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10 Products Any Sleep-Deprived Parent Needs ASAP

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May 10, 2023

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You obsess(ed) over your baby’s sleep environment, checking the monitor every few seconds and buying sound machines, blackout shades, Instagram sleep courses, and seven different brands of sleepsacks. Now it’s time to do the same thing for yourself…minus the sleepsacks. (Unless that’s your thing, of course.) Here are a few products that will help make (your) bedtime a dream.


A humidifier you can take anywhere…

If, like us, you notice this Hey Dewy humidifier helps with congestion and dry skin, it’ll be easy to make it part of your sleep routine wherever you go — because it’s highly portable (even working wirelessly for a few hours once it’s charged up). Check out our full review of it here. ($59.95, Amazon)

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Alarm clock

An alarm clock you won’t want to slam into the wall…

If you’ve graduated to the point in parenthood where you actually need an alarm clock again — or you just need to get up before your kids to work out or commute — this is the one for you. It’s an old-school alarm clock in that it’s not a phone, but it’s also way more advanced than whatever you used 20 years ago (it’s a sound machine, speaker, meditation aid, and more). We’ve used it ourselves and can’t recommend it enough. Psst...use code SKIMM20 for 20% off. ($119.20, Loftie)

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Amazon sheets

Affordable sheets that feel expensive…

Refreshing your linen closet doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. These 100% cotton sheets come in 37 different colors and designs, so they’ll work for just about any room — and more importantly, they’re super soft and don’t need any special washing routine to stay that way. ($37.99+, Amazon)

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PJs you’ll want to buy in bulk…

And you can, since they’re under $25 per pair, even though they look just like much more expensive brands. These are available in sizes XS–4X and in eight colors and patterns. Of course, if you’d rather treat yourself to the luxury version, we’d support that too. (PS: They’re also perfect for nursing.) ($17.59, Target)

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Mattress topper

A hypoallergenic mattress topper you’ll wish you bought years ago…

It’s like buying a whole new mattress, without the “buying a whole new mattress” part.  You’ll look forward to snuggling into this soft top layer every night…and it’ll be that much harder to get back up when your 4-year-old needs a midnight glass of water. ($199+, Parachute)

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Pregnancy pillow

A pregnancy pillow that takes up the whole bed (in a good way)...

We’ve all heard the jokes about partners wanting to get rid of these things. But if they had their own, they’d love them, too. Perfect for building a cozy nest to rest your achy joints (then rebuilding said nest again and again every time you get up to pee). ($84.10+, Amazon)

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A fresh set of pillows to replace the ones that have seen better days…

From diapers and wipes to snacks, water bottles, and new clothes, there’s just so much you need to buy when you have kids. So we get it if you haven’t treated yourself to new pillows recently. But you’ll be extremely glad you did. And take a look at some more of our favorites here. ($61.37+, Amazon)

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Weighted blanket

A blanket that’ll provide extra anxiety relief at the end of the day…

If you’ve been thinking of getting into the weighted blanket game, here’s a great one to try: Instead of using beads or artificial fillers, this one is made of 100% or 95% organic cotton, depending on the size, and available in 10-, 15-, 20-, and 25-pound versions. It’s even washable (and incredibly cozy). ($199+, Bearaby)

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Air purifier

An air purifier to keep your bedroom clear of any triggers…

This quiet workhorse has tons of fans, with over 80,000 Amazon reviews and counting. Whether there are specific things (like pet dander or wildfire smoke) you want to address, or you just want to breathe clean air and beat congestion, it’ll be worth the investment. Sweet dreams. ($99.99+, Amazon)

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Blackout curtains

Curtains that’ll provide a blissfully dark bedroom…

Your kids sleep better in dark bedrooms — and you will, too. Don’t wait until you can schedule a custom fitting or afford several thousand dollars’ worth of custom shades. Get these blackout curtains and keep an early sunrise from prematurely disturbing your slumber. ($9.96+ per panel, Amazon)

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