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Want More Closet Space? Buy Spacesaver's Vacuum-Seal Bags

spacesaver vacuum seal bags for clothes and bed linens
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Amazon
May 9, 2023

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Welcome to Skimm Tested, where we put products to the test and then give them a report card. (Check out all of our tried-and-tested faves here.)

The assignment…

Spacesaver vacuum-seal bags are known to be one of the best storage options for clothes on the market. With their launch of hanging bags ($46.99/4 pack), we put them to the test to see how significantly they could increase your precious closet space. 

Straight A’s in…

  • Effectiveness. Boy, do these vacuum-seal bags work. Once you’ve sucked all the air out of one, you’ll find that your clothes are significantly reduced in size. This is super handy for bulky winter jackets, sweaters, comforters, and more. You’ll easily be able to double your closet space. PS: Our editor has had her bags hanging for weeks now and there are no air leaks. 

  • Versatility. We love that these Spacesaver bags can be used for literally whatever takes up too much room in your home. As long as the item fits on a hanger, you can put it in a bag. Also something to note — these bags are quite large. They're 57 inches long by almost 28 inches wide.

  • Package contents. The kit comes with all that you need to get the job done, which we appreciate. You’ll receive a hand pump and sealing clips, along with the four Spacesaver bags.

Room for growth…

  • Weight. If you’re adding three to four garments inside one bag, admittedly it gets pretty heavy. If you’ve got a stable closet rack, then this is no big deal, but our editor couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit nervous when she hung her compressed Spacesaver bags inside her closet. (FYI — nothing has fallen so far.)

  • Hand-pump functionality. We love that the kit comes with a hand pump for removing air from the sealed bags, but admit it’s a bit labor intensive. Our editor ended up using her battery-powered vacuum and it went way smoother. So pro tip: just use your vac’s hose.

spacesaver vacuum-seal bags for clothes
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Alexandra Napoli

Plays well with…

  • Anyone who’s limited on closet storage space (hello, tiny apartments).

  • Those living with partners, family members, or roommates who need to be strategic about storing everyone’s belongings. 

  • Storage in rooms that could be subject to fluctuations in moisture levels (think: garages).

Gets extra credit for…

  • Spacesaver makes bags in a range of sizes, so grab smaller ones for lighter clothing and jumbo bags for duvets.

spacesaver vacuum-seal bags for clothes
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Amazon

How we did our homework…

  • One editor thoroughly tested the Spacesaver vacuum-seal bags, making sure they were easy to seal and didn't leak air. She left the bags hanging in her closet for over two weeks, checking periodically to ensure that the bags were still fully compressed. She also did a water test to make sure the garments inside stayed dry. How much extra storage space did the bags create? Are they useful enough to buy in packs?  


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