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11 Convenient Pet Food Delivery Services for Cats and Dogs

the best food subscriptions for cats and dogs
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August 8, 2023

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This post was originally published in December 2021 and has been updated.

Calling all pet owners: Do you know what goes into your dog or cat’s current food? If you haven’t spent too much time sounding out ingredients on the back of the bag or researching exactly how traditional kibble is made, we don’t blame you. Life can get pretty hectic. 

To get you started, we rounded up nutritious food subscriptions that’ll be delivered directly to your door. Aka no last-minute runs to grab a bag because you didn’t realize you were almost out. These food subscriptions put your pet at the center. FYI — prices will range because each one is customized to your dog or cat’s weight, age, breed, activity level, health history, and much more. 

Meal Plan

Human-grade dog food that fits into your schedule…

This one’s an HQ’r favorite thanks to its fresh ingredients and easy-to-locate brick-and-mortar locations. They source their food directly from human-grade suppliers to help cut down on overall costs and partner with veterinary-trained consultants to formulate the best recipes for your pet’s health. Choose from fresh frozen meals — featuring different proteins, grains, and veggies — or pantry-safe meals that are shelf-stable for up to two years, so you'll always have backup food on hand. For the pups that need a little extra care, you can schedule a free remote consultation with one of the brand’s on-site nutritionists and get your pet’s custom-made meals delivered right to your door. ($78+, JustFoodForDogs)

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Pet food subscription

Raw dog food that targets important health benefits…

If your pup is suffering from joint inflammation, skin conditions, plaque and bad breath, or other common issues, this is the meal plan for you. It’s been vet-formulated, is AAFCO-compliant (the gold standard for pet food), and USDA-certified. In each flash-frozen bag, you’ll find ingredients like USDA-certified chicken, beef, gizzards, and liver, as well as veggies and fruits like kale, blueberries, and green beans. You’ll get instructions on how to properly portion and supplement each meal so your pet can have the best of the best. We highly recommend snagging the bone broth topper to add to all their meal times for a little superfood surprise. ($95+, Maev)

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Pet food supply
Open Farm

A one-stop-shop for ethically sourced meals of all kinds…

Whether your pet is into dry food, raw food, wet food, or cooked food, this brand has options for all of them. Customers love the freeze-dried chicken patties and dog probiotics that deliver wholesome nutrition in easy-to-see ingredients. Shop for both your canines and felines, and add on supplements to round out their diet. On the way to happy and healthy. ($24.99+, Open Farm)

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food subscription for cats

A high-protein, no-filler food service for cats...

All you’ve got to do is fill out a questionnaire about your feline friend. You’ll be asked about their likes, dislikes, food history, and more. You’ll be able to choose proteins and textures, as well as select from meals that are fresh or ones that are freeze-dried raw (a kibble alternative). Once you’re finished, you’ll get a sampler mailed to your door to see how your cat responds. If things go well (we’re pretty sure they will), you can sign up for a monthly subscription. But no worries — if anything changes, you can always switch up recipes, skip a month, or readjust based on their picky preferences. Ingredients are USDA-certified and sustainably sourced. (Plans start at $4/day, Smalls)

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fresh food subscription for dogs

A personalized and preportioned food service for dogs…

First you’ll answer some questions to help build your pet’s plan. Each meal is nutrient-packed with fresh ingredients, and it's all cooked in USDA kitchens, the same way human food is prepped. Before the meals are shipped to you, they’re flash-frozen to lock in freshness. The full meal plan has lots of options, including turkey, pork, chicken, lamb, venison, and beef. Once you’re ready to serve your pup, you can prep the food cold or warm it in the microwave. All the packaging is BPA-free and recyclable too. (Plans start at $1.29+/day, PetPlate)

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meat and veggies food subscription for dogs
The Farmer's Dog

Human-grade meat and veggies that are cooked fresh for your pupper…

No kibble here. These simple recipes are prepared in USDA kitchens and then delivered within days of cooking. Nothing is frozen or stored on a shelf for months. Once you create a pet profile, you’ll get a vet-designed plan that’s customized to your dog’s needs. Psst...everything is nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs. If you’re unsure, you can literally taste the food yourself. Every recipe uses ingredients that are also safe for humans. (Plants start at $2+/day, The Farmer’s Dog)

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vet-created food subscription for dogs
Nom Nom

Hearty, high-moisture meals if your cat is super picky…

Nom Nom relies on board-certified veterinary nutritionists to create recipes that support your pet’s best health. They make every meal themselves (even for dogs too), so there are no hidden ingredients and a very high standard is upheld — no matter what. All foods come through trusted US growers and are sustainably sourced whenever possible. Plus items are cooked individually, so high temps can be avoided and nutritional value can be preserved. In the end, meals are preportioned and ready to go when they arrive. (Plans start at $2+/day, Nom Nom

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food subscription for dogs

A dog food delivery subscription that comes with a storage container and a handy scoop…

So each individual meal can be kept fresh while you store it in the fridge. When your box is delivered, you’ll get meals for two weeks, so some can be placed in the freezer. You’ll also receive custom feeding instructions based on the profile you create for your pooch. The scoop will help you perfectly portion a meal before you serve it. And some deets: Meal plans are meat-first and tailored to your dog’s activity level, weight, age, breed, and various other factors. Plus everything is made with 100% real food (i.e., veggies, fruit, and plant-based protein) and is freshly cooked. (Plans start at less than $1+/day, Ollie)

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healthy and nutritious kibble food subscription for dogs
Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango’s UnKibble recipes made from whole ingredients…

Yes, kibble does get a bad rap. Spot & Tango’s UnKibble contains no artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives, and unlike most kibble, it has no powdered "mystery meats." It’s GMO- and hormone-free, and gently dried using a unique process so nutritional integrity is upheld. There are also fresh recipes if you prefer to feed your dog small-batch food. If you go the UnKibble route, the meal plan will still be personalized to your pet and their needs. The scoop is also personalized so portioning is very easy. Oh, it’s also 40% less expensive than the typical fresh-frozen options. (Plans start at $1+/day, Spot & Tango)

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raw food dog meal subscription
We Feed Raw

Balanced raw meals for dogs sourced from USDA, human-grade meats…

There can be plenty of benefits to a raw diet, like a healthy coat, reduction in allergies, improved digestion, and increased energy. We Feed Raw advocates for raw food since traditional kibble can be cooked with high heat (which strips away nutrients) and is hard to digest. They focus on nutrient-packed foods that can be digested very easily. Meals are premixed, and include muscle meat, organ, and bone, along with vitamins and minerals. Recipes are developed by a PhD animal nutritionist, and everything goes through high-pressure processing. Aka a technique that neutralizes food-borne pathogens such as listeria, E. coli, and salmonella. (Plans start at $5+/day, We Feed Raw)

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wet and dry cat food subscription
Cat Person

A cat food delivery service that’s grain-free and low-carb…

This plan includes wet and dry recipes for cats of all ages. You can customize based on the needs of your cat and then test options via the Starter Box. You’ll be able to see what your cat responds well to. You’ll then have two weeks to make any changes before your subscription begins. The food itself contains no unnecessary fillers and is high in protein. Meals only have one to two animal proteins, so if your cat has an allergy, it’s easy to avoid certain ingredients. (Plans start at $1.45+/day, Cat Person)

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