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20 Things Your Kitchen Needs for Baking Season

products you need for fall baking season
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Nov 22, 2022

This post was originally published in October 2020 and has been updated.

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Fall calls for some prime-time foliage, of course. But it also means pies, muffins, breads, and...more pies. Which is why we’re peeking into our kitchen cabinets to make sure we’ve got everything we need to get started. Get the flour out, make sure your eggs are room temperature, and your oven's preheated. Baking season is here.

A dishwasher-safe cutting board that’ll make all your prep easy…

You can never have too many cutting boards. This BPA-free one is sustainable and comes in five unique shades that double as a serving plate once you’re done. If your countertop’s on the slippery side, the brand recommends placing a cloth or a damp paper towel under the board for some extra grip. HQ’rs are obsessed. And you will be too. Promise. ($35, Material Kitchen)

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A cute oven mitt so you can stay protected…

If you’re gonna be spending a ton of time in the kitchen removing hot pans from the heat, make sure your hands are safe. No more bunching paper towels together. Or using the sleeve of your shirt. This colorful “frog-style” one is padded, covered in tons of funky stripes, and resists temps up to 400 degrees. The cotton quilted canvas is machine washable, but spot cleaning is recommended. Buying one for all our friends. ($24, Nordstrom)

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A stainless steel measuring set…

Whether you bake all year round as a hobby or decide to take on dessert duty for your next family gathering, you need this set. It comes with 15 measuring cups and spoons at the most detailed measurements all the way down to ⅛ teaspoon. You can use them for both wet and dry ingredients and the handles are made with a non-slip silicone. It also comes with a leveler to ensure you’ll get the perfect amount every time. Stock up ASAP. ($20.99, Amazon)

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A scraper that’ll make managing sticky dough easy…

It’ll do the tough work for you. Like getting dough off your counter and cutting it into even portions. No more tirelessly peeling bits and pieces from your fingers. ($11.86, Sur La Table)

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A tool for when your last orchard visit resulted in way too many apples…

It’s pie time. So get peeling, coring, and spiralizing. The base can suction to your counters to prevent sliding. And the peeling blade can be adjusted to your liking. You can also use the tool for potatoes or onions. Win-win. ($19.97, Amazon)

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A pair of mini spatulas…

Because nothing should go to waste. These guys are tiny enough to fit inside jars and cans. Hello, unsung heroes. ($9.99/2 pack, Amazon)

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A kitchen scale for when you wanna be super precise…

The scale can weigh up to 11 pounds so each and every ingredient in your recipe will be accurate. Plus, with a digital screen and removable stainless steel bowl, it can’t be easier. Goodbye, guesstimating. ($39.99, Bed Bath & Beyond)

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Recycled bamboo mixing bowls that’ll hold up…

This nesting set is sturdy and eco-friendly. They come in seven different sizes, so you can use them for baking, meal prep, and more. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe and come in a plethora of pastel and neutral hues. Get mixing. ($70/set of 7, Food52)

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A mini cocotte for when you really wanna lean into fall…

This pumpkin-shaped Dutch oven is tiny and adorable, and perfect for baked eggs, soup, and fruit crisps. It’s dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, and scratch-resistant. Gord-geous. ($34.99+, Food52)

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A colorful sheet pan set from Great Jones…

So you’ll never run out while you’re in the baking zone. This pack of three comes with one classic half-sheet pan and two quarter-sheet pans. They can withstand extreme temperatures and are even dishwasher safe. Plus, the yellow hue is too cute. ($85/3 pack, Great Jones)

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A cookie scoop for all your holiday baking needs…

Listen up. Cookie swap season is here. This scoop will help you create uniform balls. So your hands can stay clean. Plus, you’ll get that Insta-worthy before and after. We’re salivating. ($16.99, OXO)

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A split pie pan for when the fam is battling over what type of dessert to make…

Settle the debate with a pan that can do both. Now you won’t have to choose between apple and pumpkin. And it’s ideal for those who don’t want an entire pie sitting around (half portions, hello). Because two are better than one. ($15.39, Amazon)

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A pastry mat for when you need some help measuring…

It’s got dough diameters and conversions for ingredients and temperatures. 10/10 recommend. ($12.99+, Amazon)

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Some basic tools to get you started…

This 10-piece set will cover a lot of ground. The heads are silicone (aka, heat-resistant). And the handles are made from beech wood. Add them to your kitchen now, have them forever. ($45.99/set of 10, Karibe)

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A dessert-themed book that’ll provide some inspo…

Claire Saffitz’s last cookbook was a New York Times bestseller…and just in time for sweets season, she dropped a new one that promises even easier recipes for baking enthusiasts (or, in her words, “dessert people”). It’ll look great sitting out on the kitchen counter, too. ($26.46, Amazon)

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A seasonal mini cake pan…

So you can give your baked goods some style. This one is non-stick, made of aluminum, and features 16 autumnal shapes. ’Tis the season. ($36, Target)

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Sprinkles for decorating in a pinch…

This mix includes green and sparkling sugar, orange shimmer pumpkins and leaves, and mixes of nonpareils and jimmies. ($5, Amazon)

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Stainless steel biscuit cutters…

This set of five includes fluted edges, which you can also use for cookies, pie crusts, and tarts. Ooh la la. ($17.95, Sur La Table)

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A product that’ll clean your oven in seconds…

This fume-free spray does the hard work for you. Just let it sit for a few minutes before wiping away. Baked-on food and oils will come right off. Good as new. ($7.99, Amazon)

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A kids baking set so little ones can get involved…

Having extra hands in the kitchen can be a huge help, especially when you've got tons of cookies to mold and dough to roll. This adorable set will help your kid(s) feel included. It includes a mini whisk, spatula, and cooking card game. Now you've got a tiny sous-chef in the making. ($45, Material Kitchen)

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