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Adult Easter Basket Ideas to Gift Your Friends and Fam

Adult Easter Basket Ideas Seattle Chocolate
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March 14, 2023

This post was originally published in March 2022 and has been updated.

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If you celebrate Easter, you know it's a holiday that can be tons of fun for the kids — from coloring eggs to Easter egg hunts to baskets full of toys. But if you're looking to gift the adults in your life something thoughtful this year, we've gotchu covered with some adult Easter basket ideas. From big or small DIY options to prepackaged gift sets. We’re talking wine and cheese, gourmet chocolates, things for the home, and even some items for the bedroom to gift your partner. Hop to it.

DIY Easter basket ideas for adults 

CleanCo zero-proof beverage

A zero-proof alternative for an Easter mocktail… 

It can feel awkward to stand around at a get-together with empty hands. These bottles from CleanCo are a great option for anyone who doesn’t drink or is trying to limit their alcohol consumption. They’ve got half the calories of the regular stuff and come in a range of flavors. We’re partial to the Clean R for a rum ‘n’ Coke minus the rum, and the Clean T for classic margarita lovers. Both are nonalcoholic with less than 0.5% ABV and have zero sugar. Bottoms up. ($29.99, Amazon)

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Seattle Chocolate spring box
Seattle Chocolate

An elevated take on melted chocolate in plastic eggs… 

For when you want to skip the drugstore and add some quality treats to your DIY adult Easter basket. This limited-edition spring gift set comes with one honey nut cereal truffle bar, a 12-ounce assortment of spring truffles, and a white chocolate sun-shaped lollipop. Thanks to this vegan box set, your dairy-free friend doesn't have to be left out either. If you’re just looking to gift them (or hey, gift yourself) a few *chef’s kiss* pieces, try the individual truffle bars. We can’t get enough of the Hazelnut Butter Crisp and Campers’ S’Mores Truffle flavors. ($4.99+, Seattle Chocolate)

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Quip toothbrush set

A practical gift for anyone whose toothbrush game could use a little upgrade… 

This bundle from Quip comes with the brand’s signature sleek electric toothbrush (with a three-month battery life), along with a couple extras. Like a 100% recyclable mint toothpaste, refillable gum and dispenser, refillable floss pick, and mouthwash — along with a carry case and solar battery charger. Choose between a plastic or metal design, and pro tip: Tell your giftee to sign up for the three-month refill plan that’ll keep them at the top of their dental hygiene game. ($98+, Quip)

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Diamond Dazzle

An Easter basket stuffer for adults that'll keep their diamond jewelry sparkling…

We're not kidding. Their earrings, rings, and necklaces will have never looked this good. The secret is in the cleaning solution and brush tip that'll gently remove all their gems dirt and grime. Bling-bling. ($8.19+, Amazon)

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Amazon Birkenstock plastic

Stylish slides for spring that won’t break the bank… 

It’s time to let their toes breathe, and what better way than with these fun, spring-colored Birkenstocks? They’ve got the same construction as the cork Birks we know and love, at half the price. Made from EVA (a stretchy plastic material), these sandals are super lightweight, waterproof, and skin-friendly. We won’t blame you if you buy a pair for yourself too. ($44+, Amazon)

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Deux cookie dough

A cookie dough they can eat straight outta the jar, minus the stomachache… 

It’s the perfect adult nod to a beloved kiddie treat. Deux is vegan and gluten-free, packed with clean ingredients, and has 35% less sugar than normal cookie dough, so they can eat it straight — or bake it into cookies if that’s more their speed. Each of the brand's flavors have also been enhanced in some way: We love the Birthday Cake flavor infused with ashwagandha for added stress relief, and the new Summer Fridays flavor with collagen support. Maybe splurge on their pack of bestsellers. ($15+, Deux)

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Icebreaker amazon cards

A set of cards that’ll give the gift of meaningful conversation…

Icebreaker has 150 prompts designed to help people rekindle their relationships and dig deeper into new ones. Whether they want an excuse to strengthen the bond with a partner or connect with friends or family they haven’t seen in a while, this thoughtful gift will keep the convos rolling. ($25, Amazon)

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Customizable puzzle easter baskets for adults

A customized gift for the puzzle lover in your life… 

As long as they don’t lose any pieces. Turn a meaningful image into this personalized puzzle — and add some text if you’d like as well. It’s only 110 pieces. so putting it together won’t take all day. We recommend adding a frame in their Easter basket so they can hang it as soon as they’re done. ($18.99, Amazon)

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Lelo Tiani 2 vibrator

A toy that’s perfect to add to a basket for your S.O…. 

The Lelo Tiani 2 can be used with a partner or on a solo mission, thanks to its unobtrusive inner arm that sits within the vagina. Once the inner arm is placed, the outer arm should sit right on the clitoris. Pair it with the remote control and you or your partner can control the vibrations by tilting, moving, or syncing from up to 39 feet away. Check out our recs for more sex toys for couples here. Good vibes, incoming.  ($149, Lelo)

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Adventure escape easter basket gifts

A gift that’ll let them choose their own adventure… 

With Tinggly, your giftee is in the driver’s seat. They get to decide where to go — and when. You simply select a collection and they choose from over 350 unique experiences in more than 100 countries around the world. And since this gift never expires, they’ll have plenty of time to plan. Try shopping in the Easter experiences tab and choose from a weekend around the USA, a European escape, and much more. Easter bunny who? ($89+, Tinggly)

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Pre-packaged adult Easter baskets 

Easter basket for adults premade

A basket that any chocolate lover's dreams are made of… 

You can choose from three different sizes, all chock-full of a variety of chocolates. We’re talking milk chocolate popcorn, malt ball mini eggs, signature chocolate truffles, and more. It’s also got two juicy, handpicked Royal Verano pears to couple with all that other sweet stuff. The basket is a beautiful reusable woven chipwood that they can house other kitchen items in once they’ve gotten through all the goodies. Snack on. ($59.99+, Harry&David)

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Mouth easter basket for adults

A basket to satisfy their sweet tooth…  

This one’s stocked with chocolate eggs, milk chocolate almonds, handcrafted marshmallows, organic jelly beans, cookies, and more. You can upgrade to a larger version that comes with even more treats, or add on birthday cake marshmallows and confetti popcorn if their birthday is coming up. ($155+, Mouth)

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Premade easter basket
Olive & Cocoa

A basket with jams and crackers, and nuts, oh my… 

Savory snacks have entered the chat. In addition to sweets like chocolate pretzels, the petite size of this basket includes mixed nuts,  tortilla chips, and salsa, while the large comes with the addition of cheese, meat, artichoke lemon pesto, and more. Happy Easter to them. ($50+, Olive & Cocoa)

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gourmet wine and cheese easter basket
Gourmet Gift Baskets

A basket for the wine and cheese aficionado…

With three cheese block flavors, peppercorn poppy crackers, summer and garlic sausage, snack mix, and more, this gift basket is basically a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. It also has sweets like cookies, nuts, and a premium popcorn option. If you’re looking to get a little boozy, opt for a basket stocked with wine and cheese instead and double down on the spreads and crackers. ($79.99, GourmetGiftBaskets)

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adult easter baskets

Boxes packed with delicious Japanese goodies from an AAPI-owned brand..

Now you won’t have to travel to get your spring sakura fix. Choose from over 10 premade Easter basket options featuring everything from tea to cookies. Our favorites? The premium spa box that comes with sakura-scented hand soap, incense, and more, and the original spring basket with an assortment of Japanese sweets perfect for watching the blossoms fall. ($10+, Bokksu)

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