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How to Get Your (Fitted) Sheet Together — and Other Bedroom Organization Ideas

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Jun 3, 2022

When it feels like you’re on the move 24/7, it’s important to take a step back and let yourself rest. Your bedroom is one of the best places to do that — but it can be hard to relax when your space isn’t organized. And trying to get that one fitted sheet folded properly can be irritating (we crumble it up into a ball sometimes too, it's OK). So here are some bedroom organization tips to help you finally get your sheet together. 

How is bedroom organization beneficial?

Cleaning up your bedroom has more benefits than just finally being able to find that long-lost pair of pants. Studies show that being surrounded by clutter can lead to feelings of stress and depression. And it turns out tidying up can help:

  • Reduce anxiety. Repetitive actions like cleaning can help you gain a sense of control in times of high stress.

  • Decrease depressive symptoms. The way you describe your home — whether that’s “put together” or “a total mess” — can reflect whether your time there feels restorative or stressful. When studied, women who described their home as cluttered or in some way unfinished showed increased depressed moods over the course of the day compared to women who described their homes as restful or tidy.

  • Improve physical health. A study from Indiana University found that people who live in clean homes are more likely to be healthier compared to those in cluttered homes. Many people think of physical activity as something you do outside rather than inside (think: running). But the study found that the act of tidying up the home can also keep you physically active. 

  • Boost concentration. A study by Princeton University found that a person’s visual cortex (the part of the brain that “receives, integrates, and processes” info from the retinas) can be overwhelmed by things not related to the specific task that needs to be completed…like clutter. This makes it harder to complete jobs quickly and concentrate. Whereas cleaning up your space can help you focus. 

Got it. So how do I actually organize my bedroom?

Excellent question. Here’s where to start.

How do I fold a fitted sheet and my other linens?

It’s time. Let’s break down how to fold a fitted sheet.


Hold the sheet inside out so the elastic is facing your body. Put your hands inside the two corner pockets along the long side of the sheet. Then bring your palms together (like a celebratory high five, because you’re crushing this).


Fold the corner on your right hand over the corner on your left hand. Use your right hand to straighten the edges out. Then put your left hand into the pockets of the opposite corner to connect the remaining two edges.

Bring your palms together again (high five) and fold the pocket that’s now on your right hand over your left. Then straighten the edges out to create a rectangle. 

Finally, put the sheet on a flat surface. For a smaller sheet (like a twin), fold the sheet in halves lengthwise. For a larger sheet, fold it into thirds a first time, and then again a second time to create a square. 

For your other linens (think: pillowcases, flat sheets, and comforters), use a similar method to the above. But rather than focusing on the pockets of the sheet, you'll focus on the linens' corners. And “hot dog” and “hamburger” style have always been successful folding techniques (shoutout to our kindergarten days). 

Pro tip: Designating a shelf or storage bin specifically to your extra bed sheets and blankets can help keep your room less cluttered, too.

How can I get my bedroom storage situation under control?

Now that you have your linens out of the way, you can tackle the rest of your bedroom storage. Consider:

  • A platform or elevated bed that allows you to store items underneath your bed rather than throughout your room (hi, extra space).

  • A shelf or two for your shoes so you’re not stepping around your sneakers all day.

  • Closet organizers where you can hang up your clothes as well as place your folded clothes — think hanging shelves, extra curtain rods and more.

  • Another shoutout to storage bins. You can use them for your summer clothes in winter and for your winter clothes in summer, for one. But bins and baskets are also useful for storing things that would otherwise take up valuable surface area like skincare items, makeup, hair products and more. 

How do I get my nightstand, dresser and plants tidied up?

These bedroom items can help bring your room together in addition to keeping it clean.

  • A nightstand with a drawer can help keep your essentials close, like your chargers, journal, reading glasses…and your NSFW products. 

  • Drawer organizers are your best friend. They can help keep your smaller items together, like jewelry and hair accessories, and allow more space in the rest of your room for furniture and other decor.

  • If you are a plant parent, keeping a ladder in your room to hang your plants on is an easy way to keep you and your green friends happy and out of the way.


Getting your bedroom organized can help reduce stress and improve your concentration. It can also make it easier to find the items you love most. So start by finally learning how to fold a fitted sheet, and let the rest of the bedroom organization pieces fall into place. You can thank us later. 

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