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16 Friendsgiving Ideas That Are Fun, Festive, and Actually Doable

 11 Friendsgiving Ideas That Are Fun, Festive, and Actually Doable
Design: theSkimm | Image: Homesick, Sur la Table
November 7, 2023

This post was originally published in October 2021 and has been updated.

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Skipping Thanksgiving with the fam this year in lieu of the holiday’s (arguably) more fun counterpart? We’re here to help you make sure it goes off without a hitch. Whether you’re hosting or attending a Friendsgiving gathering, we’ve rounded up recs for what to have on hand or bring to the festivities. Like fun games for all ages and standout Friendsgiving decor you can use year after year. Let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about. 


Headbands that’ll get everyone in the spirit…

Snag one for the head chef, or stock up for the whole group. These are wrapped in fabric so you can wear them for longer, and have tiny turkey legs on springs so they can bop around while you hang around. ($8.35, Amazon)

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A cookbook with holiday friendly recipes…

Get all your Thanksgiving favorites from one book. It has recipes like classic roast turkey and sauteed brussel sprouts, plus tips for setting the table and planning your cooking schedule, and little ways to elevate the classics. Chefs kiss. ($18.16, Amazon)

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A tray big enough for all the turkey…

Or ham, or tofu — whatever you're planning as the pièce de résistance. It has a cute little message at the bottom, designed with forest-themed finds, and a gorgeously decorated rim that’ll wow from the second you set it on the table. ($98, Bloomingdales)

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drink stirrers
DelovelyDetails via Etsy

Themed stirrers to help get the party started…

These come in a pack of 20 and have four different sayings that’ll get funnier with each drink. Pro tip: use them to spear olives or cut fruit for signature cocktails. ($30, DelovelyDetails via Etsy)

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A candle with notes of all the season’s favorites…

In case you opt for store bought pies, this candle will make up for the lack of pecan and pumpkin scent in the air. Even better? It has a burn time of 60-80 hours so you can enjoy long before and after the celebrations. ($28.50, Homesick)

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Friendsgiving invitations

Classic invites that are easy to customize…

Looking to elevate that ho-hum email invite? These Friendsgiving invitations will let your pals know they’re in for a seriously fun get-together in the cutest way. They’ve got a super cute watercolor design, and come with optional orange envelopes for easy mailing. ($1.02+/per invitation, Zazzle)

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friendsgiving games

A game that’ll get you in the holiday spirit…

And mayyybe get you a little buzzed. This drinking game features 24 pumpkin-shaped cards with fun prompts on the backs of each. Friends will have to drink if they’ve brought a dish to pass, watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade, had seconds (or thirds), and more. Thirsty, anyone? ($11.99, Amazon)

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friendsgiving decor
HoskinDesign via Etsy

An easy way to transform any candy bar…

It’s not Friendsgiving without at least one “Friends” reference. Snag some crowd-favorite candy bars (hi, OG Hershey's bar with almonds) and wrap them in this customizable “Friends”-themed packaging for a fun surprise on your guests’ way in or out. And if you’re pulling things together last-minute, don’t fret: All you need to do is download the print, cut, and paste…and presto. ($19.26, HoskinDesign via Etsy)

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Friendsgiving banner
BalloonsToGoUs via Etsy

A balloon banner perfect for photo ops…

Hang this banner on any wall or ledge and you’ll have a picture-perfect background in no time. You can choose from five different colors — gold, pink, silver, blue, or rose gold — and two different phrases to complete your Friendsgiving decor. Pro tip: Add a streamer backdrop in a contrasting color for a little extra oomph. ($13+, BalloonsToGoUS via Etsy)

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Friendsgiving games

Scratch-off cards good that’ll add a lil’ excitement to the party…

Host your own giveaway with these pre-shuffled scratch-off cards. The pack comes with 25 losing cards and five winning ones, so you can have friends compete for a handful of prizes of your choosing. Winner, winner, turkey dinner. ($13.95, Amazon)

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Friendsgiving game

A Friendsgiving game that’ll bring you all closer…

You may already know and love the “We’re Not Really Strangers” game. Well, now you can gather your BFFs — and maybe some acquaintances — and play with the whole group using the friendship expansion pack. It’s got three levels of question cards that go deeper and deeper, featuring q’s like, “What’s one small detail you remember about the first time we met?” and “What do you wish you got more credit for?” It’s a great way to get to know your friends a little more this holiday season – or any time, really. ($20.49+, Amazon)

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Freindsgiving decor
Sur la Table

A turkey serving set with all the necessities…

This includes four matching dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls so you can streamline your table setting for the most important meal of the season. House the main dish on this serving platter, and when the meat’s gone, you can always use it for lighter veggie dishes or a late-night charcuterie assortment. PS: if you’re in the market for new dinnerware, take a look at this set in cream. ($67.46, Sur la Table)

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friendsgiving games
BuyPrintPlay via Etsy

A printable Friendsgiving scavenger hunt…

Get everyone in the holiday spirit with this easy Friendsgiving game. Guests can search for things around the house like candy, glasses, acorns, and more, and the person with the highest score at the end wins. It’s suitable for all ages, so we rec repurposing for your kids’ Friendsgiving party too. ($2.56, BuyPrintPlay via Etsy)

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Friendsgiving gifts
Sellingitforyou via Etsy

Friendsgiving bracelets to commemorate the day…

Maybe someone’s moving, or maybe it’s the last year you’re hosting at your place. Whatever your reason for making this occasion particularly special, these simple Friendsgiving bracelets are the perfect keepsakes. Choose from over 10 cord colors and three heart bead options. They each come on a cute card perfect for placing in gift bags or around the table as place settings. ($3.50/each, Sellingitforyou via Etsy)  

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Friendsgiving gifts
Emmascustomshirts via Etsy

Matching Friendsgiving shirts that’ll get everyone in the spirit…

Have someone waiting at the entrance with these, or give them out as party favors at the end. Just make sure you get a group photo. These shirts come in unisex sizes up to 3XL and are available in over 15 colors, so everyone can stand out. ($8.39+/per shirt, emmascustomshirts via Etsy)

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Freindsgiving decor

A compostable stemless wineglass for plastic-free fun…

These lightweight but durable wine glasses are made from corn and other plant-based materials. Each pack comes with 50 12-ounce cups — and you may want to try these compostable utensils, plates, and paper towels too. Pro tip: Subscribe to get recurring shipments every one, three, or six months and receive 10% off your order. Happy sipping. ($14.39+, Repurpose

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