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Products to Help If You’re Going Through Menopause

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May 17, 2023

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You’re saying goodbye to periods (and all their not-so-fun symptoms) for good — and you might feel ready for that part. But for most, menopause comes with its own set of frustrating side effects, like hot flashes, dry skin, and sore breasts. To help you get through it, we’ve found products — like menopause supplements and cooling clothes — you can lean on for comfort and relief. Of course, menopause is different for everyone, and what works for one person might not work for another…but we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for somewhere on this list.


A serum that’ll smooth and firm your neck skin…

Even if you’re applying your skincare and sunscreen all the way down your neck and chest (hint, hint), it’s natural for that skin to thin and lose its tightness over time. This cooling roller works to sculpt your neck while distributing serum that hydrates, tightens, and brightens. Don’t be surprised when using this becomes your favorite part of the day. Psst…use code SKIMM20 for 20% off sitewide until June 30. ($28.99, Womaness)

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A water-based lubricant if you’re getting a little dry down there…

Menopause can often cause vaginal dryness, so grab this natural, organic lubricant for when you need it. It’s free of glycerin, parabens, and sugar, so it won’t feel sticky, but it’s still super moisturizing. Plus, it’s pH-balanced, so you won’t have to worry about the risk of infections. Bonus: The bottle looks cute on your nightstand. ($19, Nixit)

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Radical Skincare

An antioxidant serum that heals and protects your skin barrier…

As you hit menopause, it’s likely that your skin will thin and produce less collagen (which is what keeps it bouncy and firm). This powerhouse serum is formulated with 12 anti-aging ingredients that boost your skin’s ability to repair past damage and protect against future damage. It also hydrates with hyaluronic acid, squalane, and jojoba oil. We know it’s pricey, so use code SKIMM20 for 20% off. ($190, Radical Skincare)

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A bralette that’s soft and breathable…

Many experience tender breasts during menopause, and if you’re one of them, this wire-free mesh option is great for everyday wear. It’ll keep everything in place and give you a little lift while still being incredibly comfortable and cool. We love the pretty mint color, but it also comes in several neutrals. Psst…until May 31, use code EBY-SKIMM-20 for 20% off when you spend $125. ($50, EBY)

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The Good Patch

A patch to help prevent or ease hot flashes…

For those who experience sudden overheating or night sweats, these can be helpful in reducing symptoms. They’re made with premium hemp to soothe and calm your system, and each patch provides a steady release of ingredients. (Psst… we’ve tried and loved other patches by this brand.) ($3+, The Good Patch)

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A menopause supplement with probiotics…

With the caveat that probiotics are unregulated and not proven to work, these may give you a hand with hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and more. They’re made with Siberian rhubarb extract, which is intended to help decrease the severity of hot flashes and boost your mood. Psst...through February, use code SKIMM20 to get a special discount. ($40, HUM)

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A portable fan to keep you cool on-the-go…

When a hot flash hits, you’ll be glad you threw this in your bag before leaving the house. This handheld fan has six speeds, an adjustable head, and even a battery that can charge your phone. Say no more. ($23.99+, Amazon)

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Pause Well-Aging

A cooling mist you can take everywhere…

Who doesn’t love a good mist? Spray this one on your wrists, the back of your neck, or your chest for an instant cooling sensation, thanks in part to menthol. It’s also great to spritz on after an intense workout. ($39, Pause Well-Aging)

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A wipe that’ll keep things fresh…

These soft, fragrance-free wipes are there for you if menopause is making you sweat far more than you’re used to. Swipe under your arms and even the external vaginal area (though we would patch test to make sure irritation doesn’t occur) for a quick refresh during the day. Rosewater soothes and aloe moisturizes. Plus, we love that these wipes are biodegradable. ($9.99, Womaness)

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A red light face mask we swear by…

If menopause has your skin looking dry and dull, there’s never been a better time to try red light therapy. We’ve tested this mask and love how smooth, radiant, and hydrated it made our skin in just a few weeks. We also love using it for a 10-minute meditation before bed. ($349, HigherDose)

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Cozy Earth

A pajama set made of cooling bamboo…

With night sweats, you may no longer be able to sleep in your long-sleeve PJs. This shorts set is a more comfortable option — its bamboo fabric naturally stays cool, is soft to the touch, and won’t bunch while you sleep. Plus, these look chic and come in 10 colors. Psst…grab a pair of our favorite lounge socks, too, while you’re at it. ($131.25, Cozy Earth)

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A thermal spring water face mist to refresh your skin…

If you’re like us, you’re serious about your face mists. This one — made with thermal spring water from France — feels like a tall glass of water delivered straight to your skin. Keep the travel size in your bag and pull it out when your skin is feeling hot, dry, or irritated. ($9.50+, Amazon)

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A daily supplement to boost your collagen levels…

Just mix two scoops of this powder into your coffee, tea, or smoothie for 20 grams of collagen peptides and 18 grams of protein. It supports your skin, hair, and nails, and may even alleviate joint pain associated with menopause. Plus, it’s unflavored and undetectable in your favorite beverages. Win-win. ($15+, Amazon)

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