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21 Home Accessories That’ll Add Color to Your Space

colorful home accessories
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Sunday Citizen, Coming Soon
April 25, 2023

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Color affecting mood is nothing new, especially when considering the impact of color therapy at home. Breaking away from neutrals doesn’t have to mean doing a huge renovation or a painstakingly long DIY project. Instead, making small accessory swaps means time and money saved — and we want that for you. We saved you even more time and scoured some of our favorite retailers to select punchy homewares for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom that’ll last for years to come. Happy space = happy you.


A hot pink rug that’s incredibly easy to clean and looks great on your social feed…

Once you try a Ruggable you’ll never go back. The brand is famous for its two-piece system that makes cleaning up super easy. Each one comes with two parts — a cover and a pad (you can opt for a cushioned one if you prefer). When you’re ready to clean it, you can peel off the cover and throw it in the washing machine. It’s great for anyone who tends to spill their wine, has pets who leave their marks, or kiddos who can’t keep anything clean. This one from their collaboration with Barbie comes in a ton of different sizes and shapes, from runners and 2x3s to big area rugs. Go for it. ($109+, Ruggable)

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Urban Outfitters

A papaya bath mat…

Need we say more? If your bathroom needs a quick revamp, just add a bath mat. We love the shape of this 100% cotton one. Plus, it has a nonslip backing to add some extra security. ($39, Urban Outfitters)

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Ultra-trendy checkered bath towels…

ICYMI: checkered-print anything is in. These plush towels from Brooklinen are a great way to get a taste of the trend without making any major changes at home. They’re made of 100% Turkish cotton, so you know they’ll be absorbent and soft. Pick from mango, pop pink, or mint – or get a combination of colors to showcase on a towel bar. ($75/set of 2, Brooklinen)

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A naturally dyed yellow felt tissue box…

Hello, easy swap. We love anything Graf Lantz makes and this tissue box is no exception. It’s made of merino wool felt, which is water- and stain-resistant while also being hypoallergenic. There’s something about the seams on this cover that feels ultra-cozy and handmade. Brb, buying one for every room. ($29.25, Food52)

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Coming Soon

The ultimate rainbow dot vase…

Maybe you’re more of a minimalist and color scares you. Maybe you just want to treat yourself. Either way, this borosilicate glass vase from Maison Balzac is everything you need to add a hint of color to your space. Add flowers for a centerpiece moment or leave it on its own. One of our editors has this vase and she treats it as a coffee table trinket. Grab it before it sells out again. Psst…it’d make a pretty great Mother’s Day gift. ($165, Coming Soon)

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SubtleArtStudios via Etsy

Handmade glass tile coasters…

Think of these as earrings for a neutral surface. Plus, they’ll help you avoid stains on your bedside table, your desk, or your coffee table. They’re thick, durable, and come in three different color combinations. They’ve also got little pads on each corner to help prevent table scratches. Just pick your favorite and admire. ($18/each, SubtleArtStudios via Etsy)

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Great Jones

A borosilicate glass measuring cup duo…

Another simple way to add color to your space: show off those kitchen accessories, from Dutch ovens to kettles. In our eyes, Great Jones can do no wrong. This measuring cup set comes in two colorways: pink/blue or green/yellow. They’re microwave- and dishwasher-safe, come in two sizes, and have a precise spot for mess-free pouring. Get creative and keep them out on your counter. You don’t have to just use them for measuring. We have them and even use them as vases. ($70/set of two, Great Jones)

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Wire outline baskets…

These add a hint of color without being too intense. They’re perfect for storing fruit and veggies or you can treat them as an entryway catchall for larger, everyday essentials. Go for the green and red set or mix and match with color combos that work for your home. ($45+, Areaware)

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A reusable cloth set…

For napkins, hand towels, dish rags, you name it. This set from Baggu is made of 100% cotton and you can use them however you like. Pick from awning stripes, smiley faces, or pastel gingham. Hang them on your oven or dishwasher for a quick statement. ($28/3 pack, Baggu)

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Mira Mikati

A coffee table book that celebrates color around the world…

If your apartment is feeling drab, just add a coffee table book or two. This one by fashion designer Mira Mikati includes photos from her travels to the most colorful destinations in the world. Hitting Italy, Japan, and Greece in one sitting? Yes, please. ($20.49, Amazon)

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Trueflowercase via Etsy

A chunky ceramic mug with a matching saucer…

Show off your mug collection through counter storage or open cabinetry. This handmade one comes in four colorways, and will be sure to add a whimsical touch to your space. Your go-to mug deserves an upgrade. ($37.32, Trueflowercase via Etsy)

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Color-blocked candles…

If you’re looking for the most minor zhuzh, light up these candlesticks. They come in the most playful color combinations and are so cozy. They burn up to three hours and you can grab the corresponding holders too. Pinterest, who? ($30/4 pack, Hay)

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Material Kitchen

A dishwasher-safe cutting board that’ll make all your prep easy…

You can never have too many cutting boards. This BPA-free one is sustainable and comes in five unique shades that double as a serving plate once you’re done. If your countertop’s on the slippery side, the brand recommends placing a cloth or damp paper towel under the board for some extra grip. Hang them up with adhesive hooks to keep them on display. HQ’rs are obsessed and you will be too. Promise. ($35, Material Kitchen)

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Our Place

Colored glassware from Our Place…

It might be time to donate those chipped glasses in the back of your cabinet. These are stackable so you can save all that precious cabinet space and they’re fully recyclable. We highly suggest grabbing a set of four of the warm set and four of the cool set. That way you can have a chic rainbow array of glasses in your kitchen. ($50/set of 4, Our Place)

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Smiley face pillowcases…

Changing your sheets never hurt and you don’t even have to switch up the whole set. You’ll be surprised by how refreshed your space will feel even after just revamping your pillows. This machine-washable set is covered in Baggu’s popular smileys. Add to cart. ($34/set of 2,

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A stress-relieving knot pillow…

This Bearaby pillow adds style and comfort, thanks to its unique design. The medium and large sizes provide therapeutic sensory and stress relief because they’re lightly weighted (just like the brand’s cult-fave blankets). They’re made of a soft cushiony foam, and because the colors aren’t too bright, these pillows will add a calming, subtle statement. ($79+, Bearaby)

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Sunday Citizen

An oversized throw blanket…

Neutral bedding or couch, say “hello” to the printed throw blanket. This microfiber one is machine washable, so soft, and the perfect thickness. It’s still pretty subdued and neutral, but if you’re looking for a punchier option, check out this customizable one. ($150, Sunday Citizen)

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Boy Smells

A mood ring-esque pillar candle…

So many candles, so little time. These pillar candles from Boy Smells x Kin Euphorics have aura-inspired vessels, so they’ll fill your space with subtle color. Not to mention, they feature fragrances meant to boost your mood — thanks to a technology that signals your neural pathways to relaaax. Burn for the best vibes from entertaining to downtime on the couch. This one has notes of mint, citrus rind, and ginger. ($52, Boy Smells)

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Glass refrigerator magnets…

Taste the rainbow. Use these to spruce up an otherwise boring hub in the kitchen. You can leave them on their own and make your own design, or use them to hold recipes, notes, pictures, and more. Love. ($8.99/24 pack, Amazon)

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A wavy wall mirror…

It’s time to take your mirror pics up a notch. This acrylic one from Dormify doubles as a cool piece of artwork. It comes in five colorways from hot pink to gold. Orient it horizontally or vertically, depending on what works best for your hanging spot. It’ll wipe clean easily with a microfiber cloth and for a mirror this trendy, the price is pretty good. Run, don’t walk. ($219, Dormify)

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The Container Store

A large accessory tray that’ll keep everything in place…

Pro tip: buying organization bins in shades other than clear is a great way to sneak in color. This tray from Poppin can go anywhere from your coffee table to your WFH setup. It comes in two other sizes and six different colors. Organization never looked so good. ($24.99, The Container Store)

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