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Sports, Racism, and the Colin Kaepernick Series

November 30, 2021

A controversial scene from the Colin Kaepernick Netflix series Colin in Black & White had football fans debating more than touchdowns on Twitter. The scene compared NFL tryouts to chattel slavery, and while it upset some people, for others, it sparked a conversation about long standing systemic racism within the NFL.

But the Kaepernick series doesn’t just call out questionable practices within the NFL. It also highlights racism present in three major American sports — football, baseball, and basketball. In this episode of Pop Cultured, we’re digging into the series’ big question: Why are sports so racist? 

You’ll hear from:

  • Rhiannon Walker, sports journalist who's written for ESPN’s The Undefeated and covers the Washington football team for The Athletic 

  • Sabrina Razack, PhD candidate who studies and writes about the intersection of sports, gender, and race

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