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TikTok’s Viral Multidimensional Anger Test, Explained

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April 21, 2022

From the Erotic Blueprint to the Diffiicult Person Test and more, TikTok is no stranger to viral personality quizzes. The latest one to pop up on FYPs? The Multidimensional Anger Test.

Trending under #angertest, these vids have over 20 million views. Users are weighing in by taking the test and sharing their results — the good, the bad, and the angry.

What Is The Multidimensional Anger Test?

It’s a questionnaire designed to test your susceptibility to anger. And it’s a lot less mystic than it sounds. As in: it’s actually backed by science. It was created by Individual Differences Research Labs (IDRlabs for short), the same group that brought TikTok the Difficult Person Test. Their personality tests are based on peer-reviewed scientific research. Sounds a bit more legit than a hashtag to us.

The scientific research at play here came from the work of Dr. Judith M. Siegel.Dr. Siegel created the Multidimensional Anger Inventory (MAI) back in 1986 to determine if there might be a connection between cardiovascular health and anger issues. Meaning that Dr. Siegel’s original test was actually created for researchers to use… but it’s safe to say that researchers haven’t been involved with this IDRlabs test trending on TikTok. And though Dr. Siegel may not have personally created this 38-question quiz, her work is its main influence. 

How Does the Multidimensional Anger Test Work? 

To take the test, you’ll read through 38 statements and rank how closely each one applies to you on a sliding scale from Disagree to Agree. Some examples include “I am surprised at how often I feel angry” and “When I am angry with someone, I take it out on whoever is around.” 

Once you’ve completed the test, your results will be based on five dimensions (i.e the “dimension” part of “multidimensional anger test”) evaluating the following criteria:

  • Anger Arousal - The frequency, magnitude and duration of your anger

  • Anger Spectrum - The type of situation that’s likely to make you angry

  • Hostile Outlook - How cynical you are and how likely you are to blame and mistrust others

  • External Anger - How likely are you to take your anger out on your surroundings. People who score higher on this are supposedly known for having a bad temper 

  • Internal Anger - How likely are you to bottle your anger up 

Your results are then tallied into a total score and ranked against the general population. The higher your score, the angrier the tester is said to be.

Should I Take The Multidimensional Anger Test? 

Maybe. But understand that these results should be taken lightly. Personality tests offer a glimpse into yourself and are a great way to spend some downtime. They’re not full representations of your personality. 

But, according to Allison Kent, a licensed social worker who talked to 'Verywell Mind,' this test can be a great way to validate and connect with your feelings. The problem: this is a self-reported test. So Kent points out that if you’re in denial or can’t reflect on your own behavior, the results may be skewed.

And if you’re concerned about your results, Kent says it’s smart to discuss them with a mental health professional. IDRlabs probably says it best: This test “should not be construed as providing professional or certified advice of any kind.”


Personality tests can be entertaining and validating. But take them with a grain of salt. If you feel like your anger is starting to become a bigger thing, we recommend talking to a mental health professional to learn more about what's causing it and get tips for how to diffuse it.

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