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Our Favorite Deals from Amazon Prime Day

amazon prime day deals
Design: Lindsay Lange, Credit: Amazon
June 22, 2021

Sound the alarm; Amazon Prime Day is here. The event is still live today (big round of applause). So plug in your laptop and get your wallet ready — lots of these sales can go quickly (especially those infamous Lightning Deals). 

To help you spend smarter, we rounded up some must-shop deals. Check ‘em out, add ‘em to cart, and maybe make some extra space in the garage for deliveries. It’s go-time.

Heads up: Prime Day deals go fast, so catch 'em while they're hot. We'll try to keep this post as accurate as possible, but some sales move very quickly. Check back throughout the day to see our latest updates. Happy shopping (and saving).

crest white strips

44% off Crest 3D Whitestrips now that a mask isn't covering half your face all the time...

A smile that’s actually visible in public? Yep, that’s a thing again. To make sure your teeth are pearly white, grab some Whitestrips while they’re hot. Your social schedule is filling up, which means lots of talking. Get to it. (Originally $49.99, Now $27.96)

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waterpik water flosser

43% off Waterpik's water flosser to keep your teeth clean...

It's time to floss. This machine can remove up to 99.9% of plaque and is very effective for those with braces. It's got 10 pressure settings and is a surefire way to improve gum health. That piece of food that's been stuck in between your teeth for hours? Say goodbye. (Originally $69.99, Now $39.93)

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instant pot

54% off the Instant Pot nine-in-one pressure cooker...

This six-quart cooker can do it all. And your kitchen definitely needs it. It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté pan, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, food warmer, sous vide, and sterilizer. The digital display is easy to read and the lid features a steam release. Time to grab it now. (Originally $119.99, Now $54.95)

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air purifier

46% of an air purifier (which your home definitely needs)...

Rid the air of dust, pollen, pet hair, and more. So you can breathe clean air and ease your allergies. It can clean spaces up to 1,600 square feet within an hour. It also has three fan speeds and is very quiet, so it won't disturb you while you snooze. (Originally $349, Now $189)

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automatic egg cooker

33% off the Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker…

One nutritious breakfast with minimal effort, coming right up. This handy device does the hard work for you. It’ll serve up your eggs in whatever form you like them (scrambled, hard-boiled, poached, and more). The timer will alert you when your food is ready. Easy peasy. (Originally $29.99, Now $19.99)

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water filtration straw

50% off the LifeStraw personal water filter...

Listen up. This tool is a must-have for hiking and camping trips. It works to filter out 99.99% of bacteria in water so if you're in an emergency, you can stay hydrated. Yes, really. So you can drink from streams and rivers without having to worry about intaking harmful bacteria. (Originally $39.95/2 pack, Now $19.98)

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amazon alexa echo dot

50% off the Echo Dot (and more deals on Alexa devices)...

Lots to shop here. We’re talking tons of Alexa devices, up to 50% off Fire Tablets, deals on Kindles, and more. The Echo Dot is a great addition to your home because of its versatility. It can act as a personal assistant, keeping track of your appointments, grocery list, and more. Use it as your morning alarm, for the news, and to play your favorite music. (Originally $49.99, Now $24.99)

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winter puffer jacket with hood

49% off the famous “Amazon jacket” everyone wears come wintertime…

We know the weather is far from chilly right now. Come winter, though, we’re 100% sure that you’ll want to be snuggled up in the jacket that took Amazon by storm. Promise. (Originally $199.99, Now $102.39)

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tension and stress relief natural supplements

25% off all natural remedies from Hilma…

Hello, sweet relief. We especially love Hilma’s tension and stress formula, but also recommend their solution for upset stomachs and their indoor and outdoor sinus support. Everything is backed by science, doctor-formulated, and thoroughly tested. You’ll be able to add these supplements, crafted from herbs and minerals, to your routine seamlessly. (Originally $16.99, Now $12.74)

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television series box sets

Up to 69% off box TV sets so you can binge your fave show...

We're talking "Breaking Bad," "Friends," "The Office," and "Parks and Recreation." Add them to your collection now so you can start watching asap. (Shop all deals here)

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bose headphones

43% off Bose noise-cancelling headphones...

Get ready for crisp, clear sound. These wireless headphones are a must-have while commuting, working out, or working from home. Whenever you need to block out noise and really focus, slip these on and play your favorite tunes. (Originally $399, Now $229)

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kitchen aid tools

Up to 44% off KitchenAid tools...

Let's upgrade your kitchen utensils and gadgets. We're eyeing the pizza cutter, because everyone needs one in their home. While you're at it, check out KitchenAid's baking pans and cutting boards. There's so much you can shop to stock up on. (Originally $11.99, Now $6.99)

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glass food storage containers

21% off glass meal-prep containers...

If you need a bit a motivation in the kitchen to cook weekly, turn to these. They're the perfect set to own while you're meal prepping. The lids snap into place with a silicone seal, and the containers can go into the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. In total you get 10, so you'll be able to store all types of leftovers once you're done cooking. Chef's kiss. (Originally $37.99, Now $30.01)

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ankle socks

Up to 30% off Amazon Essentials fashion…

Like socks, tanks, and more. You’re heading into sweaty season (hi, summer) and you should be fully prepared. What better time to restock your sock drawer? These are cushioned, no-show socks, with a reinforced heel and toe. Add to cart. (Originally $17.90/6 pack, Now $12.50)

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soda stream machine

47% off a SodaStream bundle so you can make fizzy water at home…

You’ll get the Fizzi sparkling water maker, a 60-liter CO2 cylinder, and a 1-liter, BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle. No more buying plastic bottles at the grocery store. Now you can have it on demand, right in your own kitchen. (Originally $89.99, Now $47.49)

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black biker shorts

33% off high-waist biker shorts...

You've been seeing them all over Instagram and now is your chance to own a pair. These even have side pockets. Grab 'em while you can. (Originally $20.99, Now $13.99)

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air fryer

30% off an air fryer that you’ve been wanting to add to your kitchen…

This one has 13 cooking functions to help you feed yourself and the entire family. It’s got 11 built-in, one-touch presets for steak, fish, French fries, vegetables, and more. It’ll help you meal prep like a pro. (Originally $119.99, Now $83.99)

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milk frother

29% off a milk frother...

Your morning coffee just got a huge upgrade. Now you can make delicious foamy creamer for your latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and more. It features a stainless steel whisk and simple on/off button. It's so easy to use, you'll wonder why you didn't buy it sooner. (Originally $11.99, Now $8.53)

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roomba wifi-controlled vacuum

33% off the iRobot Roomba that'll clean for you...

All you've gotta do is set a schedule for it to clean and presto — it'll get the job done. It connects to your phone via a downloadable app, so you'll be able to fully control it with your cell. The sensors help the Roomba navigate around in and out of rooms (and around furniture). It'll pick up dust and debris on hardwood floors, tile, and carpets. (Originally $299.99, Now $199.99)

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black one-piece bathing suit

35% off a ruffle one-piece bathing suit that's perfect for summer...

It's got a cute lace-up closure in the back and a deep V in the front. It's a cute beach staple that'll provide coverage as you splash in the water. Shades on. (Originally $28.99, Now $18.89)

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reusable food storage silicone bags

30% off reusable silicone food-storage bags from Stasher...

Use 'em for dry food, snacks, sandwiches, and more. You can even use 'em for makeup items and random things like cotton balls. Once dirty, they can be put directly into the dishwasher. And the best part? You won't have to rely on single-use plastic bags. The less waste, the better. (Originally $54.99/4 pack, Now $38.49)

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oral-b electric toothbrush

50% off an Oral-B electric toothbrush...

Get ready for sparkling teeth. This toothbrush uses artificial intelligence to expertly learn your brushing behaviors. It'll provide the right amount of pressure in the right areas to free plaque and give you the perfect clean. One single charge can last up to two weeks. And it has six different modes, including one for sensitive teeth. Get brushing. (Originally $199.99, Now $99.99)

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amazon fire tv stick

43% off the Amazon Fire TV Stick...

If you sometimes struggle with what to watch on television...get the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It grants you access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes. You can download apps like Netflix and Hulu, sign into your accounts, and start watching directly on your TV. You'll also be able to stream music via Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and more. Wanna watch something live? No problem. You'll get access to news and sports via subscriptions to SLING TV, YouTube TV, and others. (Originally $39.99, Now $22.99)

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23 and me dna kit

50% off the 23andMe Health and Ancestry Kit...

It's time to become a bit more familiar with your genes. With this 23andMe kit, you'll be able to find out your chances of developing certain health conditions. You can find out what genes you've inherited, what your DNA says about you, and how those genes may affect your day-to-day lifestyle. You'll also find out more information about your ancestry, with the chance to discover more about your family tree. (Originally $199, Now $99)

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greenworks leaf blower

Up to 65% off Greenworks lawn-care tools...

Shop 'em all here. We're eyeing the cordless leaf blower. Because our yards can never be tidy enough. And who doesn't love a fulfilling day of lawn work? We gotta is a great workout. This leaf blower features an extension tube that helps increase reach and blower efficiency. It also can deliver speeds up to 150 mph. (Originally $129, Now $90.30)

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ring alarm home security system

40% off the Ring Alarm five-piece kit...

If you're looking to up the security status of your home, look no further. This Ring Alarm kit has it all: a base station, a keypad, a contact sensor, a motion detector, and a range extender. So you and your home will be covered 24/7. Once set up, you'll receive mobile notifications if the system is triggered and motion is detected. (Originally $199.99, Now $119.99)

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vitamix blender

49% off a Vitamix professional-grade blender...

Time for smoothies. With stainless-steel blades, this blender can cut through the toughest of foods. You can fully control speed, and with such a large container, you'll be able to blend large batches of ingredients. The machine is so powerful, if you keep ingredients inside the Vitamix for about six minutes, you'll be able to heat up food too. (Originally $549.99, Now $278.99)

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