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18 Unique Anniversary Gifts Under $100 for Your S.O.

Design: the Skimm | Photos: L.L. Bean, Etsy
Mar 9, 2022

Celebrating an anniversary? Lots of fun. Getting your partner something sweet that they’ll actually use? Kinda stressful. Finding a meaningful gift can take some searching, which is why we did the hard work for ya. We’ve got custom art, cozy loungewear, and some options for foodies too. Anything and everything to make your sweetheart feel the luv. Cheers to another year spent happily together.

A custom canvas print that’ll be ready in just a few days…

We’re talking museum-quality that’s also water- and fade-resistant. Once you select an image, you’ll be able to fine-tune the details, like whether you want white or black edges, or if you prefer the photo to wrap around the border. There are also square sizes available, plus portrait and landscape options. Once you’re done and have finalized your canvas, everything will be shipped to you. Then just sit back and enjoy watching your partner unwrap it. ($76+, Canvaspop)

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A pizza maker so you can enjoy a pie together…

Say hello to 12-inch cheesy pizzas and goodbye to boring takeout. You’ll be able to achieve that perfectly crispy crust without burning the toppings. If you aren’t in the mood for pizza (who isn’t?), the maker can lie flat to become a grill. If you’re worried about storage, don’t be. The pizza maker stands upright so it’s way more compact than you think. ($69.99, QVC)

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A 3-in-1 wireless charging station for your partner’s beside table…

Help them wake up with fully charged batteries every single morning. This unit allows them to dock their phone, smartwatch, and headphones at once. Even if they have an Android, they’ll still be able to juice up before they head out the door. ($32.99, Amazon)

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A celebration glass set so you can toast on every anniversary…

Use the dry erase marker to fill in the blanks and then raise a glass. Whether you’re celebrating two years, 20 years, or more. The coasters even have cute prompts so the two of you can reflect on the last year spent together. Cheers. ($50, Uncommon Goods)

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A carbon steel wok if they're upping their home-chef game...

This incredibly handy pan is lighter than cast iron and more long-lasting than nonstick. They'll be able to whip up stir-fries, scramble eggs, and so much more. It comes pre-seasoned and has a couple trusty accessories too. There's a tempura rack that folds into a steamer, plus a glass lid. Aka they'll be able to see how things are cooking without having to pick up the lid dripping with moisture. Score. PS: Through March 31, Skimm'rs can receive 20% off with code SKIMM20. ($99, Food52)

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A personalized book of love that’ll make ’em ‘ooh’ and ‘aww’...

Because your unique love story is worth telling. You’ll be able to choose the cover design, name, genders, and characteristics of you and your partner. The result will be a romantic keepsake filled with the things that make your bond special. Get ready to read it cover to cover, over and over again. ($40, Uncommon Goods)

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A leather wallet that’s shaped to fit in their front pocket…

Carrying a wallet in the front is way safer, but traditional square options can be bulky and uncomfortable to walk around with. Since this one is curved, it fits seamlessly into their pocket. It can hold up to six cards plus full-sized bills, and has an ID pocket. No more awkward bulge in the back. They’ll be able to take a seat without having to first remove their wallet. ($65, Grommet)

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A gift they would never think to purchase for themselves…

Why not give them a bidet? This affordable one from Tushy has a slim design that can be installed in less than 10 minutes. Feeling shy? No worries. It doesn’t require the help of a plumber or electrician for installation. The best part: Just one pint of water is used and lots of trees are saved along the way. For a happy heinie and a happy planet. Find your angle, adjust the pressure, and let’s get this party started… ($99, Tushy)

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Lounge pants that they’ll never wanna take off…

If they’ve been married to the same pair of old gray sweatpants, it’s time for a breakup. These stylish pants bring top-quality comfort, so whether they’re on the couch or running errands, they won’t ever regret putting them on. Customers say they wash well with no pilling. Aka a dream. ($84, Nordstrom)

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Date-night dice that’ll make future evenings more spontaneous…

After so many dinners and weekends spent hiking, you may be in need of some spice when it comes to your classic date night. These dice are an easy way to help change up your usual takeout and a movie. The pressure of ‘what should we do?’ will be taken away and all you’ll have to do is roll. You can order the dice with standard phrases, or completely customize the set. So get as adventurous as you want. Maybe no skydiving option. ($24.95+, SugarBlushStudio via Etsy)

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A minimalist-style custom portrait that’ll become a staple in your home…

Just pick your favorite photo of the two of you and watch as it’s transformed into a forever piece of art. The portrait is hand-drawn digitally, but you’ll get a proof to review. If you wanna make tweaks, you’ll be able to send back feedback until it’s exactly to your liking. Once you’ve given approval, you’ll receive the final version via a digital download to print at home. ($59.50, SmyrnaArtDesign via Etsy)

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A plush robe to bundle up in…

As robe enthusiasts ourselves, there’s really nothing better than putting one on at night and cuddling into the couch. This robe is made from fleece and won’t shed or pill. So they’ll be able to wear it in the morning while they sip their cup of coffee or once they’re done working for the day. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya if they love it so much that they keep their video off during WFH meetings and wear it 24/7. ($99, L.L.Bean)

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A sleep mask to block unwanted light and sound…

Because a good night’s rest can make or break their day. This one’s made from satin and spandex, with a Velcro closure that’ll keep things comfy. As a bonus, there’s a tiny pocket that can fit a crystal over their third-eye chakra. Choose from amethyst, purple fluorite, blue lace agate, or rose quartz when you order. Sweet dreams to your beloved. ($64, Baloo Living)

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A journal packed with questions to answer together…

While it’s fun to binge a Netflix series, there are lots of other ways to spend quality time too. This guide takes you through questions that are meant to spark conversation and encourage exploration. You’ll get to learn more about each other while discussing passions, dreams, and more. Prepare to open up…it’s about to get interesting. ($11.58, Amazon)

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A putting mat for the partner who wants to improve their short game…

So they can work on alignment and position. The nylon surface replicates medium-to-fast greens and can be played anywhere. Thanks to the distance markers and targets, they’ll be able to get in a full day’s practice. Game on. ($89.95, Grommet)

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A bucket list full of great date-night ideas…

These cards will spark more fun and fewer evenings spent trying to brainstorm what to do in the first place. They range across effort level and price, so many are easy to accomplish from home with little to no cash. Once you’ve completed one, you can move it from the “to do” section to “done.” You’ll be able to look back after a few months and see all the things you’ve experienced together. ($49.99, Amazon

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A fully stocked kitchen apron for your home chef…

It’s got a chest pocket for their phone or pen, an easy-access loop to hang tongs or towels from, and two hip pockets. The strap ties are extra-long so they can tie them in the front or back. The fabric is durable so it can handle a good washing and is great for messy hands that need a thorough wiping. Consider it their must-have kitchen accessory. ($85, Hedley & Bennett)

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A heart-shaped mini waffle maker…

If you’re looking to treat your sweetheart to breakfast in bed, why make regular old waffles when you can make ’em in the shape of a heart? This lil’ appliance heats up quickly and can churn out waffles within minutes. When the light turns on, it’s time to cook. PS: We’ve tried this waffle maker and loved it. ($19.99, Amazon)

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