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Earn More

Bumping up the income side of your money equation means you can save, invest, and buy more. But chasing paper can get exhausting. Our step-by-step system will help you earn more without running out of steam.

Step #1: Get the Basics

We love a good raise. We also love a good benefits package, W-4, side hustle, investment portfolio, rental property, etc.

Step #2: Talk the Talk

Negotiating is much harder when you don't speak the language. Consider this your pocket dictionary.

Skimm’tionary: Earning & Negotiation


Active Income

When you work hard for the money (your salary, tips, commission, etc.) that hits your bank account. 

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Stands for Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. It’s the move you’ll make if talks don’t go well. Aka your back-up plan.

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What you’ll earn for providing a service or making a sale. Usually a percentage of that service or item’s total cost.

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The proposal you or your boss come back with when the OG offer doesn’t cut it.

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Your piece of the company pie. It’s what you’d get if they sell or shut their doors. Or whenever you wanna cash out. 

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Passive Income

The kind of money you don’t want to pass on. Because you didn’t have to do (much) work for it. Think: investment earnings, cash from Airbnbing an extra room, or credit card rewards.

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The benefit that helps you go OOO. Your employer combines vacation, sick, and personal time into one “paid time off” policy.

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When you’re your own boss. And handle things like health insurance and taxes all by yourself. 

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Stock Options

A type of equity compensation. Where you’re given the chance to buy (some) shares of the company at a discount or fixed price down the line. Peep your company’s valuation to see what they could be worth.

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Total Comp Package

All the pay you get from a job. Including base salary plus bonus and commission opps. And the dollar value of any equity, insurance, PTO, retirement accounts, and benefits.

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