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Smarter Ways to Do Your Laundry

Design: theSkimm | Photos: Blueland, Brooklinen
May 8, 2023

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Is doing laundry our favorite thing ever? No. Is it necessary for everyday life? A resounding yes. So let us help you find products that can cut corners, saving time and money during the whole fluff and fold process. (Oh, and they’ll still take great care of your clothes.)

We’ve found better detergents, dryer balls that reduce drying time, and laundry accessories that make laundry room organization a cinch. Press start. 

Dirty Labs

A concentrated laundry booster that helps your detergent work harder…

Pair this with Dirty Labs’ detergent, and it’ll work overtime to remove stains, eliminate odors, and make your whites and colors more vibrant. It’s made with enzymes that break down biological stains, like sweat and blood, but without harmful dyes, bleach, and synthetic ingredients. Each tube is good for 48 loads. ($18, Dirty Labs)

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Wool dryer balls to keep your sheets wrinkle-free…

These 100% New Zealand wool balls go in the dryer with your sheets and towels to soften, de-wrinkle, and reduce drying time. They’ll last for loads and loads, and are much more eco-friendly than tossing out dryer sheets after a single use. Plus, they’re suitable for all fabrics. ($11.25, Brooklinen)

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A handmade laundry basket that’s built to last…

While this is definitely an investment, it’s made in Massachusetts from steel and sturdy canvas (that’s machine washable), so you won’t need another one anytime soon. It’s sleek, comes in several neutral color pairings, and features two or three baskets for easy sorting. ($258+, Food52)

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A more affordable laundry cart with almost 17,000 five-star reviews…

Three baskets hang on a steel frame with wheels that maneuver easily to the washing machine — but also lock in place between laundry days. Each bag holds 13 gallons of clothing, and there’s an extra steel bar behind the bags to support the cart when things are really piling up. It also comes in five different color options. ($32.18+, Amazon)

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An iron and fabric-shaver bundle that’ll keep your clothes wrinkle- and pill-free…

In this handy set, you’ll get Nori’s best-selling Press and Trim. The Press looks like a classic hair straightener and works to steam and/or iron your clothes — no ironing board necessary. With six fabric settings and built-in sensors that shut it off automatically after 10 minutes, it’s one of the best laundry accessories around. The Trim is the brand's wireless fabric shaver, which removes pilling and lint. Just charge it up with a USB-C cord and swipe. Psst…check out our full review of this bundle for more deets. We’re obsessed. ($155, Nori)

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A plastic-free kit for more sustainable laundry…

This set includes laundry detergent tablets, laundry booster, refills for both, and dryer balls. They’re free from dyes, bleach, and harsh chemicals, but no less powerful and effective on stains. The tablets are completely plastic-free, unlike traditional detergent pods. Plus, the storage tins will look chic on your laundry room shelf. ($48, Blueland)

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A set of laundry bags for your delicates…

Why have nice things if you’re worried about damaging them every time they go in the wash? These bags will keep your bras untangled, your tights tear-free, and your most delicate underwear in perfect condition. They come in three sizes and can be used in the washer and dryer. ($5.09, Amazon)

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A drying rack so your clothes can dry without stretching…

We all have a favorite sweater we’d be devastated to ruin. With this rack, you don’t have to risk it by throwing it in the dryer or hanging to dry. Simply lay it flat and reshape to let it dry on its own. Bonus: When you’re not using it, it folds in half for easy storage. ($18.99, Amazon)

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A smarter way to wash your sneakers…

Since white sneaker season is upon us, give your dingy sneakers a spin in this bag that keeps them secure while they wash and dry. Just fasten the straps to the door of the dryer to keep them from rattling around and damaging your appliances. Trust us, your shoes will come out squeaky clean. ($8.99, Amazon)

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A tool that’ll keep you from losing socks…

Is there anything more frustrating? With this hanger, just secure your pairs through the elastic so each sock will stay with its mate through washing and drying. No more struggling to match while you’re folding. The hangers come in sets of two — one for dirty and one for clean socks — so you can even store your socks this way all the time. ($19.99, Amazon)

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Public Goods

Detergent pods made entirely of plants…

These all-natural fragrance- and dye-free pods are hypoallergenic, so safe to use if you have sensitive skin — but they’ll still get the job done on the toughest stains. They’re also biodegradable. Sustainability for the win. ($9.95/24 pack, Public Goods)

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