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The Problem-Solving Products Skimm’rs Keep Adding to Cart This Year

our best-selling problem-solving products of 2021
Design: Lindsay Lange, Credit: Amazon
July 8, 2021

If it wasn’t already obvious, we love products that can make everyday life a lil’ simpler. Things that can solve some of life’s most annoying problems? Sign us up.

And now, we’re looking back on the first half of the year and giving you the scoop on what problem-solving products Skimm'rs loved the most. From things that’ll help with decluttering to clever cleaning solutions and more, say hello to the products you won’t ever regret buying.

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spray that keeps your glasses from fogging up

Something to help prevent your glasses from fogging up when you wear a face mask…

Ah, face masks. We’ve been dedicated to wearing them. But we’re over the way they make our glasses fog up. Sound familiar? This anti-fog spray works on all types of glasses, and doesn’t call for constant application. A few spritzes and you’re good for the day. Sigh of relief sold separately. ($7.99, Amazon)

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jewelry brush that cleans diamonds

A jewelry cleaning brush that'll make your diamonds sparkle... 

We're not kidding. Your earrings, rings, and necklaces never looked this good. The secret is in the cleaning solution and brush tip that'll gently remove dirt and grime. Bling-bling. ($6.43, Amazon)

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suction tool to help relieve bug bites

A suction tool to help relieve those itchy mosquito bites... 

Bug bites be gone. This genius gadget works to remove the irritant left underneath your skin that causes itchiness and redness. You’ll be able to stop a reaction in its tracks, leaving the bite visibly smaller. You can even try it on bee and wasp stings. The true MVP of the summer. ($9.95, Amazon)

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grout pen for bathroom floors

A grout pen to restore your bathroom floor to its original look…

Meet the adult version of coloring. This pen will tackle grout that won’t seem to brighten even with intense scrubbing. Now all you gotta do is stay within the lines. ($8.99+, Amazon)

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cleaning tablets to clean reusable water bottles

A tablet that’ll banish that funky taste from your reusable water bottle...

Fill up your bottle and drop one in. Then watch it fizz. It’s made of a mix of ingredients (like baking soda and citric acid) to get rid of germs and odors. You can leave the tablet in for 15–30 minutes before rinsing out. Your bottle will sparkle and each sip will taste fresh. Hydration station. ($8/12 pack, Amazon)

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fabric shaver for clothes that pill

A fabric shaver to revive old sheets, sweaters, and towels…

Goodbye, little pill balls. You can run this tiny, battery-powered device over furniture, too. It’ll eat up those annoying tiny fuzzies and loose threads. So you can freshen up what you already have, instead of buying brand-new sheets and sweaters. Win. ($12.89+, Amazon)

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gift wrap storage solution

A gift wrap storage unit for all those wrapping paper rolls you've collected...

Lots of cute prints for every occasion, but no place to put them? This unit has smaller pockets for ribbons, gift bags, cards, and tissue paper too. Just slide it under your bed and presto — out of sight. ($21.95+, Amazon)

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webcam covers

A set of webcam covers if you’re nervous your video will turn on before you’re ready… 

Pop one on, and feel free to roam about. Then slide it over when you’re ready to say ‘hey’ on your company-wide Zoom. ($6.99/2 pack, Amazon)

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handbag hooks for the car

A handbag hook that attaches to your passenger seat headrest…

So your bag doesn’t go flying when you round a corner. Now you’ll have a place to hang grocery bags and coats. Because your purse looks better right side up, not upside down on the floor. ($2.20+/2 pack, Amazon)

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wire cord carrier

A tech organizer that’ll make any vacay so much easier…

This one has a two-way zipper that allows for quick access and will prevent those frustrating ‘oh no, all my cords are tangled’ moments. It comes in 15 different colors and has dedicated spots for an SD card, mouse, and hard drive, so all your precious cargo will be safe and sound. Psst: it’s TSA-approved and water resistant, so it’s a breeze to move through the airport with. Bon voyage. ($16.99, Amazon)

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wine filter that can help reduce hangover symptoms

A tiny filter that may help you avoid some classic hangover symptoms…

Yes, you read that right. This tool removes histamines and sulfites. Otherwise known as the things in wine that can cause reactions like congestion, red cheeks, and headaches. And no, it won’t affect the taste of what you’re drinking. Cheers to that. ($19.95+/10 pack, Grommet)

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band that can hold bed sheets in place

A bed sheet holder so you don’t need to remake your bed every single morning…

Fitted sheets are great until they pop up over and over again. But this gadget has clips that attach to sheet edges. So even if you move around in your sleep (or have a partner who does), the sheet will stay put. It works on beds of all sizes and is designed to not damage the sheet fabric. ($35.95, Grommet)

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self-watering planter that holds water at the bottom

A self-watering planter to make maintenance so much easier…

Let’s face it: keeping up with your plants’ demanding water schedule can be annoying. So let this planter do all the work for you. The built-in tray at the bottom retains water. And if you fill it from the tiny opening at the bottom, the roots of your plant can directly absorb the water. Aka less wasted on soil at the top. And more left for your plant to drink over time. ($3, Target)

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produce savers that can keep fruits and veggies crisp for longer

Produce savers that’ll prevent your food from molding too soon…

These containers regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide flow. So your fruit and veggies last longer. That’s right. Lettuce won’t wilt. Blueberries won’t soften. Plus, the built-in filter never needs to be replaced. Pro tip: don’t wash produce before putting it into the containers. Just drop everything in and store ‘em in your fridge. You can wash food before you eat it. ($39.99/2 pack, Amazon)

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rolling brush to clean up pet hair from couches and rugs

A rolling brush that’ll clean up fur when your pupper decides the couch is their snooze spot…

No sweat — just remove their hair with just a few swipes. The roller can be used over and over again. And it works on sheets, blankets, and carpets. No batteries or cords included. ($24.95, Amazon)

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A bidet that’s self-cleaning and easy to install…

See ya later, toilet paper. This bidet can be set up in under 10 minutes and doesn’t require any electricity or a plumber’s help. You’ll be able to avoid using excess toilet paper, reducing the amount of trees cut down during the production process. If you’re on the fence, this one has over 7,500 five-star reviews. And it’s adjustable. So the strength of the spray is up to you. Feeling clean. ($99, Tushy)

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pimple patches to use overnight to reduce the redness and size of breakouts

A pimple patch to remove all the gunk that sits underneath your skin…

Whiteheads, we’re looking at you. These hydrocolloid patches cover breakouts and reduce inflammation. They work to extract pus, healing the skin along the way. You can apply one before heading to bed and then remove it in the morning. We’re talking minimal effort. ($6.50/2 pack, Amazon)

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yellow floral reusable nylon bag

Reusable bags for grocery trips (and really anything else)...

Made from 40% recycled ripstop nylon, these bags won’t tear or break. And each one can hold up to 50 pounds. Once they get dirty, you can toss them right into the wash. Easy peasy. ($12, Amazon)

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