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theSkimm Launches Skimm Well, a New Health and Wellness Newsletter to Help Women Advocate For Their Own Wellbeing

Skimm Well Press Release
July 26, 2023

The digital media brand focused on millennial women expands offerings to include curated wellness newsletter

July 26th, 2023 (New York, NY) – theSkimm, a mission-driven digital media company, today announces the launch of its latest newsletter, Skimm Well – a weekly email focused on women’s health and wellbeing. Skimm Well makes it easier for women to reach both long and short-term health goals by offering science-backed information, access to experts, and actionable tools — all delivered with theSkimm’s signature wit to make very real health challenges feel slightly less daunting. 

With a direct line of communication to its audience of mostly millennial women, theSkimm is uniquely equipped not only to know where women are struggling to get the health answers and care they need now, but positioned to anticipate what information they will need in the future. Breaking down the latest wellness trends, product recommendations, and myths, Skimm Well offers quick answers to the questions women are asking without the misinformation and pseudo science that crowd the wellness space.

“theSkimm has become a daily part of our audiences’ lives for over a decade. As they have grown up and evolved, we have done the same, meeting them in each life stage,” said theSkimm’s Editor-in-chief, Niven McCall-Mazza. “In the wake of the pandemic, women continue to take on unprecedented levels of stress and report serious concerns about their wellbeing. Knowing that, and the challenges they  face in getting basic health information, diagnoses, and care, we felt an obligation to help our readers advocate for themselves. Skimm Well anticipates what information and tools they will need when there is no systemic support. Our goal is that after interacting with this newsletter, a reader feels as if a weight has been lifted because they not only got clear, trustworthy information, but actually crossed something off their to-do list that’s been keeping them up at night.”

The Skimm Well newsletter comes at a crucial time. theSkimm’s recent State of Women Report highlighted that 77% of women feel that they are the only advocates for their wellbeing. Sixty-seven percent of women say they can’t remember the last time they felt relaxed, seventy-three percent agree that sometimes life is so overwhelming that they just want to run away. Eighty-two percent say that while women are overburdened, no one is actually helping ease that burden.

And when they do seek medical help, more than half of women said they’ve encountered a doctor who doesn’t believe them. In a world that hasn’t advocated for women, Skimm Well helps them advocate for themselves.

For more information on Skimm Well click here, and to sign up for Skimm Well, click here.

About theSkimm

theSkimm is a digital media company, dedicated to succinctly giving women the information they need to make confident decisions. We’ve made it our mission to help you live smarter. Everyday we’re breaking down the news, trends, policies, and politics that impact women so that they can navigate their daily lives and futures – from managing their paychecks to casting their ballots – with confidence. We provide our dedicated audience of millions with reliable, non-partisan information, informing and empowering them while fitting into their daily routines. 

Since disrupting the media landscape and defining a new category over a decade ago, theSkimm has become a trusted source for its audience of millions by seamlessly integrating into their existing routines, fundamentally changing the way they consume news and make decisions. Today theSkimm ecosystem includes the Daily Skimm, Daily Skimm: Weekend, Skimm Money, Skimm Your Life and Skimm Well newsletters, B2B marketer’s newsletter The SKM Report, the “9 to 5ish with theSkimm” podcast, and theSkimm mobile app. theSkimm’s first book, How to Skimm Your Life, debuted at #1 on The New York Times Best Seller list. theSkimm also houses SKM Lab, our creative agency, which conceptualizes, develops, and produces innovative solutions and content for brands to engage with generations of informed women.

Through theSkimm’s impact initiatives the company is dedicated to creating change for women. We are proud to support get-out-the-vote efforts with Skimm Your Ballot, which has spurred over 2 million voting-related actions across the last four election cycles. We have mobilized hundreds of companies to join our #ShowUsYourLeave movement, which has created transparency and pushed for progress for Paid Family Leave in the U.S. We’re empowering women to take agency of their lives and control of their futures through our State of Women initiative, grounded in a study conducted by The Harris Poll.  And amplifying the conversation around caregiving through our #ShowUsYourChildCare campaign.

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