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All the Ways You Can Get Paid

Total Compensation Package
Jan 6, 2020

The Story

When it comes to your (compensation) package, size matters. And we don’t just mean dollars and cents.

Go on. 

Benefits are a huge part of it, too. Think: health, dental, vision, disability, life, and pet insurance coverage. Plus sponsored retirement plans, vacation time, flexible hours, commuting discounts, childcare support, tuition help, gym reimbursement, snacks, unlimited cold brew, etc.

I want it all. 

Then ask for it. Get allll the deets before you accept a gig, and check up on ‘em as you grow. When your performance has been extra impressive or you’ve upped your skills, you’re probably ready to negotiate. Pro tip: come to the table with proof of your accomplishments. 

If the boss says more money isn’t in the cards, you can push for other bennies to make up for it. Like more vacation days, remote hours, or a four-day work week. It won’t cost the company much, but that extra time could be huge for you. And time is money.

Okay, but money is actually money…and I need more of it.

Hi, side hustles. They can be a great secondary source of income if your salary isn't cutting it. And you’ve got time for that. 

Just run it by your boss first. Some companies aren’t down to share you – especially if your extra work could help their competitors. Others just want to make sure your extracurriculars won’t get in the way of your 9-5 responsibilities.

Anything that isn’t a time and energy suck?

Glad you asked. Passive income is money you make without breaking a sweat. Dividend stocks, investment properties, and credit card rewards are some popular sources. Full disclosure: most of them require some capital to get off the ground.


Your salary is more starting point than finish line. Negotiating a raise, maxing out your benefits, upskilling, starting a side hustle, and making passive income can help you reach your full earnings potential. Aaand reach your goals faster.  

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