comes with instructions, inspo, and all the tools and clay you’ll need to create four pieces together. Plus, you’ll get cards with conversation prompts so you can have some compelling chats while sculpting your pots. If you’re in the mood to gift your BFF something special, we also rounded up no-fail gifts under $75 for them. ($64, Nordstrom)

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A pamper box you can split with someone else…

It’s packed with treats and classic self-care goodies to enjoy together when you’re looking to decompress and ignore your phone for a few hours. Maybe you wanna save it till the weekend or maybe you’ve had an especially stressful Monday. We won’t judge, because self-care takes no days off. ($26.13, PickMeUpBoxes via Etsy)

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