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12 Gifts for Anyone Who Is Grieving a Loss

gifts for those who are grieving
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Etsy
May 12, 2022

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Grief can take many forms, doesn’t have a time limit, and can be both a private and public thing. If someone you know and love is grieving the loss of a friend, partner, parent, pet — really anyone in their life who they hold dear — being there for them is an invaluable thing. To help you demonstrate your support, we rounded up gifts for those who are grieving. And never forget, just your physical presence can often be enough.

tea care package
TheRedDates via Etsy

A tea care package for a grieving friend who needs alone time…

A cup of tea can provide comfort and warmth, and if they’re in a headspace where they just need some silence, sitting with a soothing mug of chai or Earl Grey may be just the answer. The box includes three tea options, a tea infuser, honey and a honey dipper, and the option to add either a biscotti or a candle. You can complete the package with a personalized card. PS: There are lots of flavors to choose from, including three biscotti options. ($37.40+, TheRedDates via Etsy)

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joan didion magical thinking

And a must-read by author Joan Didion…

This book is what happens when grief meets one of America’s best modern writers. It’s based on one of the most relatable topics in the world yet is written in a way that feels uniquely personal. It specifically charts Didion’s mourning after the death of her husband. In this one, you’ll marvel at Didion’s sentences — each word feels like it matters in a way few other writers are capable of. ($11.71+, Amazon)

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And for more essential reads, check out our roundup here.

self-care master plan journal

A self-care master plan that’ll help them take care of themselves…

Whether it’s spending time with the people who matter most or pursuing their favorite hobbies, this book will help them plan out things that provide them with happiness. It’s especially helpful when things feel like they’re spinning out of control and they need a bit of help refocusing their mind. There are lots of self-reflection prompts, so they can track how they’re feeling and when. ($12, Amazon)

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grief card
Yellow Owl Workshop

A simple card that’s beautifully illustrated…

Small gestures can speak volumes when someone is grieving, which is why a card is sometimes all you need. This one has a sweet message on the front, with a blank inside waiting for your words of kindness. ($5.75, Yellow Owl Workshop)

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grief card
BoredInc via Etsy

Or a card with a very powerful message…

If someone important to you immediately pops into your head after reading this card — there is no question — you just gotta add it to cart. Don’t waste a second when a loved one needs to hear something like this. ($4, BoredInc via Etsy)

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grief affirmation cards
twelvehawk via Etsy

Grief affirmation cards for daily support…

With 20 cards total, this pack is ideal for anyone who wants a daily or weekly mantra to repeat in their head. There is no time limit on grief, so as they move through the process, having a supportive reminder can be quite comforting. ($18+, twelvehawk via Etsy)

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clay memorial casting heart
Uncommon Goods

A tiny clay memorial heart to cast into the water…

Be with them while they write the one they lost a note. Have them tuck the note into the heart and then let it go into a body of water — whether it be their favorite beach or a lake they’d always vacation at. The smaller heart is meant to be a keepsake, so as they release one into the world, one stays with them. ($35, Uncommon Goods)

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guided grief journal
Uncommon Goods

A guided grief journal to help them release and process…

Sometimes a blank page can be intimidating, especially if they’re having trouble making sense of things. This guided journal has prompts to help them express their anger, sadness, and every emotion in between. If they’re someone who values privacy, the journal will be all their own, but if they’re looking for a way to share thoughts, they can use the journal as a conversation starter. ($25, Uncommon Goods)

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grief memory jar

A memory jar that everyone can participate in…

Because grief doesn’t have to be a solo experience. Help them fill this jar with memories of the departed, from photos to handwritten notes to travel keepsakes. It’ll act as a little time capsule that can be enjoyed over and over again. Keeping the spirit of their loved one alive is a wonderful thing. ($23.64, Amazon)

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children's books that help explain loss, sadness, and other feelings

A children's book to help teach young ones about loss, sadness, and grief…

Explaining the concept of death (and associated emotions) to kids is tough enough already. So if they’re looking for a way to explain the weight of such a thing, we recommend “The Invisible String” and “The Rabbit Listened.” The former explores the idea of separation and loneliness, while the latter demonstrates the lesson of how to comfort, listen, and heal. ($7.99+, Amazon)

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harry & david baked goods tray
Harry & David

A baked goods tray for the immediate days following a loss…

After losing someone, the last thing anyone thinks of is food and where it’s gonna come from. Help them always have a bite to eat with lots of baked goods that’ll be easy for them to grab and munch on. It’s packed with coffee cake, baklava, cookies, and more. ($104.99, Harry & David)

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