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The Best Gifts for Tea Lovers Under $80

gifts for tea lovers under $100
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Public Goods, Food52
October 24, 2023

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We all have that one friend who keeps tea bags in their tote at all times. And even though coffee is constantly hyped up, we think the tea-obsessed friend deserves a little love too. That’s why we rounded up all the best, most giftable essentials for them — from a colorful tea kettle and funky glassware to delicious tea bundles and more. Tea-riffic. 

Atlas Coffee Club

A tea subscription that will make them feel well-traveled…

Book your friend a "Tea World Tour" with Atlas Coffee's tea subscription box. They'll savor two premium teas monthly, enough for over 30 cups. The tea comes with tasting notes, unique steeping recommendations, and even a postcard detailing each country's tea-growing traditions. This isn't just tea; it's basically a global adventure they can enjoy at home. ($55+, Atlas Coffee Club)

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tea accessories
LunaTeaware via Etsy

Gongfu tea ceremony accessories…

If they dabble in the art of the Chinese tea ceremony, these handmade bamboo tools are right up their alley. The set comes with a spoon, scoop, tongs, brush, needle, and instructions on how to use each piece. One delicious cup, coming right up. ($33.99, LunaTeaware via Etsy)

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A stainless steel electric tea kettle…

Tea drinkers know: there’s something about using a kettle that feels extra-special. This stylish one comes in seven colorways and has an automatic shut-off function so you don’t need to stress about burning your house down. Plus, it has an ergonomic grip handle, a water-level gauge, and a light indicator during boiling. Check it out. ($79.99+, Wayfair)

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Leaves of Leisure

An herbal tea bag bundle for all year round…

This seasonally-themed set comes with four full-sized canisters. Flavors include peppermint rosehip, tulsi cinnamon, pomegranate hibiscus, and apple rosemary. The best part? The brand is woman-owned and the packaging is so cute, you don’t even have to wrap it. ($61.20, Leaves of Leisure)

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Urban Outfitters

A coaster set to prevent any mug stains…

Keeping their surfaces protected = a necessity. These floral-shaped coasters have an aesthetically pleasing speckled print. They’re made of recycled plastic and can easily be wiped clean. Not to mention, the price for a set is almost too good to be true. ($18/4-pack, Urban Outfitters)

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A chic glass teapot for loose-leaf blends…

This one comes in two different colors — pink and clear — and has one of the most stylish silhouettes we’ve ever seen, courtesy of its Italian architect designer. It’s made from borosilicate glass so it’ll withstand extreme heat, and has a built-in strainer for loose-leaf tea. ($60+, Food52)

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A chunky ceramic mug with a matching saucer…

It’s handmade, painted with pretty clouds, and will be sure to add a whimsical touch to their space. Their go-to mug deserves an upgrade…and you’ll be buying one for yourself, too. ($17.99, Amazon)

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A tea set for one…

Covered in hand-painted florals, this duo includes a teapot that nestles on top of a matching cup. It’s ideal for small spaces, plus it’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe. It’ll elevate their tea time by making their daily cup feel even fancier. ($70, Lenox)

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Uncommon Goods

A honey sampler to sweeten up their cup…

This “book” of honey comes with six gourmet flavors. They’ll get lavender, orange blossom, wildflower, black sage, tupelo, and sourwood. They’re all locally sourced and pesticide-free. Add a honey pot for the ultimate gift. So sweet. ($49, Uncommon Goods)

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Pure matcha and a latte blend…

At-home matcha perfection, coming right up. Whether it’s for their morning ritual or their afternoon pick-me-up, this kit from Golde has them covered. It comes with two kinds of matcha, so all they’ll have to do is add their milk of choice for an at-home latte. Even if they don’t have barista-level talent, they’ll still be able to whip up the perfect drink easily. ($52, Golde)

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A milk frother wand to give them a café feel in their own kitchen…

Now they can make delicious foamy drinks while at home. It’s super simple to use — just click the on/off button to start whisking. Buy it for the coffee drinkers in your life too. ($9.99+, Amazon)

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The Container Store

A box that’ll organize all their favorite tea bags…

A messy drawer or a plastic bag is not an ideal way to store tea. This wooden tea organizer has eight compartments so that they can stash their bags on their countertop. They can show off their selection thanks to the clear top, and refilling will be ultra-satisfying. ($32.99, The Container Store)

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A collapsible silicone travel cup…

They can keep this and a couple tea bags on hand so they’ll always have a caffeine boost when they need one. The cup folds down to fit into any bag, is made of heat-resistant, food-grade silicone, and even comes with a straw. Plus, it’s a solid sustainable swap so they can avoid buying single-use plastics. Sip, sip hooray. ($14.95+, Amazon)

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Chai concentrate for quick and easy lattes…

This delicious blend from Dona is sweet, spicy, and sustainably sourced. All they have to do is add milk. They can drink it hot or iced, and it’s even great for cooking and baking. One editor’s local bagel spot uses this concentrate and they get a flavorful latte every time. ($23.75/2-pack, Amazon)

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David's Tea

A loose-leaf tea gift set…

If they’re new to loose-leaf tea, this set from David’s Tea is the right place to start. It comes with three cozy flavors, like earl gray and dragon jasmine, plus a steeper, a teaspoon, and filters so they can learn the brewing process. ($49, David’s Tea)

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And a tea infuser to go with it…

This adorable tea infuser has arms that’ll cling to their mug as their tea steeps. It’s made of extra-fine stainless steel mesh to ensure the leaves will stay in place. It’s a sustainable option that makes using loose leaves a lot less intimidating. ($8.99+, Amazon)

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Sips by.

A tea gift box that’ll give them a few cups…

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift or someone in your life deserves a treat. This mini box from Sips by comes with one tea bag kit, loose-leaf tea for up to four cups, and a gift note all wrapped in a velvet bow. Just pick either a caffeinated or decaffeinated option and add their gift note. PS: If you’re looking for a larger gift, we recommend their three-month tea subscription. ($7, Sips by)

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Public Goods

A glass infuser pitcher for large gatherings (or the very thirsty)...

If they like flexing their tea-hosting muscle, this pitcher might become their new best friend. It’s made from heavy-duty glass that can withstand both hot and cold temps, and has a long infusion chamber that can hold loose tea leaves, pieces of fruit, and even coffee grounds. For lemon-infused iced tea on a hot day, or spiced chai during the holidays — this is the one. ($31.95, Public Goods)

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