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17 Products to Help You Work Out at Home

products to work out this winter during the pandemic
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January 6, 2023

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Whether you’re working from home or going into the office, many of us are still working out from home, especially during the year’s coldest months. You may not feel like freezing your butt off just to get to your local fitness class. So instead, you’re exercising in your bedroom, tiny living room, and maybe even a hallway or two (hi, walking lunges). It’s not easy there’s not much space, but it saves time and beats fighting off the crowd for the last treadmill.

So, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And we’re determined to make home winter workouts doable. And actually enjoyable. We rounded up things that don’t hog floor space, but will help you reach your fitness goals. It’s time to sweat.

grip that attaches onto dumbbells to make them like kettlebells

A grip that can attach onto dumbbells to transform them into kettlebells…

Say that five times fast. You may not have enough space for both pieces of equipment. No biggie. This grip locks onto dumbbells so that you can grip them in the same way you’d grip a kettlebell. works best on dumbbells under 55 pounds. ($34.95, Amazon)

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slim fanny packs for outdoor workouts and running

A slim fanny pack for outdoor runs…

It’ll keep your essentials safe (like keys and phone) while you explore the neighborhood. And TBH, you don’t realize how annoying it is to hold your phone throughout your run until both hands are free. ($10.99+, Amazon)

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fabric resistance bands for workouts

A set of fabric resistance bands that won’t slide or twist…

Unlike rubber bands, these will stay in place. So while you’re attempting a crab walk across your apartment, the band won’t bunch or ride up your thighs. Phew. ($14.99/set of 3, LaBendHome via Etsy)

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adjustable dumbbells that can increase and decrease weight and save space

A set of adjustable dumbbells that’ll help you save on space…

These can go from 5 pounds to 25 pounds with the push of a button. So you won’t need to collect an entire set that requires a stand. Aka, they’re ideal for those living in small spaces who still wanna lift. ($199.99+, Amazon)

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under the desk mini elliptical for daily movement

An under-the-desk elliptical so you can move while you work…

Just because you’re typing away at a computer doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your daily movement. This one will keep your legs going as you take calls or jump into a Zoom meeting. Just don’t forget to mute if you’re out of breath. ($199, Cubii)

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adjustable kettlebell with removable plates
Titan Fitness

An adjustable kettlebell that’s incredibly versatile…

It can be used for ab routines, or upper + lower body exercises. To up weight, add an iron plate to the bell. It’ll max out at 40 pounds and it has a locking feature so none of the plates move around while you’re in motion. ($89.97, Titan Fitness)

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magnetic phone mount so you can work out hands free

A magnetic system to allow for hands-free workouts…

The phone mount goes directly onto your cell's case. The larger magnetic plate can be slipped into the side of leggings (or really any clothing). Now you don’t have to place your phone down if you don’t have pockets. The magnetic bond is even strong enough to hold larger devices (like iPads). And with two free hands, you can do a full set of reps without worrying about your device. ($42, EZ Reach Apparel)

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disc sliders

A pair of sliders to intensify your normal exercises…

Turn the dial up a notch. We’re talking mountain climbers, pushups, and lunges. With the sliders, you’ll be challenged to keep yourself stable and engage your core. And yes, they’ll move easily across carpets, tile, and wood floors. ($7.99, Target)

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ankle weights

A set of adjustable ankle weights for your virtual pilates class…

Each weight goes up to 5 pounds. So to lighten, you just have to remove the tiny sand pockets from their pouches. Each weight has velcro straps to secure around your ankles before you start working out. ($23.99+, Amazon)

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collapsible foam roller
Brazyn Life

A collapsible foam roller to help with after-workout recovery…

Don’t be fooled: foam rolling can be painful for newcomers. Especially if your muscles are tight. But regularly doing it after you work out can greatly help with muscle recovery, increase circulation, and increase flexibility. This one is unique in that it can collapse down when not in use. Easy peasy storage. ($69.95, Brazyn Life)

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workout app with a wide variety of exercises for iPhone and Androids users

A workout app to help you stay focused on your fitness goals…

Because sometimes coming up with your own routines is a bit overwhelming. And sometimes you need something pushing you to stay dedicated. We get it. This app allows you to choose the length of your workout and the type - from yoga to cardio to strength training. You can customize and save workouts, too. Just in case you wanna return later. (Free to download from the App Store)

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TRX fitness system
Dick's Sporting Goods

A TRX Fit system to round out your home gym…

It can be used by those of all fitness levels and can provide a total body workout in as little as 15 minutes. The idea is based on body weight. So you won’t need extra dumbbells or heavy equipment. And it can be set up indoors or outdoors, depending on what space you’ve transformed into a home gym. ($99.99, Dick’s Sporting Goods)

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yoga mat with alignment markers

A yoga mat with alignment markers to help you through a session…

A little guidance can go a long way. And this mat can sub in as a teacher for those who need it. Working out from home doesn’t mean you have to wing it. ($41.25, Society6)

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cold weather workout leggings
Under Armour

A pair of cold weather leggings for your ventures outside…

The temps are dropping (in most places). And that means your morning walk will be a bit chilly. These leggings are dual-layer with a brushed inside and quick-drying outside. They’ve also got a pocket in the back and have a high-rise waist for full support. You = covered. ($55, Under Armour)

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A FitBit wearable so you can track your progress…

There really is something about tracking our daily steps that motivates us to never skip a chance to go on a walk. This device will also track your heart rate, sleep, and stress levels, plus it’ll let you know when you need a rest day (yes, please). Think of it as your new workout buddy. ($129.95, Amazon)

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An adjustable stepper you won’t slip off of…

Your mom was doing aerobics all those years ago for a reason. This step platform adjusts to either a 4-inch or 6-inch height, and even we can admit, it’ll really help you work up a sweat. While you’re using it, the textured grip surface will keep you from any unwanted tumbles. Novices welcome. ($19.99, Amazon)

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Free People

A set of weights covered in soft silicone…

If you’ve ever been working out so hard that you accidentally hit yourself with a metal dumbbell (speaking from experience, obviously), it’s not pleasant and can bring your workout to a full stop. These 3-pound bars are wrapped in soft, grippable silicone to prevent any injuries and are downright pretty. Plus, they come with a carrying case perfect for on-the-go use. We’re pumped. ($59, Free People)

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