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We're Obsessed With Everything Cozy Earth and Here's Why

cozy earth brand review
Cozy Earth
December 8, 2022

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The assignment…

To try a bunch of items from beloved brand Cozy Earth. It specializes in soft, responsibly sourced home items and apparel. Are its products really as cozy as the name and premium price suggest? Psst…for 30% off your purchase, use code SKIMM30 at checkout.

The Towels

Cozy Earth’s bath offering is split between two options: the plush ($101.25 for two) and the waffle set ($90 for two). We reviewed both.

cozy earth bath towels
Cozy Earth

Straight A’s in…

  • Softness. When it comes to this category, Cozy Earth hits the mark. The plush towel is the softest of soft, made from viscose (from bamboo) and cotton. Think of it as one of those towels you’d look forward to taking a post-shower nap in. Side note: Our testers found that the dual-sided waffle towel was almost too soft on the terry side, which is more of a personal preference — but the slightly rougher waffle-weave side felt more absorbent. 

  • Absorbency. Both sets can hold water and dry rather quickly. If you’re getting changed and placing the towel down on your bed or rug, it’s not gonna leave behind a wet mark. 

  • Durability. Once they’re ready to be cleaned, just toss them into your standard washing machine. They’re built to last and won't pill. Tons of customers stand by them, stating how well the towels hold up. PSA: For best results, wash them in warm water with similar colors and tumble dry on low, no bleach. 

Room for growth…

  • Thickness. In our humble opinion, the plush option could be a bit thicker. While the towel is undeniably soft (as mentioned above), we would love for it to be a little weightier.

 The Socks

Consider your feet warned, because you’ll never wanna slip Cozy Earth’s socks off. We’re talking about the plush lounge ($26.40 for three) and crew socks ($31.50 for three). PS: The difference is in the height.

cozy earth socks
Cozy Earth

Straight A’s in…

  • Softness. Just like the plush towels, both pairs of socks are soft, soft, soft, thanks to the combo of polyester, viscose, and elastane. Imagine tiny hugs for your feet. They’re great to pad around the house in, and work just as well when worn with boots. 

  • Warmth. We were quite impressed here. Cozy Earth socks don’t appear to be the thickest on the market, but they sure put the work in. Our testers didn’t experience frozen toes when wearing. 

  • Durability. After being washed more than a couple times — plus machine-dried and air-dried — both sets of socks have not pilled. Their longevity? Chef’s kiss. 

Room for growth…

  • Elasticity. With multiple wears, the plush did seem to lose a touch of elasticity at the mouth of the sock. They’re not wildly loose and falling down, but we wanted to note some stretching at the top. 

  • Thickness. Another minor note, but if you’re looking for a heavy-duty winter sock to trek miles in, maybe double up. While incredibly warm, you may want to opt for a sporty hiking sock if you’re battling snow.

The Loungewear

Say hello to your new favorite pants to wear while working from home, watching a movie, etc. Introducing: the Cozy Earth bamboo joggers ($116.25).

cozy earth joggers
Cozy Earth

Straight A’s in…

  • Softness. Noticing a pattern here? These are some of the softest joggers we’ve ever worn, trust us. Just like Cozy Earth’s other items, these joggers go above and beyond in the buttery-soft department. They’re made with a breathable, moisture-wicking material that’s ideal if you tend to sleep hot and wear these to bed.

  • Durability. While we’ve only tossed these in the washing machine a few times, they’ve held up perfectly and don’t seem like a material that will easily pill. Plus, they’re super-easy to spot clean.

  • Size range. Not only are the joggers available in sizes XS–XXXL, but the navy, black, and charcoal colorways also come in a tall option. 

Room for growth…

  • Price. Truly, there’s nothing we’d change about these joggers besides the fact that we wish they were a tad more affordable. (But bonus: They’re on sale right now, so act fast.)

  • Warmth. If you’re looking for ultra-warm joggers, these probably aren’t the best bet for running errands when it’s below freezing out. (You might want to check out a fleece-lined pair for that.) But they’re a solid, medium-weight choice otherwise that we’ll be wearing indoors all winter long.

More about the brand…

Plays well with…

  • Anyone who wants to upgrade their home goods. 

  • Those looking for crowd-pleasing gifts for friends and family. Seriously, who doesn’t love great hand towels ($52.50 for two)?

  • Someone who needs a brand-new loungewear set for the winter. 

Gets extra credit for…

  • Avoiding harsh dyes. Products are free from harmful chemicals.

  • Being incredibly involved in each step of the process. From sourcing materials to working with textile manufacturers to choosing product labels. 

  • Being named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

How we did our homework…

  • We had two Skimm HQ’rs try items, including both sets of towels and an array of apparel. With the towels, both paid special attention to absorbency, softness, and how the towels washed. They compared the sets to others they owned, and wanted to make sure that the texture didn’t get scratchy after time spent in a dryer. Both wore the plush lounge socks, washed them, dried them, and repeated (for weeks on end). They were worn with sneakers and winter boots. One HQ’r even took them on a cold-weather vacation to test their warmth and didn’t complain once of cold toes. PS: They tried the crew socks too, and loved them just as much. One HQ’r also wore the joggers for weeks — around the house, to walk the dog, and to sleep in — and washed and dried them several times.


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