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Everything You Need for the Best Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene products
Design: theSkimm | Image: Bite, Boka
September 19, 2023

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Raise your hand if you’d rather do literally anything other than go to the dentist. Same here. That’s why we’ve invested in a ton of products to keep each visit as few and far between as possible — like a dentist-inspired toothbrush, travel-friendly toothpaste tablets, and a tongue scraper for handling bad breath. Pearly whites, here we come.  

teeth floss

Coconut oil-infused floss you’ll be excited to use each night…

This brand is known for its flexible, soft-textured weave that makes it easy to scrub away plaque and get into those tight spaces between your teeth. Think of the material like an exfoliating loofah, but for your teeth and gums. This eco-friendly, cruelty-free, toxin-free floss has aromatic fruit oils and a light coating of vegan wax that smells amazing. And with this pack, you’ll get 32 yards of floss — that’s about six months’ worth in recyclable packaging — so you’ll be set for quite a while. It’s also a perfect option for kids thanks to its cute packaging that’ll help encourage them to get flossing each night. ($32.40+/4-pack, Cocofloss)

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Handy mints you can keep in your pocket…

Never be caught without minty fresh breath again. These come in a fun dispenser that might remind you of your favorite childhood candy and taste great too. They’re packed with vitamin D to promote strong teeth and zinc to fight off odor. Choose your custom color carrying case and subscribe to the refill plan for new mints every three months. ($10+, Quip)

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Teeth whitening

A personalized teeth-whitening kit so you can stop buying pricey strips…

Start out by taking a quiz about your teeth’s sensitivity, your brushing habits, and diet. Based on your answers, you’ll get a custom formula that’s fast-acting, effective, and won’t cause sensitivity. The kit will come with your gel formula and a mouthpiece. Follow the steps and watch your teeth brighten in as little as six days. Psst…for more deets on why we’re obsessed with this kit, check out our full review. ($19+, Laughland)

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A pack of three tubes of toothpaste for sensitive teeth…

In lieu of fluoride, this toothpaste from Boka uses nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha) — a naturally occurring form of calcium that helps to remineralize, strengthen, and even rebuild enamel on sensitive teeth. Choose from four different flavors, and opt into recurring deliveries for 20% off your order. ($26.40+, Boka)

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A Waterpik if you have trouble with traditional floss…

This one is reportedly up to 50% more effective than traditional floss and can remove up to 99.9% of plaque from your teeth and gums. It’s a solid option for people with crowns, implants, braces, or other dental work that makes it hard to use string floss each night. The main reasons people love it? It has 10 pressure ranges, a massage mode that’ll stimulate your gums and help with circulation, and a timer that’ll help keep you on track. PS: The reservoir is also top-rack dishwasher-safe, so it makes for easy cleanup. ($70.48+, Amazon)

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A sleek battery-powered toothbrush that dentists love…

This one’s a winner. The round brush head wraps around each tooth to remove plaque buildup from hard-to-reach places. We love the pressure sensor that alerts you when you’re brushing too hard, and the in-handle timer that helps you stay on track for the recommended two minutes. ($149.99, Oral-B)

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Tongue scrapers

A set of two tongue scrapers to beat bad breath…

One for you, one for someone else who needs it. Made from rust-free, smooth stainless steel, they’re pain-free and come with a lifetime replacement warranty. Plus, you’ll get two travel packs so you can have fresh breath no matter where you are. Fresher breath and less buildup? Sign us up. ($8.97, Amazon)

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Toothpaste tablets

Travel-friendly toothpaste tablets…

Using a toothpaste tablet is easy. Promise. Just pop one in, give it a chew until it’s soft and smooth, then use a soft-bristled brush for the best results. The fluoride in them will strengthen enamel and prevent cavities while tackling plaque and tartar like a champ. With enough tabs to last you two months, compostable packaging, and a vegan and sugar-free formula, there’s nothing not to smile about here. ($9.29, Hive)

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Mouthwash tablets

Mouthwash tablets for when you need to freshen up…

That’s right, mouthwash tablets. All you have to do is bite down, sip, and swish. These are paraben-free, and come with 124 tablets and a portable glass container. While you're at it, try out the brand's toothpaste tabs that come in four flavors. ($20, Bite)

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A portable electronic toothbrush for minty-fresh breath…

This battery-operated toothbrush uses micro-vibrations and includes a two-minute timer feature for an efficient clean. The brush is housed in a sleek, convenient travel case that’s easy to pop in a small bag, and it comes in a bunch of fun colors. Pro tip: Dentists recommend replacing your brush head every three months. ($24.96, Philips)

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