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OXO Makes Meal Prep and Kitchen Cleanup Easy — Here's Our Review

OXO kitchen and home products
Design: theSkimm | Photos: OXO
February 8, 2023

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Welcome to Skimm Tested, where we put products to the test and then give 'em a report card. (Check out all of our tried-and-tested faves here.)

The assignment

To test some of OXO’s bestselling kitchen and home items — to see if they actually make everyday tasks and chores easier.

Good Grips One-Stop Chop Manual Food Processor ($36.95)

oxo food processor

Straight A’s in…

  • Ease of use. It’s a great starter option because you can chop, mince, or purée with a simple twist of the handle. It has three sharp, stainless steel blades that can cut through fruits, veggies, nuts, and more. Plus, it’s an easy way to avoid manual knife work.

  • Stability. There’s a giant suction lever on the bottom of the device that keeps it in place as you process. When you’re ready to use, just place the processor on your countertop and tighten the bottom lever.

  • Cleanup. It’s entirely dishwasher safe. Plus, it’s small enough to fit on the top rack without taking up too much space.

Room for growth...

  • Handle effectiveness. To chop, just turn the handle, which then spins the blades. While it gets the job done, it can make your hand feel a little cramped especially when it comes to dishes with more ingredients.

  • Size. At 6-inches by about 7.5-inches, it’s small. It can hold up to four cups, but it isn’t ideal if you’re looking to cook for a large group.

Good Grips GreenSaver Produce Keeper ($20.99)

Straight A’s in…

  • Keeping food fresh. This keeps fruit and veggies fresh and crunchy — in the case of our tester, for over a week. You place your fruits and veggies into the colander basket (don’t wash them before) and pop it in the fridge. There’s a carbon filter on the lid that’ll trap and absorb the gas that usually causes spoilage. PS: It comes with a guide on how to appropriately store different produce.

  • Size variety. It comes in small options for herbs and large containers that’ll fit big heads of leafy greens and other produce that take up a lot of space.

  • Cleanup. You can hand-wash it, or put it on the top shelf of your dishwasher. Just make sure to remove the carbon filter before.

Room for growth…

  • Filter replacement. The produce saver comes with a carbon filter, which you have to replace every 90 days. You can get a pack of four for around $11.

Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer ($11.95)

oxo avocado slicing tool

Straight A’s in…

  • Versatility. You can pit, cut, and slice your avocado, so it’ll be toast-ready in seconds.

  • Safety. You don’t have to worry about slicing injuries with this tool. It removes pits with ease and while the plastic edge isn’t too sharp, it’s strong enough to cut through a ripe avocado.

Room for growth…

  • Precision. While the rounded edge definitely creates slices quickly, they aren’t as precise as they would be if you cut an avocado with a knife. If you’re planning to mash it up, it’s no biggie though — it still scoops it all out quickly and easily.

Good Grips Soap-Dispensing Sponge Holder ($21.95)

Straight A’s in…

  • Ease of use. All you have to do is add your dish soap of choice and press. It comes apart for refills and cleaning easily.

  • Draining system. The sponge sits on an elevated ventilated tray to ensure it stays clean. Below that, there’s a collection area for leftover water, which you can remove in order to pour the excess water into the sink.

  • Space-saving functionality. This stainless steel tool holds your soap and sponge in one place — which means clearer counters.

Room for growth…

  • Dispenser system. Our editor wished there was more soap deposited onto the sponge with every pump.

  • Excess water and debris buildup. It’s an extra step, but you have to remember to clean the collection reservoir or it gets a little gross. To combat this, we recommend ringing out your sponge a couple times before placing it on the holder.

Good Grips Dish Squeegee ($7.95)

oxo dish squeegee

Straight A’s in…

  • Utility. This handheld tool allows you to quickly remove leftovers from plates, collect crumbs off countertops, push food into garbage disposals, and even clear excess water in your kitchen or bathroom — instead of having to use your bare hands. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

  • Shape and size. At about 3-inches by 4-inches, this ultra-compact tool has a sturdy grip and a slightly flexible edge to really get into dish crevices. Plus, the curved edge makes it easy to clean pots and pans. There’s even a hole so you can hang it under your sink.

  • Sustainability. With this, you can get a lot of food off your plates with less water. Not to mention, you won’t need paper towels to scrape off any extra debris in your pre-wash step.

Room for growth…

  • Honestly…there’s nothing prominent that comes to mind. It’s an affordable tool that makes hand-washing dishes easier.

And now, more about the brand…

Plays well with…

  • Home cooks who want to make things easier for themselves in the kitchen.

  • Anyone who’s looking to stay organized and tidy in a pinch. If you love cutting down on steps in your daily cooking or cleaning routines, these products are for you.

Gets extra credit for…

  • Being easy to clean. Most items handwash with ease and/or are dishwasher safe.

How we did our homework…

  • We had two Skimm HQ’rs use the OXO products over the course of three weeks. They cleaned countless dishes, prepped lots of veggies, and puréed to their heart’s content. They took notes on each product, paying particular attention to how efficiently each worked, what the cleanup process was like, how much space they took on countertops, and if they were something they'd consistently reach for in their daily at-home routines.


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