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What J Balvín’s "Perra" Tells Us About Racism in Reggaeton

November 2, 2021

Reggaeton superstar J Balvín is in hot water over the video for his song "Perra." Critics say the video is racist and demeaning. It shows several Afro-Latinx actors wearing dog prosthetics, and there’s a shot of Balvín walking two Afro Latinas on a leash. After the Columbian Vice President and Balvín’s own mom criticized the video, he removed it from Youtube and issued an apology. 

But many say this controversy is bigger than "Perra," and underlines long-standing racism and misogyny in Latinx entertainment. 

We’ve also got all the details on a royal wedding that’s sparked protests in Japan.

You’ll hear from:

  • Isabela Raygoza, Latin music curator for Soundcloud. Freelance music critic.

  • Michelle Lee, The Washington Post's Tokyo bureau chief, covering Japan and the Koreas.

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