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The Best Weekender Bags at Every Price Point

Weekender bags and duffle bags
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April 21, 2023

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Knock, knock: It’s weekend-vacay weather. If you’re thinking about skipping town for a little self-care, we’ll be cheering you on with recs for our favorite weekender bags and duffles to get you where you’re going in style (and with enough room for all the essentials). From extra-spacious bags to a lightweight option you store easily when it’s not in use, check out our picks below. 

weekender bags

A lightweight weekender that can double as an office bag…

If you’re looking for a chic travel bag that won’t collect dust in between vacations, this may be the one for you. It’s covered in water-resistant nylon and has a cloud-like puffy design. Its spacious interior features 14 pockets and compartments, a power bank, padded laptop sleeve, shoe bag, wet bag, and more. It comes in three colors — black, tan, and rose — and a medium size that’s ideal for shorter stays. ($228+, Caraa)

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Weekender bag

A weekender meant to be paired with your carry-on…

This one has a built-in trolley sleeve that fits perfectly on any Monos suitcase, so you can travel without lugging a heavy bag on your shoulder. It can fit just about as much as the brand’s own carry-on, so it’s a great alternative (or addition) to your wheels. It has a spacious interior, tons of pockets, and a water-resistant TPU-coated storage area on the bottom that’s perfect for storing shoes. It comes in four nylon options and three vegan leather ones, and is backed by a two-year limited warranty. Wheels up. ($250, Monos)

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Duffle bag
Urban Outfitters

A duffle bag and backpack in one…

We can’t get enough of this statement travel piece. It comes in three sizes and eight bright color combinations, like electric blue and neon yellow, and can be worn as a crossbody or backpack, or held like a traditional duffle bag. It fits about three to five days’ worth of clothing, is TSA-friendly, and has a weather-proof outer shell that’ll survive your next backpacking adventure unscathed. ($169+, Urban Outfitters)

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duffle bag

A travel duffle bag that comes in all the colors…

Don’t need a bag with tons of bells and whistles? This is the weekender for you. It’s durable, cute, affordable, and has tons of five-star ratings. It can store around six to eight pieces of clothing, along with cosmetics, toiletries, tech, and more. We love the separated interior that’s got a zippered pocket for valuables, a mesh pocket for easy access, and a wet pocket for any liquids or spill-prone items you’re packing. ($20.89+, Amazon)

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Weekender bag

A travel bag that can be folded down for easy storage…

If you’re looking for a bag that can pack big and fold small, this weekender from Baggu to the rescue. It stays true to the brand’s roots: It’s extremely lightweight yet surprisingly spacious, with a top-zip closure, large exterior pocket, and removable pouch that’ll store the bag when it folds down — and can be clipped in when opened. Plus, it’s made from heavyweight recycled nylon. ($78, Baggu)

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weekender bag

A duffle bag from an HQ’r fave brand…

It’s half travel bag, half gym bag. This one has a duffle-like main compartment with interior pockets and a large bottom with space for shoes or toiletries. We love the luggage sleeve that makes it easy to take on long vacations and the neutral color options that make it a great fit for anyone. ($98, Calpak

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Overnight bag

An overnight bag that’s been made sustainably…

Choose between recycled polyester or eco-friendly canvas for the design of your new travel bag. This one comes in both small and large sizes and has over 10 color options to pick from. We love the extra-long built-in straps and sleek luggage sleeve that’ll help you jet-set minus any unnecessary stress. ($150.50+, Lo&Sons

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Weekender bag

A carry-on-compatible weekender with a soft bottom…

Sometimes you want a bag that can go from the airport to the office and still fly under the radar. This one’s been designed with your suitcase in mind but looks like the roomy daily bag your co-worker’s always on the hunt for. It comes in five cool tones and has tons of compartments — like a padded laptop sleeve, two water bottle holders, and an exterior zip pocket. Customers love how spacious it is and say it’s the perfect companion to take on your next trip overseas. ($95, Everlane)

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Weekender bag

A weekender that’ll keep your devices charged…

Yep, you heard us right. This one comes equipped with a USB charging port that you can hook your portable battery up to. No more hunting for a plug or walking around the airport with your hands full of wires. It comes in over 10 colors and has two compartments — one main space on top and another zipper-secured space on the bottom. It also has dry and wet storage inside, and comes with two dust bags for your shoes or dirty laundry. ($36.99+, Amazon)

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Weekender tote bag
L.L. Bean

An extra-large tote bag perfect for casual travels…

This is your classic everyday tote, just a lot bigger. It comes in eight different accent colors and four sizes for all your carrying needs. We rec the extra large for weekend plans, the medium and large for grocery runs, and the small one for use as an everyday bag. You can also snag the extra-long version that’ll give you a bit more storage space if you need it. Bonus: Add a monogram if you’re gifting this and want to make it extra special. ($39.95+, L.L.Bean)

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