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17 Women-Owned Brands to Support During Black History Month and Beyond

Design: theSkimm | Photos: Uoma, Coy Collection
Jan 30, 2023

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Since February is Black History Month and our mission is to help you shop smarter, we want to shine a special spotlight on Black-owned brands also founded by women. From self-care products to accessories to snacks, here are some of our faves. Check ’em out, add ’em to cart, and keep on supporting all year long.

A matte lipstick that’s silky, moisturizing, and 100% vegan…

Long-lasting and highly pigmented, this lipstick will go on smoothly in just a couple of swipes. Reviewers love the range of colors and the fact that the lipstick actually lasts. (We’ve tried it ourselves and can confirm.) Choose “Whitney” if you want a sultry pop of red, or go with something more muted like “Maya.” Oh, and to keep your lips hydrated, the formula includes carnauba wax. Looking great. ($24, Uoma Beauty)

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A deck of affirmation cards to reinforce positive thinking…

Just shuffle ’em and pull a card. Each card, created by Tarisha Clark, starts with an “I am” statement, so read the words aloud and let them sit in your head. Remember that phrase throughout the day, especially in quiet moments. You are strong, resilient, open, and grateful. Each day will bring a new message and a new way of thinking about yourself. ($15, Uncommon Goods)

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Cocktail-inspired soaps that’ll make your evening bath much more enjoyable…

From mint mojito to negroni, pick your scent and get ready for some sweet relaxation. Lather up, soak a bit, and maybe bring along a real cocktail to sip on. You time starts now. ($8, Soap Distillery)

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A postpartum recovery gift set for anyone whose body needs some TLC…

Because giving birth is no small feat. The soreness kit, created by postpartum doula Ruth Gordon-Martin, includes a soothing herbal sitz bath, lavender massage oil, and witch hazel balm. Their (or your) perineal area or C-section incision will thank you. Everything is vegan, organic, and produced in small batches to ensure all ingredients are both safe for mom and baby. ($45, Uncommon Goods)

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Climate-friendly crackers that are packed with flavor…

We’re talking tomato basil, sourdough sea salt, and rosemary garlic. Let’s just say these crackers will turn snack time into go-time. So what’s inside? Ingredients are organic, non-GMO, traceable, and regeneratively grown from healthy soil. Stone-milled, heirloom wheat and sunflower oil make ’em delicious. Plus you can feel good knowing that everything is packed in recycled cardboard and recycled plastic. So go ahead and create that gorgeous charcuterie board — these crackers are waiting for their big debut. ($18+/3 pack, Moonshot)

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A satin-lined beanie that won’t mess up your recent blowout…

After you’ve spent a ton of time on your hair, the last thing you wanna do is throw on a hat that’ll create a frizz. This satin-lined option won’t cause breakage or damage. It’s gentle on your locks and is great for all hair types. PS: The pom-poms are also detachable. ($23.99, Amazon)

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A shea sugar scrub that’ll remove dead skin…

If you’ve got some scaly patches on your legs, blame the winter weather and extremely dry air. To bring some relief to your skin, exfoliate with this scrub packed with sugar crystals, shea butter, and colloidal oatmeal. Your skin will be moisturized and soft in no time. Plus, we all love that feeling of running smooth legs over fresh bed sheets. ($24, Walmart)

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Seamless undies and a matching bralette that’ll have you feeling put together…

Those days when your delicates match? Yep, you’ve got your stuff together. The thong is low-rise, made of stretchy material, and comes in a wide range of nude colors for different skin types. It’ll virtually look invisible on. And the bralette follows suit — it’s got a V-neck design and bottom band for support. Wanna pick a shade close to your skin color? There are 13 to choose from. ($23, Nude Barre)

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Mini gold-dipped hoops that can be dressed up or down…

Pair ’em with jeans and a sweater for a relaxed day look, or add ’em to your all-black ensemble if you’re heading out to dinner. They’re delicate and just the right size to not get caught on anything you’re wearing. ($32, Ten Wilde)

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Mascara that’ll give you that wow-worthy length…

Aka flake-proof, clump-free volume that’ll make you feel full-level glam as you walk out the door. To keep your look going all night long, the formula includes almond oil and natural waxes like sunflower and rice. These ingredients help to hold your lashes, but prevent them from feeling stiff. Think: lightweight coverage and lots of body. ($18, Mented Cosmetics)

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A deep-conditioning mask for dry, damaged hair…

If your strands are feeling a bit straw-like, listen up. This mask is made to restore shine, strengthen your hair, and provide intense hydration. Whether your locks are straight, curly, coiled, or chemically treated, this formula is safe for everyone. Use it weekly after you shampoo and rinse. Apply it to your hair evenly and let it sit for up to 10 minutes before washing out. It’s formulated with rosehip oil, B vitamins, and algae extract. Check out that mane. ($39, Briogeo)

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A cacao turmeric latte blend that’ll make your morning treat much tastier…

Let’s break it down: Cacao has lots of antioxidants and minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium. Turmeric is great for skin and gut health, and can help decrease bloating. Coconut is rich in fats, which support your hair, skin, nails, and metabolism. So add this powder to hot or cold drinks, or mix with water, milk, or smoothies. Sip on. ($29, Golde)

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Macrame coasters that’ll brighten up your home…

Handmade from recycled cotton, these coasters are the perfect decor addition. You won’t have to deal with water rings and you’ll actually wanna keep these out on the coffee table when they’re not in use. ($26+/2 pack, SweetHomeAlberti on Etsy)

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Clay earrings that are colorful and unique…

TBH, we have trouble picking just one pair. Each is handmade and made to order. If you’ve been searching for a pair of bold statement earrings, the search ends here. Eye-catching look, here you come. ($26, PacheStudio via Etsy)

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A cup that’ll always cheer you up…

How could you not be happy when drinking out of this cheerful lil’ guy? These cups are handmade in Austin, Texas, and feature smiley faces in all different forms. We seriously can’t get over the yeehaw guy. Take your pick and enjoy your beverage with a smile. ($68, Coy Collection)

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A pair of strappy sandals for your upcoming vacations…

Here’s hoping, right? These gorgeous sandals by Brother Vellies have an of-the-moment square toe, trendy toe loop, and laces that tie up your leg. They come in silver and bright pink and dress up everything from jeans to dresses. Don’t forget to check out the brand’s bags that are true works of art. ($148.50+, Nordstrom)

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A high-cut one-piece with a waist-cinching belt…

Founded by a Los Angeles native, this brand’s name translates to “sandy cheeks” in French (cute), and focuses on combining luxury with comfort. This classic black bandeau suit features a high-cut on the legs and a gold circle belt for a touch of elegance. Aka you won’t be able to stop staring at yourself in the mirror. ($71, Revolve)

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