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Our Official Review of Ruggable’s Washable Rugs

skimm tested ruggable washable rugs review
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Ruggable
October 27, 2022

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Welcome to Skimm Tested, where we put products to the test and then give 'em a report card. (Check out all of our tried-and-tested faves here.)

The assignment…

To test the quality of Ruggable products: washable rugs that are stain- and water-resistant. They’re designed to be easily manageable and lightweight, with a nonslip pad to ensure supreme comfort.

Straight A’s in…

  • Washability. We love how easy it is to fold up a Ruggable rug and pop it in the washing machine. We washed both a bath mat and a shag rug with great results. Both came out like new and dried within 24 hours to a few days (when air-drying). Since this is the main selling point of the brand, we wanted to make sure this feature was airtight. It indeed is.

  • Quality of rug. Both editors who tested products from Ruggable loved their rugs right from out of the box. They laid flat immediately, with no curling at the corners. The bath mat was adorable, with perfect coloring that didn’t at all fade after being washed. Another editor loves this low-pile rug and reported how durable it is for high-traffic areas. 

  • Comfort of rug pad. Each rug comes with a cushioned rug pad that is sound-dampening and nonslip. The classic option is ⅛-inch thick, while the thicker option is ⅖-inch thick. (Note: The classic can be used outside as well.) When you receive your rug, the pad goes down first and adheres to the rug cover. The two work via a Velcro-like technology. This means the cover won’t slide around once it’s attached to the pad.

Room for growth…

  • Maneuverability with the rug pad. Once you’ve placed the pad down, both editors found it a bit tricky to accurately arrange the cover on top without a corner of the pad peeking out from one side. Getting it down evenly so that there weren't any bumps took a little longer than expected, and we must admit — it’s a two-person job. However, once the pad and cover are down, it won’t budge.

ruggable washable rug review

  Plays well with…

  • Anyone whose floors and rugs tend to get dirty quickly  — whether it be because of pets, kids, or lots of foot traffic in a particular room.

  • Those who live alone. The rug covers are extremely lightweight, so they’re easy to fold up and transport to a washing machine. PS: Ruggable rugs fit in standard washing machines (big win). 

Gets extra credit for…

ruggable washable bath mat review

How we did our homework…

  • We had two editors test Ruggable rugs over weeks, living with their samples in two different housing situations (one living alone with no pets, one living with a partner and pets). They took note of the unboxing process, especially how easy it was to lay the rug pad and rug cover down. They also both washed their respective rugs according to the directions (with mild detergent), paying attention to the before and after, and noting how quickly and easily their rugs dried. Note: You can let the rug air-dry, or it can be placed into a dryer on low heat.

  • The two editors reported on quality, how comfortable their respective rug pads were, and how the samples held up over time, especially after being washed. 


  • Prices vary, depending on size and type

  • Rug sizes range from 2 x 3 feet to 9 x 12 feet (round options also available)

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