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Subscription Gifts That Keep On Giving

Subscription gifts
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November 3, 2023

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In our opinion, subscription gifts are the ideal gift, because they offer a unique and continuous way to surprise and delight your recipient. And, okay, they’re the ultimate last-minute gift because you can sign up and just tell them it's coming. From food to books to beauty and beyond, these gift subscriptions provide tailored experiences that cater to individual tastes and interests. And a membership to a gift of the month club means giving doesn't stop at just one occasion. Gifting doesn’t get much more thoughtful (or easy) than that.

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Pet subscription

A gift for that’s going to the dogs, but in a good way…

Barkbox is a favorite amongst dog owners for a reason — it's like a monthly party for your pup, and the perfect gift for the dog owner who loves to spoil their pet. The seasonal themes and varied types of toys keeps things interesting, and the added treats and chews will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. If their dog is tough on toys, there's also a Super Chewer version with extra-durable options. There are different size options to fit every budget — just take the quiz to get started. ($35+, Barkbox)

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Food subscription

A generous helping of sugar and butter…

The only thing better than a cookie? A monthly subscription box with enough cookies to feed six to eight people. Goldbelly's Monthly Cookie Subscription sends your recipient hand-selected cookies from bakeries across the country; think chocolate chunk, truffle stuffed, or Hawaiian delights. Choose a subscription length between three and 12 months. ($49.95+, Goldbelly)

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Coffee subscription

A time- and money-saving coffee subscription…

For the coffee lover who spends a little too much at the coffee shop every morning. New York-based Partners Coffee offers a slew of blends and even grind types to cater to different types of coffee drinkers. Whether your loved one is an espresso drinker, Chemex devotee, or someone who prefers to grind their own beans, there’s something for everyone. ($45, Partners)

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Pizza in every style they can imagine…

For the pizza lover in your life (aka, probably everyone), Goldbelly’s pizza subscription is a gift that delivers. Hand-selected pizzas from some of the country’s top-tier pizzerias arrive right at their doorstep. What kind of pizza, you may ask? Wood-fired, white, deep dish, thin crust — all of the pizzas, in other words. Serving at least four people, this three- or six-month subscription ensures many pizza parties to come. ($89.95+, Goldbelly)

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Coffee subscription
Grounds and Hounds

A coffee subscription that gives back to animals…

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a coffee lover who cares about animal rescue? Grounds & Hounds offers an incredible subscription tailored to your recipient's preferences. They can select their favorite brews, decide the quantity and frequency, and enjoy specialty-grade coffee delivered right to their door. With each cup, they'll be supporting animal rescue organizations. ($16.99+, Grounds & Hounds

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Skincare subscription
The Detox Market

Skincare faves that bring the glow…

Have a loved one who's really into skincare, or trying to get into it and doesn't know where to start? Send them a Detox Market Box full of cult-favorite clean skincare goodies. These are the products that lead to compliments and curious, "What's your secret?" inquiries. No fuss with renewals, and you can cancel anytime. ($239.70, The Detox Market)

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Food subscription

Tasty Asian treats curated by experts…

Spice up their life with the Umamicart Pantry Subscription Box. They'll unpack up to 12 sauces, spices, and more, picked by a different curator each month. There's even a booklet that shares the stories behind each item, adding some depth to the cooking experience. This month, it's all about Back to School faves, but past boxes include Taiwanese Treats, Japanese Pantry, and Hot & Spicy. A 25% off coupon to shop more at Umamicart lets them continue the culinary journey. ($35.99+, Umamicart)

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Tea subscription
Atlas Coffee Club

A tea subscription that will make your loved one feel well-traveled…

Book your friend a "Tea World Tour" with Atlas Coffee's tea subscription box. They'll savor two premium teas monthly, enough for over 30 cups. The tea comes with tasting notes, unique steeping recommendations, and even a postcard detailing each country's tea-growing traditions. And a little gift from us to you: Use the code COZYSKIMM for 50% off their first month's subscription (and up to $50 off gifts). ($55, Atlas Coffee Club)

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Brooklyn Candle Co.

A scented candle that sets the mood…

Know a candle connoisseur? Gift them Brooklyn Candle Studio's Candle of the Month Club. Members will be treated to a scented candle each month, along with a fancy pack of long matches. The seasonal scents are inspired by nature, travel, memories, and moments (be sure to put that in the card). ($25, Brooklyn Candle Co.)

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Olive oil

High-quality olive oils and vinegars that taste as good as they look…

This golden ticket to gourmet goodness from Brightland starts with The Duo, and then the recipient can pick and choose which oils and vinegars they want to receive next. Exclusive subscriber perks also include quarterly gifts like sourdough starter or garden seeds, invitations to special events, and early access to product releases. ($65, Brightland)

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Book subscription

A new book with a personal touch…

Give the gift of a literary escape with the Box of Books subscription. Each month, your loved one will get one or two books, plus three add-on items to enhance their reading experience. You can tailor their shipments to their preference by selecting new or used books, their favorite genres, and different categories of extras — everything from skincare to candles. ($37.99+, Cratejoy)

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Escape room

An escape room experience, right at home…

Designed for the sleuths-at-heart, Escape the Crate is a bimonthly box filled with puzzles, mysteries, and adventures. Envelopes and props make it feel like an actual escape room at home. They can also use a website for audio/visual elements, making the game truly come alive. Play alone or in a small group; each box is a complete game that can take two to three hours to conquer. ($26.50+, Cratejoy)

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Craft project

Craft projects that they won’t give up on…

This one’s for the crafters out there. Every month delivers a new craft project like wood burning, engraving, or making epoxy resin coasters. As they craft, they get to learn how to use new tools and materials while being guided by in-depth instructions. Maybe they’ll even make you something. ($32+, Cratejoy)

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Class pass

A library of virtual classes to expand their skills…

With online classes taught by the world's leading experts in various fields, MasterClass dives into lessons on cooking, writing, photography, and so much more. It's not just a gift; it's an opportunity for them to learn from the best and cultivate new skills. The perfect present for the eternal students. ($10+, Masterclass)

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Japanese snacks

Japanese snacks to keep their tastebuds on their toes…

Each Bokksu Snack Box includes 22 authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas, curated around different themes, festivals, and seasons. With free shipping and a mix of sweet and savory treats, it's a great way to support Japanese family businesses. ($39.99+, Bokksu)

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Bread subscription

Freshly baked goods without the prep work…

Carb lovers will be obsessed with Wildgrain, a bake-from-frozen delivery service. These breads, pastries, and pastas are sourced from small bakeries around the country. They’ll bake up in about 25 minutes, meaning giftees can get homemade goodness without the hassle. ($69+, Wildgrain)

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Wine subscription
Fresh Vine

A direct supply to tasty California wines…

Keep the wine flowing with a wine subscription gift from Fresh Vine. As a VIP with Fresh Vine California Wine, they can enjoy first access to new varietals before they become available to the public, along with special offers and promotions throughout the year. Choose between six or 12 bottles a month to experience some of the finest in California winemaking. ($107+, Fresh Vine)

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