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The Best Stocking Stuffers Under $15

the best stocking stuffer gifts this holiday season
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November 1, 2021

Sometimes the best gifts truly do come in the smallest packages — but those trinkets can also be the hardest to settle on. Too cheap? You risk ending up with something that’ll be relegated to the junk drawer. Too expensive or intricate? That’s not practical when you have a stocking to fill. 

To help you find that sweet spot, we cherry-picked the best stocking stuffers for just about anyone on your list. Your partner, best friend, mom, even your coworker. All you have to do is click “add to cart.”

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A colorful notebook

A colorful notebook for organizing their to-dos and more...

Cheery notebooks are a no-fail gift for anyone with stuff to do and fleeting thoughts to jot down. (Aka everyone.) This one includes 160 wood-free lined pages and a double-sided pocket page to hold extra notes and documents. And the whole thing is a petite 9 by 7 inches — perfect for stashing in a tote. ($11.95,

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Mix-and-match earcuffs

Mix-and-match earcuffs for easy accessorizing… 

No piercing? No problem. This 10-piece ear cuff set could fool anyone. Since they adjust with a bit of tension, finding the perfect fit is easy-breezy. And because they’re lead- and nickel-free, the hypoallergenic set is less likely to irritate — a win for those with sensitive skin. ($14.99/10 pack, Amazon)

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Pimple solution

The cutest little solution for their not-so-cute little pimple…

We don’t judge. We’re just here to find you the perfect stocking stuffer. And this pimple patch is one of ‘em. It’s designed to visibly flatten and extract impurities from that pesky zit that can’t seem to gtfo. Our fave part? They’ll see results in just six to eight hours. So they can pop (had to) that sucker on before bed. And wake up to clearer-looking skin. No wonder a box is sold every five seconds. We (don’t) love to see (z)it. ($12.99, Hero Cosmetics)*

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A silicone mat

A silicone mat to keep makeup brushes cleaner...

It’s the beauty tool your friend never knew they needed. Just run brushes over the ridges on the 4-inch mat to remove caked-on makeup. Each section has a different design with varying textures for different types of brushes. Plus a suction cup backing keeps the mat firmly in place. Helloooo, bristles that’ve been hiding under all that powder. ($5.99, Amazon)

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A “streaming dice” game

A “streaming dice” game for couples or families who can never decide what to watch… 

We’ve all been there: endlessly scrolling through Netflix, just trying to find something everyone can settle on. This beechwood dice set to the rescue. It’ll choose the genre and media (aka TV show or movie), and with 216 possible combinations, it’s a fun way to spice up their next at-home movie night. Bye-bye, punting the remote back and forth. And for more of our fave gifts from Uncommon Goods, shop here. ($15, Uncommon Goods)

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mini cereal-themed puzzle with 70 pieces

A puzzle that offers instant gratification…

For someone who loves a good brain teaser, but hates that traditional puzzles require hours to complete. This 70-piece puzzle is just as satisfying as larger versions, but takes a fraction of the time to complete. It’ll provide a more enjoyable distraction than scrolling through Insta for the millionth time — or even a little recharge between meetings. ($15, Amazon)

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Cereal marshmallows

The ultimate treat for candy lovers… 

A candy cane may be seasonally appropriate, but let’s be honest: A 1-pound bag of cereal marshmallows is twice as nice. It’s the gift that keeps on giving — and will indulge their childhood dreams of sweets at every meal. ($10.89, Amazon)

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A peppermint essential oil roller

A peppermint essential oil roller that’ll provide some sweet relief… 

It can help stop the beginnings of a headache in its tracks when applied to the back of the ears and neck. A sniff of the pocket-sized roller, made with therapeutic-grade peppermint oil, can also aid them with easing congestion and quelling nausea. Because of the menthol, the oil can help relax muscles and decrease pain. So they can get back to enjoying their day. ($11.99, Amazon

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A sentimental shared journal

A sentimental shared journal for couples or friends… 

Each page features a prompt and enough blank space for two people to each craft a short response. Prompts range from the more abstract (“When I first heard your name, I thought you might be…”) to the more concrete (“What made me feel loved today…”). They’re all meant to inspire a moment of reflection and some deeper conversation. Aw. ($11.66, Amazon)  

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Handmade soap

Handmade soap that’ll make ’em feel good… 

Choose from six botanically scented soaps, each featuring a different word of inspiration — like ‘courage,’ ‘peace,’ or ‘loved.’  And the bars look as good as they smell: Each one comes in a chic box whose design matches their theme. It’s time to level up their shower game in the sweetest way. ($8/each, Musee Bath)

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coloring book

A soothing activity for the coworker who never misses a beat… 

They’ve dutifully brought their A-game to every Zoom. Now it’s time to help your most reliable colleague relax. This coloring book features 84 wood-free pages, each with a fun design or an inspiring phrase. Pages are perforated, so any true masterpiece can be saved for posterity. ($14.95,

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A bottle opener

A bottle opener that brings new meaning to happy hour… 

This cheeky iridescent magnet pulls double duty as a bottle opener. And when your giftee catches a glimpse of that engraved smiley face as they pour a cold one at the end of a long day? They’ll grin and think, “Same, bottle opener, same.” ($9.99,

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Pet gift

A sweet accessory for the goodest boy or girl...

Don’t forget a spot on your mantle for your most loyal pal. So tuck this sweet bandana beside the peanut butter treat they’ve been sniffing out for days. This one is made from flannel so it'll be cozy around your pet's neck. ($10.40+, OhBarks on Etsy)

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Cards that tap into the reason for the season… 

In this unique deck of 100 cards, each one details an action your recipient can take to help or strengthen their community. The good deeds are all realistic, yet impactful. Think: donating blood, picking up litter, checking on older neighbors, or installing a bird feeder. Do good, feel good. ($12, Uncommon Goods

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Bath bombs

Bath bombs that’ll make them do a double take… 

Self-care, but make it quirky. These noodle-like squiggles, packaged in a takeout box, dissolve in bath water to ​​cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. They also offer a healthy dose of aromatherapy — like turmeric and tea tree, or peppermint and poppy seed, based on which one you choose. Ultimate bath-time treat, coming right up. Wine optional. ($15, Uncommon Goods)

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A pencil set

A pencil set made for the bookish…

Indulge your favorite lit lover with a hand-stamped pencil set that celebrates their favorite pastime and encourages them to put their own words to paper. The beautifully boxed set of eight is crafted from natural cedarwood and is as useful as it is the perfect desk decor. ($13, Ruff House Art on Etsy)

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Food-themed socks

Food-themed socks that’ll add a splash of fun to their everyday outfits...

Because everyone appreciates a new pair of socks. This four-pack will brighten up their drawer (and their day) — whether they’re a foodie or just love a good taco Tuesday now and then. You can also choose from other themed designs, like veggies, animals, and sports. Sock yeah.  ($14.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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