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Dieux’s Cofounder Charlotte Palermino on the Skincare That Keeps Her Skin Happy

Plus, she shares one of her go-to ways to use Dieux’s bestselling moisturizer.
Charlotte Palermino SHL
May 14, 2024

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We’re not going to lie, our editors majorly fangirled when we found out we’d get to interview Charlotte Palermino. She’s one of our favorite social media follows when it comes to approachable skincare — and she’s the cofounder of one of our most-used skincare brands, Dieux. In addition to working on Dieux, Charlotte is a licensed esthetician (which means she knows her sh*t). Before scrolling on, be sure to follow @skimmshopping to see Charlotte answer some follower questions.

For our readers that might be new to you and Dieux, give them theSkimm on what sets Dieux apart from other skincare brands on the market. What product should they start with?

We started Dieux to bring clinical skincare into the market that has a soul. There is so much misinformation, shame, and fear surrounding beauty. What would happen if you had a brand that takes the leap of faith out of it? Our goal is to educate, inform, inspire, and help you find what works for your skin (even if it isn’t Dieux).

What’s your favorite unconventional or hacky way to use certain Dieux products?

I love using Auracle Eye Serum and then Instant Angel Moisturizer on my lips for plumping, and Deliverance Serum is how I can tolerate retinol. I never could before!

Name your favorite and least favorite skincare trends and why.

Least favorite: 12-step routines. If you like it, do you, but this is expensive and too much for most people.

Favorite trend: skin cycling and moisture sandwiching. While skin cycling (using a blend of retinoids and exfoliants) will change person to person, I like how it preaches less is more and you don’t have to use actives every night. Moisture sandwiching is just a beautiful way to have juicy and hydrated skin.

What’s a skincare trend, product, or ingredient that should be getting more love/attention but isn’t?

I’m always going to say sunscreen. To the amount of people who use retinoids, peels, and actives, yet don’t use sunscreen, I just want to see your hard-earned money work for you.

Name your desert island, can’t live without products in your skincare routine.

Editorial note: Charlotte has listed these products in order of use.

What products do you use to unwind after a long day?

I love slathering a thick layer of Instant Angel on my face, popping a 5mg THC x CBN edible, and going to sleep.

Psst: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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